How to make a capsule wardrobe for winter with only 10 men’s items

Did you know that you only use 20% of the clothes you have in your closet. Knowing this, why not optimize space and keep the essentials? To achieve this, we tell you how to make a capsule wardrobe for winter with only 10 men’s clothes

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What is a capsule wardrobe?

First of all, it is convenient to know what a capsule wardrobe is and why it can help you improve your style and, incidentally, the space you have in your room.

The concept of the capsule wardrobe arose in the 70s, from the head of Susie Faux, owner of Wardrobe, a famous London boutique. The businesswoman trying to make the perfect wardrobe, made up of basic and timeless garments that do not go out of style.

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Designer Donna Karan, years later, would go one step further in defining a capsule wardrobe, reducing the number of basic garments to seven elements. Over time, the items in that capsule wardrobe have increased to ten.

The keys to make a capsule wardrobe

The keys to making a capsule wardrobe include knowing how to combine these timeless garments with seasonal elements that we would renew from time to time. In this case, paying special attention to the fashion of dates marked as Christmas

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Yes, the stable elements of the capsule wardrobe can be combined with each other, but it is convenient to add current garments to contribute the personality of each one. Having a stable base, the investment in fashion is much less than if you renew the wardrobe every season.

Thus, among the keys to make a capsule wardrobe, we find several points to take into account:

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  • Personal style – Don’t buy to buy, go for what suits your personality.
  • Remove garments from previous seasons – Do not accumulate clothes and get rid of garments from the past season
  • A capsule wardrobe per season – This would mean renewing the wardrobe, at least in part, every three months

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  • Colors – Every time you renew your capsule wardrobe, look for similar shades so you don’t spend more than you should
  • Limit the budget – Remember that you have a base of basic garments, so limit yourself to looking for the trends that can complement them but without going over the initial budget. You can have a perfect look for less than 100 euros

How to make a capsule wardrobe for winter with only 10 men’s clothes

Now all that remains is to know how to make a capsule wardrobe for winter with only 10 men’s clothes. Although they are variable in each case, these would be the 10 basic men’s garments that the canonical capsule wardrobe would have.

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  • White shirt – If possible, in Oxford fabric
  • White T-shirt – You must have several in your closet, they never hurt
  • Black T-shirt – Same as the white t-shirt. At least three units

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  • Light green shirt – It can be plain or with small squares but always at hand
  • Navy blue jersey – Black, gray or beige are also valid. You can choose between a round or V neck
  • Hoodie – Essential for a sportier look

Photo: @styledepapa

  • Chinos – Do not doubt that you must be a kakhi color that matches everything you wear on top
  • Jeans – Straight or slim fit and can be blue or black, although we recommend both together

Photo: @david.winzl

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  • Trench coat – If it has been a trend since the mid-20th century, it must be for a reason.
  • Suit – If you’re only going to have one suit, make it navy blue.

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