All 50 Cent Tattoos

50 Cent is one of the most popular music artists in the rap industry. His music accumulates millions of sales, but he is also a rapper who, like others, stands out for his many tattoos that he has spread over his body, although he stopped doing them a long time ago, why? If you want to know what all of 50 Cent’s tattoos are, at Modaellos we show them to you and we also explain everything that is known about their meaning and what happened to make him decide not to want more.

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All 50 cent tattoos

How many tattoos does 50 Cent have on his body? Well, although the number is unknown, we can say that years ago he himself said he was over 15, although I imagine that over the years he won’t have that many since he decided to start deleting them.

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Anyway, there was a time when 50 Cent wore his tattoos without any complex and those 15 that I have mentioned and which are these that we detail now could be counted more.

These are all of 50 Cent’s tattoos

  1. Below the navel the letters “love and hate”
  2. Left side below the navel, the devil’s face
  3. Right side below the navel, the face of Jesus Christ
  4. Left side of the neck, the word “Beau”
  5. Right side of his biceps, his son’s name “Mercise”
  6. Lower forearm, her mother’s name “Sabrina”
  7. Under “Sabrinal” the words “Ghetto Angel”
  8. Right shoulder, the word “Angel”
  9. Biceps of the left side of the arm, drawing of 50
  10. Biceps on the right side, the word “Warrior” and an axe
  11. Left forearm, a cross with a D and the phrase “Gods Understands me”
  12. Right hand, the words “G Unit”
  13. Back, a gigantic 50
  14. Back, the word “Southside”
  15. Back, the word “Gangsta”
  16. Back, the word “Word”
  17. Back, the words “G Unit”

There are many photos that we can find on the internet of these tattoos, although the truth is that they are somewhat “old” if we take into account that about four years ago, the rapper made headlines by announcing that he had decided to remove his tattoos.

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Why did 50 Cent remove his tattoos? Well, for no reason that had to do with repentance but for a professional purpose. Curtis Jackson, which is the real name of 50 Cent, decided to pursue being an actor and film producer, so he opted to remove tattoos so that he could be hired for all kinds of roles without having to cover them up with makeup.

It is undoubtedly a drastic decision, although on the other hand it is perfectly understandable that you want to change if you consider it a benefit for your career. The rapper underwent several laser removal sessions that allowed him to remove the most striking tattoos as you can see in this “before and after”

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