How to Pinroll a jean or pants | Raise the hem with style

If you want to be able to wear your pants to the latest fashion, nothing like do what is now known as “pinrolling” and that is nothing more than raising the bass so that it can look a little more raised, although without being as exaggerated as the “roll up” style that many of you will surely have worn last summer . Next in Modaellos, How to Pinroll a jean or pants | Turn up the bass in style.

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How to Pinroll a jean or pants | Turn up the bass in style

“Jogging” pants are now a trend and the truth is that opting for sports-style pants, or tracksuit-type, no matter how much we wear it with a t-shirt, a shirt, a sweatshirt or even a blazer is quite a I am right, also taking into account that sneakers are perhaps the most recurrent footwear in current men’s fashion.

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By choosing jogging pants and good sports shoes, you can say that you are up to date, but if you add to your “look” the current trend of raising the hem with the “pinrolling” style, surely more than one will copy you. idea.

The origin of this “pinrolling” style can be found precisely in those who wear jogging pants practically at all hours since in this way they can also show off their shoes, but it seems that the fact of raising the hem like this, as if it were rolled up, instead of folded, it is being imposed throughout Europe and the United States and in fact we already see how it is also used for jeans and pants of all kinds.

To know how to “pinroll” your pants, all you have to do is start folding from the bottom, but first you have to insert two fingers so that the fabric is caught and held before starting to fold. Once the fold is done and caught with the fingers, we begin to fold upwards and you will not need more than a couple of turns to be able to say that you are already wearing your jeans or pants in the latest fashion.

Tips to wear your pants with “pinrolling” style

After watching the video on how to “pinroll” your pants, we want to give you a series of tips on how you can apply it to all the pants you wear, since there may be models or designs that will not fit us for long that we take them with this new style.

Make sure that your pants are not too tight:

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Despite the fact that “pinrolling” uses the bottom of the pants and that it is better if it is somewhat narrow, it will be useless to apply it if you wear pants or jeans that are too tight since you will not be able to roll them properly and in fact they may even end up squeezing you more than necessary.

Try that your pants are not too baggy:

Baggy or baggy pants are not the best option when it comes to “pinrolling” either, since all you will get is an unflattering “hammer” effect.

Try that your pants are not too short:

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The good thing about pinrolling is that it perfectly shows the shoe without really showing the leg. If you wear pants or jeans that are too short, when you fold them they will be much shorter and that is not the effect we want to give. In summer it didn’t hurt to double the hem as much as we wanted, but this trend is much more subtle and it won’t work with pants that have a hem that stays above the ankle.

Make sure that your pants are not too long:

The “pinrolling” consists of giving the bass a couple of turns. You do not need more, so if you have pants that are long and you must turn them several times when you upload them, you will have lost all “grace” in this trend.

Try to wear the right shoes

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If you choose to wear your pants with the “pinrolling” style, it will be because you also want to “show off” your sneakers, so you should wear a new model or one that is well cared for. You should also know what kind of shoe looks good with this trend and although the “running” models from New Balance, for example, look great, we cannot say the same about basketball shoes like the Air Jordan (no matter how much they are in favor of fashion and deep down, we love them).

Try to keep the bass clean

How many times have you pulled up the bottom of your pants and realized that something scratched or dirty might have been visible? This is normal and can happen to all of us so don’t worry. The next time you want to show off your “pinrolling” style in the jeans you usually wear, wash them before turning them inside out and that’s it! They will be completely clean.

Try to avoid showing socks

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Pinrolling is a perfect style for summer but some men now wear it in fall. If you are one of those who is now joining this trend, try to avoid whatever your socks look like, since honestly it will be very “tacky”. You must choose to go without socks (at the risk of getting cold) or you can wear some that They are ankle-length, that is, they do not go beyond the ankle and remain inside the shoe.

Try to pinroll tight, but not too tight

No one wants you to end up with cut off blood circulation. Ideally, the effect is that of a very tight bass, but it won’t do you any good if you notice that it’s too tight since you won’t endure all day noticing that pressure.

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Make sure that the “pinrolling” does not show in your chinos

Jeans or “jogging” pants are not the only ones that can be worn with the “pinrolling” style, but the truth is that they are the ones that look best. Although we are not saying that it is prohibited, it is better to avoid folding the bottoms in chino pants or suits since they look somewhat ridiculous.

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