How to shave the chest

Waxing among men is something that for many has become a routine, but for others it is still a “mystery” and especially in areas such as the chest, where it is not so common to remove hair. At Modaellos we now explain the steps to follow to be able to shave your chest correctly and how to show it off without complexes this summer.

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Epilation of the chest

The fact of shaving the pectoral area is something that many men use not only to look better (especially if they have marked abs and pectorals), but also allows them not to have so much sweating and above all to look much better if they have a real excess of hair in this area. To achieve this, there are various hair removal methods, such as waxing, razors and even photoepilation, which will allow you to get rid of all the hair on your chest.

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It’s a matter of opting for one and assuming that once you start waxing, the hair will continue to come out so that you will have to repeat the action of waxing every time you see that the hair appears again. For those of you who do not want to be passing the blade, or applying the wax every month or every “x” weeks, the definitive option would be photoepilation but this does not guarantee the disappearance of hair forever so that over time you may have to undergo to new sessions.

How to shave your chest?

There are several methods or ways to get rid of all the hair on the male chest. The choice will depend on the taste of each one of you, but we can also add that depending on the amount of hair you have (and this could also be said for the back) it will be better to use waxes, creams, or razors.

Men who are very hairy or have a full chest of hair are better to try methods like waxing, but they may find it ineffective at first. The wax (hot, warm or cold) removes hair by the roots so if you have too much hair it may not pull it all out and you may have to repeat the action several times, with the pain that this entails.

You can try first with a razor, like the ones you use for the face, and then finish with wax. This way you can remove all the hair and leave your chest clean shaven.

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On the other hand, if you have very little hair but you want not to see a single hair on your chest, the best option is to shave with wax or even depilatory creams. For the use of these, it is important that you read the instructions well so that you can avoid the cream causing any type of allergic reaction (in fact, when we buy one of these creams it is recommended that we do a small allergy test and it is necessary don’t skip it).

Depilating the chest with wax

Many are the men who use wax, hot above all, to be able to shave areas such as the pectoral, since as I mentioned before, they usually have a lot of hair and in this way they manage to eliminate it from the roots and also in a way quite fast and efficient.

Now yes, it should be noted that shaving the chest with wax will cause it to hurt a lot or at least the first few times you shave. The less hair you get or the more often you shave, you will realize that your skin gets used to it and that you no longer notice as much when you pull on the band or wax strip. On the other hand, try putting on some ice (wrapped in a cloth) once you have finished waxing and in case it hurts too much. You will notice how the pain disappears immediately.

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To be able to wax your chest, you just have to apply the wax band (or the wax directly) on the area you want to get rid of the presence of hair and pull hard to be able to root it out. Wait a few seconds, don’t do it right away and don’t let five minutes go by either, because the longer you wait, the more the wax will stick to your chest and then you’ll notice the pain much more.

Shaving the chest with a razor

When talking about electric hair removal in the chest area, we are talking about shaving it with an electric machine or razor. An also effective option and in fact very easy to use, although of course something more painful even than wax.

The razors, whether to shave the face or the chest, are effective but up to a certain point since they do not shave completely so that if you want to have a completely smooth and smooth chest, with this method you will have to do several passes or you will give yourself note that in a few days the hair has reappeared.

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This is a method that may work for men who have taken a photo of their chest waxing and want to review it or who directly have very little hair. With the razor they will be able to eliminate all traces of hair without problem.

Shaving the chest with a blade

Perhaps the most effective method for any type of shaving or hair removal, not only on the chest, will be the one performed with a blade, although this also has some drawbacks.

Although shaving the chest with a blade will lead you to have it much more shaved than with the aforementioned methods, and it is also quite easy to perform, the truth is that in a method that is not long-lasting since it will cause the hair to it comes out faster again.

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If you shave the pectoral area with a razor, you will realize that in a couple of days, the hair will have grown back, and that it also grows more strongly and that the area may itch a lot.

If it is an emergency or you want to start doing a test to see how your chest will look without hair, this method may be recommended, but if it is not, you can choose the others or the one I am mentioning now.

In addition, we give you some advice, when you shave your chest with a blade it is better that instead of soap or foam you use body oil (like the one you put on babies). This way you can epilate better and shave even more chest hair.

Shaving the chest with cream

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The least painful way to shave your chest will be the one that you use a depilatory cream and that in fact in your first times can work well for you, although if you have already shaved before with wax or with a razor, this method may hardly work for you or don’t see it being as effective as these others.

Now to do a test it can be a good option, since you only have to apply a little cream on the area to be waxed, let it act and then remove the cream with a spatula.

You will see that it is a quick and easy way at first, but not the most recommended if you have a lot of hair on your chest.

Shaving the chest with a laser

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There are many men who, tired of having to wax their chest every two by three, opt for laser hair removal, also known as photo-epilation and for which you must submit to the work of a specialized clinic. It is also obviously somewhat more expensive than the aforementioned methods.

This method, although it is not miraculous, allows all the hair to be eliminated through a pulsed light or laser and also no longer appears for a long time or even for the rest of life, having that to review occasionally with a simple pass of the blade.

Video on how to shave the chest

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