How to make your cologne or fragrance last longer

Imagine that you have an important appointment at work, a business meeting, or a date with your girl. You shower, shave, get ready and put on your favorite cologne, in order to smell amazing. However, you may find that just two or three hours later your cologne has completely vanished (or rather, its aroma or fragrance). Why does it happen and what could we do to make the colony last longer?

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The truth is that there are actually several factors that can influence whether a certain fragrance lasts more or less. And it is not only related to the place on the body where you put it, but also with the type of skin, the amount… If you hate that your fragrance leaves at the best of times, keep reading. Here are some useful tips that will be of great help to you.

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Many men tend to share a truly special bond with their favorite cologne or fragrance. They literally bathe in it, making it part of their daily grooming rituals, even when they don’t leave the house.

However, there is nothing worse than putting on your favorite cologne in order to go out, and just a few hours later you smell practically nothing. It may be that you have already put a lot of it, which will not matter: its fragrance will have disappeared in a period between two to three hours at the most. And it doesn’t matter what you do. Or not.

Contrary to what you think, there are actually many factors that can influence whether a fragrance lasts for a longer or shorter time:

  • The type of fragrance. The colognes are made of scented oils, dissolved in alcohol with water. There are different types, depending on the concentration of perfume essence that we can find in them. Thus, a higher concentration of perfume essence will make your fragrance last longer.
  • The way you use it. It is precisely one of the tricks that we will talk about in the next section (and directly related to making your fragrance last much longer). The place where you wear the cologne is essential.
  • How do you wear the cologne. There are men who usually throw the cologne into the air and then pass in the middle. However, this doesn’t do much good, as all you’ll end up with is making the fragrance fade and disappear much faster.
  • The chemistry of your skin. We all have our own skin chemistry. For this reason, the same cologne will not smell the same on all people, but will have somewhat different nuances.

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Useful tricks to make the smell of your cologne last longer

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If you want your fragrance to last longer, the reality is that there are some things you can do, easy, simple and very simple, that could be of great help. And it is not necessary to be an expert to be able to achieve it. It is enough to follow some of the tips and tricks that we propose on this occasion. Take note:

Choose the right perfume

As we have said, the type of fragrance we choose is important to make the colony last longer. Since perfumes are made up partly of the perfume itself (essential oils and/or synthetic molecules) and partly of alcohol, a good way to estimate the persistence of a perfume is to know its concentration.

  • Eau de Cologne : low concentration of perfume (less than 5%).
  • Eau de Toilette: medium perfume concentration (5-10%).
  • Eau de Parfum: high perfume concentration (10-20%).
  • Extrait de Parfum: very high concentration of perfume (more than 20%).

Colognes (which, by the way, aren’t just for men, as many believe) are fresh and light and are great for summer, but they don’t last long. If you are looking for a perfume that will last a long time, we recommend an Eau de Parfum or better yet an Extrait de Parfum, possibly with an amber, woody, musky or spicy base (citrus and floral scents are generally less persistent).

Do not keep perfume in the bathroom

If you’ve ever read a drink or food label, you’ve probably noticed the indication “keep in a cool, dry place, away from light sources”. The same goes for perfumes: in order to keep them at their best and therefore ensure that they remain intense and persistent even after months or years, it is important to keep them in the right place. Many people keep them in the bathroom, which, however, is the area of ​​the house most subject to changes in humidity and temperature. Instead, we recommend storing them in another room, possibly inside their box to protect them from light.

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Moisturize your skin before applying it

Skin care experts believe that fragrances tend to last longer when skin is well hydrated, as dryness tends to reduce how long the scent lasts after absorption.

It is recommended to invest in a good moisturizer, without fragrance or perfume, that you can use 24 hours a day. It will be useful to prevent and avoid dehydration, so the longer the skin stays moist, the longer it will retain the scent.

Use a cotton ball

Perhaps on some occasion you have wondered why women tend to smell much longer than men. The secret is found in the simple cotton ball.

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You just have to soak one of these balls in your cologne, and then spread it on the skin. It will help you keep the aroma for longer. Also, it has the advantage that you can carry the soaked cotton ball and keep it nearby.

Apply the perfume in the right places

In order for the perfume to disperse properly in the surrounding air, it is important to apply it to the hottest and richly vascularized parts of the body. The best spots are the neck (especially the sides) and the inside of the wrists, but for short-sleeved clothing, the inside of the elbows and the popliteal cords (the back of the knees) are also fine.


Just as a moisturizer can help lock in moisture and make cologne last longer, Vaseline can also be a great help, especially when applied to what are known as “pulse points”.

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And what are “pulse points”? They are basically areas of the body where you can feel your heart rate through the blood vessels, which are closest to the skin. For example, you can find them on the neck, wrists, temples, behind the elbows, and behind the knees.

A helpful option is to rub some Vaseline on these areas, then put some cologne on top.

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