How to get a goatee step by step

In previous articles, we have already seen how to shave with an electric razor and how to do it with a blade, but what if you want to leave a beard and also wear a style like the goatee? Let’s see all the steps so you know how to make a goatee step by step

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We are going to give you all the guidelines to learn to shave so that you only have a small beard that is known under this name and that has become very fashionable in recent times, famous as the actor Robert Downey Jr.

How to get a goatee step by step

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The goatee is a beard style that is characterized because it is usually a short beard, surrounding the mustache and chin, or it can also occupy only the chin area. The truth is that there are many types or styles of goatee that we can find, so we are going to see first how to make a classic goatee like the one Brad Pitt is wearing in the photo above, step by step, and then we will explain how to make it for other styles.

Before we begin, we would like to emphasize that in order to shape your beard and get your goatee, it is important that you have reached the correct length; on average we can say that a length of 10 mm is ideal for making the knob.

Therefore, the premises are very simple: have a good beard trimmer and have a suitable beard size.

Shorten the beard

The first step is to shorten the beard evenly, that is, to obtain the same length throughout the face. To do this, simply apply you must use a clipper with the same head for the entire beard.

The ideal size depends on you, so to choose it you must do it based on the length of the goatee you want to obtain.

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Therefore, in this first step, the important aspect is not to define the shape of the knob, but to obtain a total length that allows to carry out the precision work later.

For this reason, it is essential that the trim work touches all areas of the face: cheeks, chin, neck and also above the lip.

Defines the edge

After giving the correct length to the entire beard, you will have to remove the head of the clipper and proceeding carefully, you have to define the edge.

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To get the right effect, it is important to start from the neck and then move to the chin and cheeks. This step will allow you to shape the beard around the goatee, before precisely defining its shape.

By the end of this second phase, you should start to notice a more precise shape of your goatee.

Defines the shape of the goatee

In this phase, you can begin to dedicate yourself to the details, those that will allow you to be completely satisfied with your work.

Always with a razor without a head, you must work directly on the edges of the knob, trying to define them with extreme precision. At the time of passage, passes must be slow and precise.

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At this point, you’ll want to make sure to adjust both sides of the goatee symmetrically, so there isn’t more or less beard on one part.

Once you have obtained the ideal measurements on both sides, you can begin to define the knob by creating sharp angles. To do this it is important to move from top to bottom; Also, you’ll need to pay extra attention where the sides of the goatee meet the mustache and under the chin.

Perfect your goatee

At this point, looking in the mirror you should be completely satisfied with your work. However, there is still one last step to implement, which will allow you to refine the result obtained; in this case, however, it is necessary to switch to the electric razor, leaving the razor aside (we recommend buying an electric razor, much faster to use).

To make the entire area around the goatee completely smooth, all you have to do is shave your beard.

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Maintain results

After performing these four steps, all you have to do is take care of your goatee.

First of all, you will have to be careful to cut the unwanted hair that will appear in the course of the following days. This happens mostly near the cheeks, but you’ll also need to work on the neck, chin, and mustache.

As for the knob, it’s good to adjust the length at least once a week. For this it will be good that you have scissors to cut your hair, which will allow you to be able to adjust the knob well without the need to use blades or razors.

Do not forget also that like any other type of beard, the goatee needs care, so it is important to comb it after washing it with water and specific soap for beards. Something that in fact it is advisable that you do daily, even taking advantage of it while you shower.

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How to make a goatee below the lower lip

This goatee, also called “goat beard”, has as its main characteristic that it is uniform and only has hair below the lower lip, so we must let the beard grow and trim the hair on the cheeks, the sides and mustache, as well as the neck, to be able to leave this area marked.

In order to outline the goatee and thus ensure that it is even on both sides, it is better that you shave without creams or with a wet face, since in fact, shaving with a wet beard can make us mistaken even if wet hair seems longer.

On the other hand, it is better that you use a magnifying mirror to shave, and that will allow you to better look at the line that will define your beard and that will help you cut the goatee. It is also advisable that before shaving your entire beard and leaving only the goatee, you leave a little more hair on the sides of it so that little by little you can trim it until it is even.

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Thus, you can get a margin of error. Ideally, the goatee should cover the entire area below the lower lip, although some men choose to keep just a hairline, or in fact even shave it all off and only grow the goatee around the chin area.

How to make a goatee that surrounds the mouth

On the other hand, we have the goatee version in which the mustache hair is also allowed to grow and thus be able to have a beard that surrounds the mouth area.

To be able to shape the goatee so that it is even around the mouth, you should trim the excess hair and gradually shape it.

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Again, it is recommended to use a magnifying mirror, which allows you to see in detail the lines of hair that will join, the area of ​​the mustache with the area below the mouth or lower lip.

It is not recommended that you wear a very thick goatee, or that it occupies more than the mouth, and in fact, many men choose to maintain the length of the hair and the quantity with some razors that they sell and that are special for taking care of this type of beard. .

These razors, which can also be used to shave sideburns, are very small and make a very fine and precise shave, so if you are determined to have a goatee, you can shave your face with any blade, and then to be able to mark the area well of your beard use one of these razors, and trim the excess hair.

Do not neglect the goatee because you will immediately realize that if you spend a week without reviewing it, you will perhaps see too much hair and although many celebrities have worn it like this (there are Brad Pitt or Bruce Willis), the truth is that they contribute very little styling and gives the feeling of having an unkempt beard.

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How to make a “Van Dyke” knob

The “Van Dyke” style goatee is a very fashionable type of goatee among those men who love to be able to wear a more “vintage” style beard, which is also very popular among hipsters. This is a similar type of goatee to the round-the-mouth goatee, but shaving the sides between the mustache and chin, so it’s perfect for those who struggle to achieve an even goatee.

Instead of having patches of stray hair, the Van Dyke beard is a combination of a mustache and goatee, with these parts not being connected.

How to make an “anchor” knob

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The anchor knob is quite similar to the “Van Dyke” knob, although with a shape that is perhaps somewhat more laborious to achieve. As you can see in the photo above, it is a type of goatee, which is characterized by well defining the mustache, but also the chin area is trimmed so that a shape is obtained as if we were really creating a beard.

To obtain this type of goatee, it will be necessary to get a complete goatee and once you have obtained it, you will have to shave the area that joins the mustache with the beard. Then empty each side, leaving only the center and the bottom. It will also be good to review the mustache and the rest of the goatee created so that you can keep it clean shaven.

Get a goatee | Razor Vrs Blade

When it comes to getting a goatee, you wonder how to leave it, if more or less abundant, if long, if fine, if complete, if… Actually, you have a large number of options so that you can choose which one is best with your personality, and the characteristics of your facial hair, of course, since not everyone has the same type.

It is not infrequent that many have certain deficiencies in certain areas that in the end prevent the upper part from connecting with the lower part, for example, or that make it a little more difficult to make a slightly thicker knob. Even facial features are involved!

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There are so many factors that, at the same time that they can make us a little indecisive, they can also benefit us, because if within the shapes and designs of a knob, we find so much variety, in the end we can always choose the one that suits us best and not because of it. feeling that what we do not like attracts attention. On the contrary, it will go unnoticed.

Now, that’s when the eternal dilemma arrives: to get a goatee, razor or blade? There are men who are more into blades, and others more into razors. There are more traditional ones, who even use the razor in their repertoire. However, depending on what you are looking for and the conditions in which you have your beard, and of course, your ability, you can opt for one or the other.

On the one hand, the length is important, because if you find yourself facing months-old facial hair, the blade will simply dust you, since the long hair will get caught between the blades, and instead of cutting, it will pull you . Not to mention the fact that the greater the amount of hair, the more ineffective a blade will be, since the main thing is that the blade can shave as much of the area as possible.

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Therefore it becomes essential to cut first. I eat? With the razor, of course. We will cut it until the length of the hair is somewhat less aggressive, but it is not a question of leaving it very, very short either, because in the end it will cost us even more to cut better.

For finer knobs, where we will need greater precision, if we do not count skill with the knives (which will always be the best, of course), the best will be the blade. Of course, always use the shaving cream, please. There is nothing worse for shaving than shaving on a completely dry surface.

It must be taken into account that shaving is still a shave that will dry out the skin, so it will need, from the first moment, hydration, whether we are talking about before, during, or after. Also, if what you are looking for is that your shave lasts longer, you can always use retardant shaving foams.

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So we summarize: to get rid of the bushiness of a beard, to later make the goatee, nothing like the razor, but we will use the razor to trim. And to define, the blade.

Photogallery of celebrities with a goatee:

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