How to shave your legs (men) without dying trying

With this oppressive heat it is normal that your most current fashion “looks” are those in shirts and shorts. Showing off legs is something that all men already do and although some do not care about the hair, others do not like it or do not feel like showing their hair on their legs. Waxing is your ally when it comes to removing hair anywhere on your body, so for those of you who haven’t tried it yet, here’s our explanation of how to wax your legs (men) without dying trying.

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How to shave your legs (men) without dying trying

Before giving you the fastest, most painless and effective methods against leg hair, we have to say that male waxing is not only about wanting to look metrosexual or taking care of yourself more than necessary.

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The hair on the body is not pretty in the eyes of many (especially women) but also if you shave an area like your legs you will see that when you ride a bike or play sports you are more comfortable, you do not sweat as much and the hair is no obstacle.

On the other hand, unless you practice photoepilation or laser hair removal to get rid of the hair forever, you know that the hair will come out again shortly after you have shaved. It is necessary that you choose a method that suits you and works for you and above all, with which you do not complicate your life.

We recommend one of these three.


It is a simple method, if you know how to use it and it is effective since it removes hair from the roots. It is better to use hot wax and wait until it is at the indicated temperature.

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It cannot be applied to very long hair or very short hair, so it is a method for when you have already shaved a few times with a blade, for example, in case it comes off very easily.

The wax is easy to apply although it will hurt a little at first. In any case, one gets used to everything and pulling and noticing like 100 needles in the leg at the same time, I’m sure too.

Depilation with Blade

I think this is the fastest method for any man to shave his legs. You are already used to them if you use them to shave your beard so you can try with your legs. You need a little foam and pass the blade up. The good thing is that it is fast and effective for an immediate result. The bad thing is that the hair comes out more quickly and the rush is not so much, although there is a trick for this that they tell us in this video.

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Hair removal with depilatory creams

Hair removal creams are easy to apply and can be used in the shower but don’t be fooled because they are harmful, they are still chemical products capable of causing irritation.

If you decide to use depilatory cream you must follow the instructions to the letter including the allergy test or you may end up with irritation or worse: burns. It is an ideal system for men with little hair on their legs.

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