How to dress well for Valentine’s Day 2023 | Styles for Men

Valentine’s day is right around the corner. Once you have the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day and the menu for lunch or dinner that day is prepared (whether in a restaurant or at home), it is time to think about what you are going to wear for the day. Valentine’s Day and surprise your partner with a new, fresh and romantic style that requires very little effort. Choose one of the styles that we propose for this special day.

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  • Hipster style
  • Urban style
  • “Denim” style
  • Formal style
  • Night style
  • Casual style
  • Elegant style
  • Youth style
  • Sporty style

How to dress well for Valentine’s Day 2023 | 8 styles for Men

Hipster style

We first chose a “look” of the most “hipster” that we have found among the new proposals of the firm Asos for the month of February.

The linen blend shirt, paired with the white t-shirt, makes for a rather casual outfit, but very suitable for a special date.

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Besides, if you add those ripped jeans, you’ll be able to wear exactly what I told you before. A style that is sure to give you confidence and will make you relaxed on your Valentine’s date.

Another hipster style also taken from Zara. In this case, the eternal checkered shirt but a more “elegant” or appropriate version for a romantic Valentine’s date. Combine it with dark jeans or dress pants in black and you will have a look of 10.

Urban Style

Urban style is also a trend in 2023 so if you like to dress comfortably, it will be a good option for a Valentine’s Day date.

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To achieve this, all you have to do is put on a sweatshirt, like the one you see above, with a detail of an embroidered tiger, which you will find in Zara.

Complete your “look” with a long coat, black pants, whether they are jeans or chinos, and some ankle boots or if you want sports shoes.

Another idea, thanks to a Zara overshirt. With large pockets it is the “must have” this winter and a perfect garment also for Valentine’s Day.

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Denim style

The “denim” is a style that swept the world in 2022, but it remains strong for this 2023. For this reason we advise you to make it one of your choices for Valentine’s Day.

In this way, you can choose to choose a “look” like the one you see above. Also from Zara. The best thing is the color combination without a doubt.

You can combine black jeans with a more classic blue jean jacket. Also bet on a sweatshirt like this, in red color and you will be the most stylish boy on Valentine’s Day.

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Another “denim” style “look” in this case from Asos with a soft blue shirt and gray jeans. All this in a fitted style and very fashionable at the moment.

Business Style

The styles I’ve shown you to date may be too “casual” for what you like to wear for an occasion like Valentine’s Day.

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No problem, if you like to wear a more formal style you can choose a “look” like the one in the image above, which consists only of a long-sleeved shirt, and in a trendy color like burgundy, along with a dress pants.

If you see it too much for the formality you are looking for, perhaps the pleated or suit pants, you can replace it with a “Chinese” style.

Evening style

If your Valentine’s date 2023 involves going out to dinner or a night out, go for a look like the one above. A black “total look” with which you will be able to destroy.

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Just a black sweater (if you are hot, a shirt), leatherette pants or one that imitates the leatherette, some boots, and you will be the most stylish boy this February 14.

By the way, if you like this style, it belongs to the latest Zara news.

Another ideal night “look” for this Valentine’s Day 2023 that belongs to Asos. In this case it is a black satin shirt with matching pants of the same color.

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Casual Style

One of the best looks is to mix, that is, to wear a more casual look. For this look you can mix different elements, such as a more elegant coat and boots, along with a sweatshirt and a basic hat. A perfect look to go to dinner on Valentine’s Day.

elegant style

If you are a man in a suit and more for a romantic date, nothing like opting for something like this suit from the new Mango Man.

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Blue is in fashion as a suit color, and also its “slim fit” cut will make you look trendy and above all, irresistible and very elegant before your Valentine’s Day this 2023.

youth style

If you are young and celebrating your first Valentine’s Day, perhaps all the looks proposed so far seem too formal or are not your style. It’s okay, you can relax with your own youthful style and combine, as we see in this other “look” from Zara, a sweatshirt with jeans and an “oversize” t-shirt. A style more in line with what you usually wear, although choosing the combination of tones well.

sporty style

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And depending on the type of date you have, you can even afford it in a sporty way. If you are going to spend the day in the field, it may be better to choose something like what we see on the screen, taken from Zara. A slightly baggy sweatshirt with jogger pants and paired underneath with a T-shirt.

Surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day 2023

As you know, Valentine’s Day is marked on the calendar as a special day, and in 2023 it will be no different. This day you have to look romantic and elegant and show that you are involved in the relationship with your partner (remember that for them it is very important and the smallest detail will always be something special).

How to dress well on Valentine’s Day

Of course, it is the perfect day to show the other person how much you care and one of the ways to show it is to dress in a special way, don’t you think?

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The choice of the “look” or style for Valentine’s Day will depend on how we are and how we like to dress normally.

It is not necessary that we change our style, or appear in front of our Valentine with a “look” that we would not wear on any other occasion.

Think that whether you have an urban style, a “hipster” style, or one that is more formal or elegant, there is always a choice and clothes that will make you look more special for one day, on February 14 than at other times.

Tips to choose the best “look” on Valentine’s Day

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Before seeing the styles that will make you succeed this Valentine’s Day 2023, we can give you a series of “advice” that will allow you to succeed completely.

Think about what the other person likes

Yes, I know, I just told you that you have to dress according to your style, but the best thing is that you also think about what your partner likes, right?

In this way, if she or he likes, for example, the color blue, you can bet on a shirt or a jacket of this color.

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Or if your girl wants you to wear a tie from time to time, you can bet on wearing one, even if you don’t choose a suit for it (better that you wear it with a white shirt and preferably long-sleeved).

Choose a garment or “look” that is trending

For example, a bomber jacket or a leather jacket with a shirt and pants will be a winning style on Valentine’s Day 2023.

Why? Simply because jackets of this style are a trend and therefore it is better that you choose them for your “Looks” on Valentine’s Day.

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You must feel safe and confident with your “look”

On the other hand, don’t forget that you should feel safe when you dress. Not only on Valentine’s, but always so for this occasion choose something that you feel comfortable with.

Jeans are your thing? Wear them but make sure they are ones that fit you well or at least try to wear them with a shirt instead of an old t-shirt.

Let’s see now, six styles with which you will succeed on Valentine’s Day, taking into account the different ways of dressing that currently exist and also the latest trends.

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Photos of clothes and styles for Valentine’s Day 2023

If you’ve been wanting more. Nothing like seeing these other proposals that we suggest below:

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