Does the beard suit me? Beard according to type of face

Are you thinking of growing a beard but you don’t know if it will suit you? Here we tell you what type of faces are most suitable for beards and which beard goes best with each type of face. We also give you some tips to care for and maintain it.

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The fact of wearing a beard is something that many men sign up for, either because they do not want to have to shave every day, or because they look at celebrities such as Brad Pitt who have made them fashionable or because of In fact, they are currently one of the trends that seems to be prevailing among men. Whatever the reason, there are many who want to be able to wear a beard and in fact do, although the truth is that not everyone is in favor of it since they do not know what type of beard can best suit them. In this way, in Modaellos we want to help you and thus, now recommend the beard that best suits you according to your type of face.

Having to shave your beard every day can be something very cumbersome, which is why many men choose to grow a beard for several days, weeks or months even if they are not sure that it will favor them. If you want to grow a beard, think beforehand which style will be the best for you, since if you get it right you will not only look better (and many will tell you so) but you will also get that when shaving, trimming or caring for your beard it will become in one more feature of your face.

Let’s see what type of beard is the best for each face based on the different types of faces we can find.

Beard according to face type

Square face

If you have a square type of face, characterized by a wide forehead, quite pronounced cheekbones and a chin that does not protrude too much or is not long, your beard style will undoubtedly be goatees since you will be able to have a much more elongated and stylized face effect.

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The goatee requires a greater amount of hair in the chin area while the sides have a smaller amount, and you can even have them completely shaved. This way of wearing the beard will achieve a style that, as I say, will make your face look much “softer”.

The knobs can also be maintained in a simple way with an electric machine so you can wear it for a long time without having to shave daily and also always with a successful “look”. On the other hand, they are in the type of goatee in which the hair is allowed to grow so that we turn them into a “hipster” beard like the ones that are now worn. You can do this without problem but be careful because if you let the hair grow too long, you will not achieve the effect that we have indicated before and you will not look very good with it either.

Round face

The round face is usually characterized by not very prominent cheekbones, bulging cheeks and a chin that does not protrude, so that it is as if the face were somewhat shorter.

The important thing for this type of face is that with the beard, we get the face to be elongated, so it is best to let an angular beard grow and in this way you can leave the jaw more defined (the cheeks well shaved will contribute to losing volume), and the chin that looks much longer. And if you have a double chin, it is best to let the hair grow below the chin and towards the neck.

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Oval face

The oval type face is characterized by having rounded features, although the truth is that we can say that it is the one that best maintains the proportions between what are the cheeks, forehead and chin, so that it is considered the perfect type of face.

In this way, beards in general will always look good on you, although perhaps the one that will suit you best will be the goatee but also have a less marked beard on the rest of the face, just as Zac Efron looks in the photo above.

Many men with oval faces believe that beards make their faces even rounder as they confuse their “perfect” type of face with the one we have explained to you before. It is therefore difficult for them to want to let it grow, although the truth is that the beard on this type of face allows the features to look more “hardened” and not so oval and for those of you who see yourself with a face that is too round, you will actually get ” hide” that roundness with your beard.

For those of you who have this type of face and wish to wear a full beard, it will also favor you, although be careful to trim it so that it does not look too bushy and in this way you will prevent your face from looking more oval than normal .

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Triangular face

Triangular faces are characterized by having very marked features and especially a chin that is quite elongated.

The type of beard that will suit you best will undoubtedly be the full beard, so that you can hide the “hardness” of this type of face a bit. You can also get a lot out of a beard that is somewhat longer on the sides, and shorter on the chin, along with the opposite of what we have indicated for square faces and goatees.

It is advisable, yes, that you have a very careful beard so that you can have it marking on the face and not letting it grow beyond the chin. Shave your entire neck well and betting on the “stubble” style, Jon Kortajarena style as we see in the image above.

Diamond Face

The diamond face, which we can confuse with the triangular or sometimes with the square, is a type of face that is distinguished by being wider in the area of ​​the cheeks than in the upper part of the head or in the chin.

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The best beard for this type of face will always be the goatee framing the lips, although you can bet on wearing a mustache and then a beard below the lower lip. A style that in fact has been popularized by actor Johnny Depp and that is also the “look” that best suits him.

These are the types of face or face and the beard that favors them, although we can add that the beard can serve to “cover” imperfections and I am not just referring to marks or scars. If, for example, you have a double chin, bet on covering it with a beard and it will help you hide it.

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