Lacoste, sportswear footwear

One of the brands that we usually talk to you about from ModaThey is Lacoste, the famous crocodile that usually appears both in clothes and in the rest of the complete outfits that accompanies the world of fashion.

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The Californian influence is clearly seen in the designs of the collection presented for this summer where we find casual-style footwear that does not lose its sophistication, so we can use them when we want to achieve an informal style or we have an unexpected appointment, such as for a date. where we want to show off.

It all depends on whether you know how to match the rest of the clothes and accessories to get a formidable look. These models are designed with neutral and warm colors, in some cases, so that elegance is maintained in each of your garments.

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This model is essential for the summer, a light, simple, easy to combine and sophisticated shoe. Its textile cut and polished metal eyelets are the spitting image of what summer represents for fashion. Don’t you think?

And for the end I have left a sportier model, it keeps the sober and dark colors to denote the sophistication but we clearly see that it has another type of aspect. It’s perfect for those informal events, like the rest of the shoes presented today.

What kind of footwear do you like the most about Lacoste?

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