How to fix a stuck zipper easily

It is quite likely that the scene that I am going to tell you about next has already happened to you at some point or another… You have an important appointment, they are 11 in the morning and you woke up late. You shower, have breakfast and get dressed in a hurry. Since it’s cold you put on a jacket to quickly get out of the house and suddenly the zipper gets stuck. You don’t have enough time to be able to fix it, much less to change your clothes. To do? The reality is that fixing a stuck zipper is easier than you think. Do you want to discover how? We explain some basic causes why a zipper can get stuck, and what to do to solve it. When you discover it, you will be surprised how easy it is.

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Why does a zipper usually get stuck?

Actually, there are several factors that can influence a zipper to get stuck. Sometimes zippers simply stop working because a piece of the fabric that surrounds the zipper gets caught between the zipper teeth. That is, on the “track” that the zipper slides up or down.

It can also happen that a tooth breaks (somewhat more difficult, since they are usually quite hard), or that one of the teeth bends a little or opens more than necessary. The latter is also common, especially when you tend to zip up in a hurry, without much care (indeed, as possibly happened to us in the example that we have shown you at the beginning of this note).

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How to unzip a stuck zipper, step by step

With the help of a pencil tip

Although you may not believe it, and it sounds a bit strange to say it, the truth is that the graphite in the lead of the pencil is a good dry lubricant, effective for making the zippers detach more easily. Of course, when it comes to obtaining the best result, it is recommended to use a traditional wooden pencil (of those of a lifetime), instead of a mechanical version, since it will be easier to place the graphite on the zipper. And how to do it? Very simple, follow the steps that we indicate below:

  1. Gently rub the tip of the pencil on both sides of the zipper teeth, until you can see the graphite in the teeth.
  2. Now try to slide the zipper in both directions, always with slow and very smooth movements. Do not try to force the zipper, as this can seriously damage your item of clothing.
  3. Now wash your hands and clean the remaining graphite with the help of a napkin (in this way you will prevent the garment from staining or being damaged).
  4. If the zipper is still stuck, it is advisable to repeat the process several times, until the zipper can move easily.

If the zipper is still stuck, it’s time to move on to the next trick.

Using a household lubricant (in order to grease the zipper)

If the wooden pencil trick hasn’t worked for you, you can try looking for a lubricant you have at home and applying it to the zipper, which will help reduce friction and clean teeth. And what household lubricant is it possible to use? From petroleum jelly to lip balm, to wax, dish soap, a wax crayon, or a bar of soap. And how to do it? Very simple :

  1. Apply a fairly generous amount of lubricant to both the zipper and teeth.
  2. It is advisable to try to keep the lubricant away from the fabric, or the material that surrounds it, to avoid damage and unnecessary stains.
  3. In a smooth, slow motion, try to slide the zipper in both directions.
  4. If the zipper still does not move, repeat the process.

As we have seen, with one of these two tricks it is very likely that we will be able to unzip a zipper that has gotten stuck at the most inopportune moment. And we can easily solve it if, in addition, it has got stuck at home.

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