Latest trends 2021 in beards and mustaches

Latest trends 2021 in beards and mustaches. It may not be a secret when we say that, especially in recent years, beards and mustaches have managed to become one of the most popular trends for men. For this reason, each year or each season a style or type of beard or mustache is imposed as we show you below.

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Beards and also mustaches have an enormous capacity to almost completely change the aesthetics and image of a man and best of all, there seems to be an ideal beard style for each man, so how can you imagine, the possibilities are almost endless.

Latest trends 2021 in beards and mustaches

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Regardless of whether you are looking for a robust and hard style, or a little more subtle, the truth is that discovering some of the latest trends in beards will help you a lot when choosing the style that you like the most. And it is that anything goes: from simple 3-day beards to authentic beards of months and months.

And you may be wondering… and what happens with the mustaches? It is true that a few years ago, especially a few decades (we could especially mention the decades of the late 80s and early 90s), mustaches were a real trend. Although, nowadays, well-groomed and stylized mustaches may be perfectly combined with equally well-groomed and well-groomed beards, so we could also say that, like beards, mustaches are also in fashion. Maybe to a lesser extent, but they are still.

Let’s see then the different types of beards and mustaches that will be worn throughout this 2021. All of them, styles of beards that will be worn a lot throughout the year and that we will also explain to you, how you can get them to wear.

The traditional or classic beard

It is a type of beard that is neither too long, nor too short, nor much less too thick. It is ideal for any man, mainly because it always tends to look good. Although, be careful, because this does not mean that it suits everyone, especially if it does not combine perfectly with the type of haircut.

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Thus, it is best to opt for this type of beard and for a slightly more youthful haircut, since it is definitely the best option when it comes to accompanying this wonderful and unique beard style. And it will give you the chance to interpret this more classic or traditional look, but in a truly unique and modern way.

And for a true vintage look, you can choose some strong hold gel to style your hair.

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The bushy beard

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They basically consist of a highly characteristic type of beard that began to become very fashionable just 2 or 3 years ago. This is a tremendously thick type of beard, ideal for men who want to add texture while enhancing the shape of their face. And sure enough, in 2021 it’s back in style.

Of course, when it comes to achieving a much more careful result, it is necessary to use beard oil, since it will prevent dryness, and will offer the possibility of softening facial hair, especially as it grows.

It is ideal for men who want to look a little more mature. And just like a long beard, a bushy beard should be paired with a proper haircut.

The biker beard

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Simply by calling it that, it is quite likely that some other image will immediately come to mind. With its origins in the biker subculture, a biker beard is a useful option when you want to give your face a truly dramatic makeover, and stand out above all else.

It is a type of beard that, fundamentally, is based on providing extra length to the hair located in the chin area, so it is necessary to shape the facial hair accordingly.

The full and long beard

It is a slightly longer type of beard, so it is neither very long (like a biker’s beard) nor too bushy. To achieve it, you must be constant and have a lot of patience, since it is basically a rather gradual process. It is a beard worn by many young men who want to appear more mature.

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Beard oil, as we mentioned before, is also of some interest in this case, since it helps prevent dryness and irritation, and helps make hair much more manageable.

However, you should make sure that your hairdresser cuts your hair by choosing a style to match. The most suitable? Opt for youthful and more modern styles.

The beard with gray hair

The beard with gray hair has become a trend and it is so much so that many men even begin to dye part of their beard to make it appear that they have a gray or white part.

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But mind you, to sport a sleek gray beard, all you need to remember is to keep your look clean and polished. Doing so will ensure that you maintain a mature and sophisticated appearance that is appropriate for your age. As such, you should select either a short beard or a long beard style for your look, although it’s the short beard that seems to be in trend this year.

Beards for teenagers

For teenage men who have a knack for growing facial hair, a beard can be a fashionable addition to your look. All they need to do is choose an appropriate beard style for a teenager. A short beard look is usually the best option for those under 20 years of age. Thanks to their minimal lengths, these styles are achievable for young men. They also look great and can project a look that perfectly blends maturity with youth.

Stubble beard

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For those who are not ready to commit to a full beard, the style known as “stubble beard” can be an excellent alternative since it is also a trend this 2021. Like a mix between a shaved beard and a short beard , the stubble is practical and robust. Depending on your hair growth, the perfect stubble can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks to grow.

The Chevron Mustache

Once we have seen all the beards that are trending for this 2021, we want to focus on mustaches and the first one that we have to mention is the chevron-style mustache, which is a type of mustache that was widely worn in 70’s and 80’s and it seems to have returned thanks to the “vintage” fever that exists nowadays.

This is a type of bushy mustache that can balance large facial features, but requires good care, daily combing and oiling from time to time.

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The “Beardstache” mustache or mustache with a beard

From the chevron mustache, it seems that the “beardstache” mustache arose, which is perhaps the one that is currently worn the most and for all of this 2021 and which consists of wearing a well-populated mustache with a slightly shorter beard.

This is a type of mustache that men of all ages are betting on, but it certainly looks much better if you are already over thirty or forty and you are also dark. The key is to let the facial hair grow until the mustache looks bushy. Then you have to trim and shave more of the beard and make sure that it has grown evenly so that it provides a nice contrast to the mustache.

Pencil mustache

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The pencil mustache was originally conceived as a sleek, minimalist reaction to the dominant facial hair of the Victorians. Popularized by Hollywood idols, it only later became an abbreviation for sneakiest gentleman, and to this day, evokes images of classic-style men, though as we’ve already said, vintage is in and out. with it, this type of mustache has made a comeback.

This is a type of fine mustache and also quite straight, so the hair is allowed to grow, but at the same time it is trimmed so that the ends of the mustache do not fall too much. It is a mustache that can look good on men with long faces or very marked features, but if you decide to bet on it, you should know that it is a mustache that requires almost daily shaving to keep its clean lines. If you also have very short hair, it can work well. However, if you combine it with a scruffy look or long hair, it won’t have the same effect.

Horseshoe mustache

The horseshoe mustache is a really special mustache, which has been associated with the image of Hulk Hogan or Samuel L.Jackson in Pulp Fiction. A classic mustache style, characterized by being long and down, thus creating the shape of a horseshoe.

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A type of mustache that has come back with a bang and is currently in style, but is not recommended for anyone with a long narrow face, as it will give you a certain equine look, and should be considered as part of a complete outfit : Will go perfectly with a head-to-toe biker look or double ripped denim. It does not fit so well if your style is to dress daily with a suit or with a formal “look”.

Handlebar mustache

Finally, we want to talk about the handlebar mustache, which is another type of trendy mustache, but which also has a marked “vintage” style and in fact is the key mustache for many men who tend to bet on a dress following the “hipster” fashion. ” that was imposed so much a few years ago and that seems to be maintained.

This is a type of mustache that is characterized by being straight, but the ends are usually combed so that they are raised and some men even wear it slightly rolled. It is adaptable to most face shapes, although if you opt for this type of mustache, it may be a good idea to combine it with formal or elegant clothes.

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