How to grow a beard: tricks to make it grow fast

Am I more attractive with a beard? The answer is yes. It’s okay that we don’t know you but in 90% of cases, the beard is a plus of sensuality, magnetism and masculinity, we trust that you do not belong to that residual 10%. And if this is the case, nothing happens because the beard is in fashion and will continue to be for a long time. What happens, that now you want to have a beard as soon as possible? That’s why we’re here. We are going to tell you how to grow a beard: tricks to make it grow fast. You’re welcome.

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How to grow a beard

A man’s relationship with his beard is always a bit of love-hate: having a beautiful and perfect beard is the dream of many and now it’s easier than ever, thanks to the number of barbershops everywhere . But of course, to get your beard fixed, you must have it. To do this, we are going to tell you how to grow a beard: tricks to make it grow fast

And is that the slow growth of the beard can be something really frustrating. Not only because the growth of the beard is eternal, but because there are areas where it doesn’t even grow, the famous bald spots. In these cases, the question to ask yourself is simple, how to grow a beard faster?

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The trend of wearing a beard has also become something that seems to affect the vast majority of men, but the truth is that it takes some time to achieve a proper beard, so if what you want is To make your beard grow faster or more lush, we can follow a series of routines or implement a series of habits that will make your beard grow strong and in a short time.

It is not a matter of magic, it will not be a miraculous product that will make us have a beard overnight, but changes in our way of taking care of ourselves that will make our beard look like the best of all. We tell you how to grow a beard: tricks to make it grow fast

How to grow a beard faster

The reasons why men grow beards can be very varied. From giving a more masculine appearance, to covering up some imperfection, to correcting features such as a jaw that is too square or a very wide and round face.

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The question is how much does the beard grow per month? This question has a difficult answer, since not all men grow facial hair at the same rate. In some cases, due to genetic reasons, and in others, perhaps, due to a lack of vitamins. But one thing we can verify is that the more anxiety you show about rapid growth, the slower it seems to grow. You want a beard and you want it now, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. What we can do is help make sure that wait isn’t as long as it could be under normal circumstances.

Hormonal factors are a very important element due to the effects that testosterone has on the growth of facial hair. Hair follicles are formed thanks to this hormone, so high levels of testosterone will cause more beard growth.

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The remedy, therefore, will be to keep the skin healthy, take the necessary vitamins and not touch or trim the hair when it begins to grow. We are going to see what steps we must take to achieve a good beard in the shortest possible time.

How to grow a beard faster – Take care of your skin

The best way to cleanse the skin is to exfoliate. A simple way to make our own exfoliating cream is by mixing a natural yogurt with a couple of tablespoons of sugar, stir and we already have a cream ready that we can apply to the skin.

In any case, we have different brands of exfoliating creams on the market and special ones for male skin. With exfoliation we solve the problem of dead cells that remain on the skin and in this way the growth of new hair is stimulated.

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Apply the mask to the face and leave it on for 15 minutes, massage in circles and then rinse. Try to keep the skin clean, washing it with lukewarm water and with the help of a cleanser, both in the morning, when you get up, and at night before going to bed. The cleaner our skin is, the more easily hair will grow.

Another product that you should always have on hand is a moisturizer. Our advice is to use a moisturizer with eucalyptus essence, as they are great stimulants for hair growth. Before applying a moisturizer, thoroughly cleanse the skin of any dry skin or flakes.

Frequently checking the skin of the face will help you detect those small ingrown hairs in the pore. This review is very important, because if we do not treat this problem quickly, the beard will not grow equally, in addition to the possible conditions that it can cause to your skin.

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Ingrown Hair

Another factor that benefits the skin of the face and, therefore, favors the growth of the beard is getting enough rest. While you sleep, the keratin in your skin begins to work, helping to repair damaged cells, which is beneficial for hair growth.

Stress is another factor that prevents the normal growth of hair in general and hair in particular, maintaining a more relaxed attitude will not only make your hair grow but you will get the benefits at all levels in terms of health . Try to do relaxation exercises, with them you will improve blood circulation oxygenating the body and therefore the hair follicles of the beard.

Finally, you should avoid something as basic as scratching your beard. It is normal that as the beard grows, you notice how it itches more and more, but the truth is that scratching is not recommended at all. If you scratch, you can cause the hair follicle to fall out and then… goodbye smooth beard. Hold on, and maybe try to ease the growth process by making a facial scrub like we mentioned above, to remove dead cells and make it easier for hair to escape; Another good practice is to constantly moisturize your face to avoid irritation and redness as we have also mentioned before.

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How to grow a beard faster – Vitamin the skin

One of the most important vitamins involved in cell duplication, especially in fast-growing cells, so biotin will increase the growth of both nails and hair. It has been stipulated that consuming 2.5mg/day of biotin will make your beard grow faster.

Another important vitamin for hair growth is vitamin B, both B1, B6 and especially B12, these vitamins are the ones that are recommended to take in stress hair loss treatments and even in some not too invasive treatments of cancer, with excellent results. In pharmacies you can find different laboratories that provide these vitamins for hair use.

Biotin Rich Foods

Food, as we will see later, is another important factor, especially in terms of protein, fish, meat, eggs or nuts, and also fruits and vegetables will provide the necessary nutrients and minerals that will be the best allies for facial hair.

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How to grow a beard faster – Do not touch the beard

When you start to see the first hairs in the beard, don’t even think about touching them. We know it’s hard to resist but the best thing you can do is avoid touching them, you’ll have a chance when it grows in a month or a month and a half and it will already be populated.

The old beliefs that if you shave regularly the hair will grow stronger or faster, it has been proven to be a lie, it grows at the same speed, the difference is that if the hair is pulled out by the roots, it will grow again. new with its fine point, while if we cut or shave it, the only thing we achieve is cutting the part that protrudes, that is, leaving the cut on its thicker side, hence the feeling of a stronger birth. A hoax that you should not pay attention to.

Possibly when the beard begins to grow you feel some kind of itching or stinging, it is normal and it will pass but nevertheless you can resort to creams with hydrocortisone to apply to the skin of the beard, in this way you will relieve these annoying initial irritations.

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We also have to take into account the optical illusion of rapid hair growth, dark hair will give the sensation of appearing thicker simply because of the color, just as curly hair can cover areas of skin more quickly than a thicker beard. smooth.

How to grow a beard faster – Eating healthy

Another factor to take into account is nutrition: a healthy beard is part of a healthy body, so what and how we eat also affects its growth, so much so that it can be an indicator of vitamin deficiency just as we just told you to mention.

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In fact, what keeps your beard (and hair) healthy are the B vitamins, in particular B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 ​​(pyridoxine) and B7 (biotin): they are found in abundance respectively in beer, dried mushrooms, fish, brown rice, but also in eggs and cereals. Of course, if we simply can’t get the right amount of vitamins, we can always turn to the aforementioned supplements.

How to grow a beard faster – Pamper your beard

Finally, when a month has passed: now you can get an idea of ​​what your beard looks like and decide what style to adopt according to your characteristics. Start making your own gestures that will soon be a habit, comb the hair to direct it and apply a beard oil that will make it soft and shiny. The best time to do this is in the morning, after washing your face, when your skin pores are open.

You can also start trimming your beard, not to shorten it but to shape it: this step can be difficult for beginners, so trusting a professional barber may be the best option.

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What if I have holes in my beard?

The good news is that holes in the beard are completely normal, the bad news is that it is a genetic factor: have you taken a look at your father’s or brother’s beard? It refers to the hormonal level, so that there is not much to do. But if it’s your “first” beards, don’t worry! Little by little its growth will be more homogeneous, do not rush. In any case, if you find yourself with a nasty hole in the structure of your beard, the best thing to do is let the hair grow out of it, and then brush it to cover the gaps.

In short: to have a beard worthy of a hipster, you must be very patient. It is not a quick process and DIY miracle remedies should be avoided; instead, you should take care of it immediately, hydrating the skin of the face and creating the most pleasant shape for you, you can also adopt routines and also resort to natural remedies as we are going to see below.

How to grow a beard | Routines

Many men find it difficult to take care of their skin, since many think that this is only for women. However, they don’t realize the opportunities they miss every day to get what they want, like in this case, a nicer beard or much more elastic skin.

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Why are face routines important for beards? The reason is very simple, we just have to think about how the skin and facial hair work. First of all, we must bear in mind that the hair must break through a thin layer of skin to emerge and grow, so if this layer is strong, its growth will be delayed.

How to grow a beard routines – Exfoliation

If what we want is for it to grow easily, what we will do is remove that layer that is left over and that can actually be considered dead skin. How will we do it? With exfoliations once a week. Be careful with this, since doing it more frequently will cause irritation.

How to grow a beard routines – Hydration

After an exfoliation, we should always hydrate the face well, but never with body cream, since it is more oily. It must be specific for the skin of the face. As a suggestion, I recommend using a eucalyptus one, as it promotes hair growth.

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How to grow a beard routines – Cleaning

Finally, it is good that you keep your face clean daily, and for this we will use a facial soap (also specific), so that the hair does not find impediments to grow.

How to grow a beard routines – Schedule

On the other hand, it is also important that you choose the time in which you do everything that we have mentioned, being the most recommended of all that you do it in the morning, after the shower, when the pores are more open and in this way In this way you will achieve that both exfoliation and cleansing of the face and beard can be done in depth.

How to grow a beard in four weeks

Anyway, let’s now see some steps to follow that will get you to grow your beard in four weeks.

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How to grow a beard tips – Caring for your Body

If you start eating more foods that are rich in protein such as eggs and fish, you will notice that hair grows more frequently.

Also, stress is a killer when it comes to hair growth, leading to hair loss in many men. Reducing the stress in your life by exercising more and getting adequate sleep at night will allow you to look better and have a beard you didn’t think you had. On the other hand, exercise will improve blood circulation in the body, which helps promote facial hair growth.

How to grow a beard tips – Commitment to the Process

When you are trying to grow a beard fast, you will experience a period where the skin will become itchy to the point that you will be scratching your beard day and night. This discomfort ends if you shave but that’s not what you want right?

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For the beard to grow you have to be willing to let at least four weeks pass for the hairs to grow properly.

How to grow a beard tips – Vitamins and Minerals

In addition to eating better, you can help your beard grow faster by supplementing your diet with the right vitamins and minerals.

This supplement is available in health food stores and will help you increase both nail growth and facial hair.

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How to grow a beard tips – Let the beard grow just like that

During the first month of growing your beard, you will notice that it looks like a wild forest growing on your face. Don’t try to fix anything, don’t trim, don’t shave a bit, don’t do anything!

Once it reaches 4-6 weeks, then you can start to shape your beard, and start removing hairs, remembering and even shaving the areas where you don’t want hair.

How to grow a beard tips – Accept your beard

One of the things you need to know to understand your efforts to grow a beard fast is that facial hair is not like head hair. When the growth of a beard begins, the hair is simply not going to grow at each individual point on our face.

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Your genetics will determine where and how many hairs your beard will have so don’t be discouraged if you realize that there are areas where it seems you have zero facial hair and others where it won’t stop growing.

How to grow a beard natural treatments

Thanks to the advice that we have left above, we will get the beard to grow correctly. Not only will we be able to achieve a beard that grows thick and well leveled, but we will also improve our health.

But to make the beard grow faster, we can pull from mother nature and use her natural products, so that it grows quickly and spectacularly.

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How to grow a beard natural treatments – Olive oil

Olive oil is a powerful natural moisturizer. Without a doubt, facial hair, if you want to take care of it, you have to keep it hydrated and if you maintain optimal hydration, the health of your hair will be much greater and its growth will be promoted. For this reason, it is necessary that once a week, you give him a good olive oil-based massage, letting the components penetrate the pores, to hydrate and keep the beard hydrated, which will encourage it to grow.

How to grow a beard natural treatments – Eucalyptus oil

Without a doubt the most natural way for your beard to gain momentum. You just have to mix a few drops with half a glass of warm water and apply it with a vaporizer or with your fingertips. Apply the mixture a couple of times a week, with a circular motion massage. Also, it will leave your beard fresh and very manageable.

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How to grow a beard natural treatments – Cinnamon

This mixture is a bit cumbersome because later this mixture sticks to your skin and it is not very comfortable, since you feel sticky. But thanks to this mixture, you will not only manage to keep it hydrated, but you will also give it a darker touch. It will eliminate gray hair and also give a more lush effect to the beard.

Mix the juice of a lemon, with a tablespoon of cinnamon and two of honey. Mix all the ingredients and apply it with your fingers very carefully. Help yourself with a comb to get it to reach everywhere. Then, shake off the excess mixture and allow it to dry for 45 minutes. Remove the mixture and wash it normally. It will be very soft. Then use a cleansing tonic on your beard to completely remove any traces of lemon juice.

Try not to expose yourself to the sun, because of the lemon, it makes the color oxidize and if you have dark hair, it will turn it reddish or blonde.

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How to grow a beard natural treatments – Onion

With the onion juice, we manage to keep it hydrated, full of vitamins and very strong, thus making it grow even healthier and promoting its growth. You just have to squeeze the juice of an onion and apply it to your beard. Go to sleep with this mixture. And in the morning, wash your beard with soap.

Graft or implant of beard, mustache and sideburns

Did you know that you have the option of grafting or implanting your beard, mustache and sideburns? As with hair implants, facial hair can be easily replaced, even less painful, despite the fact that the intervention technique is similar to hair grafts. In fact, it has been the development and improvement of these interventions that have made it possible to take the hair implant to other areas of the body. In this case, visible areas such as beards, mustaches or sideburns, where many people have hair loss problems or bald spots for various reasons.

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When grafting or implanting the beard, mustache and sideburns, the hair is taken from the back and side of the head. The follicular units to be taken are only one or two hairs, and there are no follicular units of a higher density in facial hair. Obviously, it is a non-negotiable question to have enough hair behind to pass it to the beard.

You should know that the intervention is performed with local anesthesia and that it is an outpatient intervention, that is, the patient goes home after the operation. Of course, the graft or implant of beard, mustache and sideburns requires a follow-up of several months, so the visits to the clinic where the intervention will be done will be a few. Of course, count on the fact that neither the intervention nor the postoperative period are painful at all, contrary to what happens with the head.

Price and treatment

Once the graft or implant of the beard, mustache and sideburns has been completed, hygiene and cleanliness of the area is essential. It will not be until after two weeks, when the patient can start using moisturizing creams in the intervened area.

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After these two weeks, the patient will also be able to trim his beard, yes, with scissors. And it is that to return to shaving with his usual method, the patient must wait between 45-50 days, depending on evolution. From that moment on, you can also recover the normality of creams and treatments. From moisturizing cream, to after shave or shaving foam.

Another of the recommendations that is made after a beard, mustache and sideburn graft or implant is that the patient does not get direct sunlight, at least for a month. Hence, the highest demand for this intervention is in autumn and winter

In order for hair to begin to grow in the area, you will have to wait for two or three months to pass since the intervention. For the hair to begin to grow in a fairly normal way, the waiting time is six to eight months. Now, it will be after a year, when the grafted hair begins to grow normally and definitively.

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How much does a beard, mustache and sideburns graft or implant cost? It is the question that everyone who has reached this point asks themselves. The truth is that everything depends, not only on the patient’s situation, but also on the clinic you go to. However, the price of a beard, mustache and sideburn graft or implant is around 2,500 euros.

The best places to get a beard graft or implant. Madrid, Spain, Turkey?

At this point, it would be necessary to know which are the best places to have a beard graft or implant. Madrid, Spain, Turkey? In this case, the recommendation we make is to stay in Spain. Basically, because the intervention that you are going to have requires a postoperative follow-up that in Turkey, for obvious reasons, they will not give you.

In addition, the price differences are not so high as to make it worth the trip. And, above all, if something happens, it is better to have the clinic nearby and with professionals who speak your language, than not having them more than 4,200 kilometers away. Thus, we will tell you which are the best places to have a beard graft or implant in Madrid and Spain.

  • Svenson – Specialized in aesthetics and hair, they have a professional background of decades, state-of-the-art facilities and the best professionals. In addition, it has 36 centers throughout Spain, so it will be very easy for you to find one near your home.

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  • Microfue – More than 16 years of experience, five centers in Spain and have Milinko Pantic and Andreas Brehme on the cover, two legendary footballers who have had better comebacks with their hair than in their careers.
  • Institut Vila-Rovira – The first consultation is free and with it you will already be able to know if it is your site or not but, at least, you will not pay for it. They have their clinic in Barcelona and have changed the lives of more than 5,000 patients.
  • Insparya Hair Company – On its website, you have the itinerary of what the day of your operation would be like, organized from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If they have organized that detail, imagine what the rest will be like. Professional, serious and with very competitive prices, they have clinics in Madrid, Valencia and Marbella.
  • Face Clinic – It has six clinics throughout Spain: Madrid (2), Valladolid, Salamanca, Huelva and Badajoz, something to keep in mind, as well as being one of the clinics with the best customer reviews.

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What NOT to do to stimulate beard growth

Unfortunately, there are no magic solutions to grow a beard overnight. Above all, you have to be patient and not rush to cut your beard: an average beard growth time is 4-6 weeks, therefore cutting it first will not allow you to understand what type of beard you have and how to best manage it.

Cutting it frequently would only lead to stiffer and harder hair, but not thicker or “faster” growth: it is a false myth and, despite the fact that once the first two weeks have passed, you will be tempted to use scissors, but it is best to wait until it is even.

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You should also be careful with those who offer hormonal treatments: it is true that if the beard does not grow, the “responsible” is probably testosterone, but increasing the amounts in the body is very dangerous because its abuse leads to serious effects on liver, metabolism, sexual sphere, etc. In short, better not.

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