Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

In Modaellos we have talked about many different outfits over time. To do this, we often use the trajectory of actors, models, athletes or other celebrities. Seeing what has worked for them helps us talk to you about haircuts or hairstyles. Today we will analyze what is the style of the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who has gone from being a young Hollywood talent to being a mature actor with a “look” that always stands out. In Modaellos we are now talking about Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles.

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This actor became famous very young, and now it is quite curious as well as funny to see how Leonardo DiCaprio has changed his hairstyle. He made himself known as a teenager of just over 14 years of age, and is still in the limelight at his current 42 years.

In his youth Leonardo DiCaprio wore a layered hairstyle, which he later changed to a somewhat more “shaved” style, little by little his “look” evolved into the “dandy” hairstyle that he usually wears today with a parting in the middle. In addition, she has also worn it on end, somewhat longer, with highlights and even with a small toupee.

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Let’s see how this evolution has been based on some of his film and television works, are you ready?

Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

Next we are going to review all of Leonardo DiCaprio’s hairstyles throughout his film career. We will do it by recalling his main roles in the films of recent years. A trip back in time through the biography of this great actor!

There are almost 30 years of experience in which we can appreciate its evolution and growth. We are going to analyze youthful and almost childish hairstyles that contrast with the man he is today, much more mature professionally and personally.

Critters 3

This was his first film appearance and the hairstyle that Leonar DiCaprio wore in the film is the one that marked a large part of his childhood and adolescence. In most of his works from these early years, he was seen with this short layered hair parted in the middle.

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It was a very typical hairstyle among boys and teenagers of the 90s, and there are many actors who have worn their hair like this. DiCaprio can be seen like this in his early films and in some television series. A true icon of the 90s as soon as he started his career.

Who does Gilbert Grape love?

With this feature film came the actor’s first truly complicated role. It’s not that acting was easy until now, it’s just that she had played much less complex roles. Arnie Grape, his character, was a boy with certain difficulties. Despite already being 19 years old, DiCaprio looks much younger thanks to the chosen style.

This is one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s hairstyles that surprises the most, since it was the first time he was seen with a different style. She continues to resort to the layers, so popular in the 90s, but with much shorter hair. The unkempt, casual air he carries throughout the film helps reinforce the carefree boyishness of his character.

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Surely this is the film in which DiCaprio began to be treated as an established actor. He began to sweep among the girls and to be idolized by many boys. Despite being a film that was not valued very much by critics, users loved it. And from here he began a much more solid career.

She resorted to the long hair again, but in this case looking for a much sexier air. Her hairstyle consisted of parting on one side letting some strands fall over her forehead.


This is one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s most iconic films. And therefore it is one of the looks most remembered by all. During his youth he wore this haircut on many occasions. Surely if you think of the youngest Leo this image comes to mind.

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Her hair is straight, with the typical cut that we know as “a bowl”, but combed to one side. A hairstyle that looks casual but is actually very thought out and planned.

Catch me if you can

Keeping the hair with a more or less similar length, Leonardo DiCaprio changes his hairstyle again. He may be one of the actors who has taken the most out of the same haircut. For this film, set in the 60s, the actor resorts to a backward hairstyle. Although the line on one side is intuited, it is not marked. Her hair is constantly well combed and she uses some kind of hairspray.

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This hairstyle keeps her face clean, allowing her to fully utilize her expressiveness to convey the character.

Gangs of New York

It is the first film in which we see the actor with such long hair. This is a time of change in Leonardo DiCaprio’s hairstyles.

He wears his classic haircut much longer than normal. And take the opportunity to comb it in a scruffy way. Along with the goatee and mustache, he thus achieves a tough-guy air.

The Departed

Here comes the actor’s first big change. Finally we see him with fairly short hair. The bangs are somewhat longer, combed like a small toupee. A Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyle that gives him a more serious and formal air than the one he has worn up to now. In fact, it’s a hairstyle that makes him look more masculine and less boyish.

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This hairstyle, combined with the goatee he sports, suits him really well. A somewhat more marked face, reveals his slightly childish features but highlights his masculinity.

Shutter Island

The character he embodies in this film requires a serious, professional and adult look. That is why he resorts to a hairstyle similar to the one in the previous film, but longer. This new version helps to be able to style it at will.

When you have it a little longer, you can use the fixing gel. This is how he combs it to the side without leaving a hair out.

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Surely everyone remembers this movie. One of the most disturbing and disturbing of his career. It is the typical movie that you can only love or hate. Whatever your opinion about the film, and about the ending, if there’s one thing that’s clear, it’s that here Leo wears an adult and formal look.

He is a family man and his hairstyle transmits it like this. Her hair is neither too long nor too short. There is a comfortable and combed back, but without abusing fixing products. Thus, he achieves a formal and responsible appearance, but conveys that he is still a young and attractive man.


In this feature film, the actor embodies the character of J. Edgar Hoover, one of the most powerful people in the history of the United States. Throughout the film you can see the evolution of this character, and this is reflected in DiCaprio’s outfits.

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It draws attention to the characterization of the actor towards the end of the film, representing a much older man. With his hair pulled back and very sparsely populated, his clear forehead stands out. A vision to which, of course, we are little used.

Leaving Unchained

This Tarantino western is as crazy as the character that the actor embodies here. According to the time in which the film is set and how eccentric the character is, this is DiCaprio’s styling. A hairstyle very different from what we have seen. With the same length that he used to use in his beginnings, but wavy. Slicked back, with a marked parting on the side.

He lets some waves form in his hair that go perfectly with the long goatee on his face. A very appropriate style with the character of the film.

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The Great Gatsby

With “The Great Gatsby” the childlike touch typical of Leonar DiCaprio and his hairstyles returns. Although the character is not childish at all, it is true that the look of the 20s was quite sweet and simple in men.

Embodies the heartthrob of his character with a classic hairstyle. Hair slicked back with a lot of hold, or as they called it “glitter” back then, and parted to the side. The bangs are styled like a small quiff to the side.

The Wolf of Wall Street

The amazing thing about Leonardo DiCaprio’s hairstyle in this movie is the color. A much darker tone than what we are used to. Normally she always wears blonde highlights or highlights that help sweeten her face even more.

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He has a hairstyle typical of the great executives of Wall Street. Her hair is quite short, parted on one side and well combed back with quite a fixation.

The Revenant

This is the film with which he finally won the long-awaited Oscar. Here we could see the actor with his hair much longer than ever, combed back and very dark. A whole new look for a great character.

Photos of Leonardo DiCaprio’s hairstyles

We leave you here a complete photo gallery with Leonardo DiCaprio’s hairstyles. A review of his participation in Hollywood cinema and his style throughout the years.

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Do not miss anything and join us in this review of the hairstyles of this great actor. Although he has a definite style that we all associate with him, the reality is that he has changed a lot over the years.


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