How to Dress Like Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was a founder of the famous rock band Nirvana, and in the 90s era, every young adult wants to be like him. He changed the youth of America with his innovative approach to music and revolution for strict social rules. 

Kurt Cobain’s upsurge to stardom was unexpected and quick, and sure enough, he became the star of GenX. If you are one of those curious individuals who want to know how to dress like Kurt Cobain, then here you can find some of Kurt Cobain’s fashion ideas. 

Nirvana is the most significant inheritance of Kurt Cobain, who also inadvertently became a fashion icon. His shabby look aided him in promoting the “Grunge” fashion movement of the early 90s. His fashion is still influential today, and earlier also it was both despicable and loved.

Jeans, Baggy Sweaters, and Converse are the trademark of Kurt Cobain, and today these fashion clothes became a global trend.

In the 90s, young people wore long-sleeve thermals, flannel shirts, ripped jeans, and Converse sneakers to imitate Cobain, a fashion icon.

kurt cobain outfit ideas

Kurt Cobain Outfit Ideas:  The style of Cobain can be described in three details. The fashion icon dressed in layers, including wool sweaters, flannels, and thermals, is always cold and wet as the place he lived.

Cobain used to wear mismatched clothing not just for style because of necessity also. Throughout his life, he was always broke, and there were times when he used to live in his car when he moved away from his hometown Seattle to Aberdeen.  

He used to get mixed clothes from thrift stores, sometimes hand-me-downs from Navy-Army surplus stores. Also, he used to wear the same clothes quite often, and most of the time, he was photographed in the same clothes that made them very replicable.

The other reason was that Kurt Cobain was a thin person, which made him feel inferior and self-conscious. That is why he used to wear baggy sweaters and jeans that make him look bulkier.

Kurt’s addiction to heroin and his thin body also aided him to promote the “Heroin chic” look of the 90s, which is not a very privileged thing to remember.

Kurt Cobain’s all-time favorite outfits were Grunge, as he was a diehard grunge lover. Kurt Cobain outfit ideas might be one of the simplest musical icons to follow in terms of outfits. Cobain allows you to search your wardrobe for those ripped jeans and flannel shirts that were not worn for the last ten years or so.  

According to the reports, Grunge fashion was launched by Kurt Cobain and originated in 1992 in Seattle, Washington.

Many young people also like the idea of Kurt Cobain’s green striped sweater outfit nirvana as it smells like teen spirit. He made his look chick with unwashed hair, plaid shirts, and converse sneakers, says the business post. 

Though the legendary Nirvana’s frontman was a fashion icon in the 90s, he still is an inspiration to grunge fans globally.

The 90s fashion clothes worn by Kurt Cobain are still in trend today, and his daughter Frances Bean Cobain dressed up as a beautiful angel for Halloween night, which has become an instant fashion trend among younger people, and they quickly followed the similar look.

The most standard clothing colors that Kurt Cobain used to wear include orange, blue, yellow, and pink, and matched together in designs promoted by pop art and comic books. 

Grunge style started in the 80s, but it became popular in the 90s based on the Grunge music scene. However, the stylish icon was never bothered about his looks. He was never concerned about looking stylish or cool; he just followed what he likes and how comfortable he feels in his clothes. His outfits became significantly influenced by the music industry of the 90s.

kurt cobain style

Kurt Cobain was very fond of wearing loose oversized knit sweaters. You can use his outfit idea and update it with a fitted cardigan so that you can wear it over a T-shirt. Bands like Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam have started flannel shirt fashion which is still treading even after 20 years. 

You can see these versions of fashion that allow you to follow your favorite band look and look trendy.

Pajama Shirts are one of the trends to surface late, but sleepwear as outerwear has been summons great across the runways.

But, Kurt Cobain went a bit more extreme by wearing Pajamas to his wedding, which is considered the more rebellious end to the clothing verity. Cobain chose to wear Pajamas because he felt lazy to wear a tux on his wedding day.

The other famous outfit of Kurt Cobain’s was destroyed jumpers. Cobain is known for sloppy, and his love for ripped, careworn, and patched back knitwear appears to be an improbable reference today.  

Martin Margiela, the designer, was the reason for this high-fashion, maybe a range of visual comparisons to make between Margiela’s off-kilter design and Cobain’s anti-fashion attitude.

It also contained tattered knits, lately, it was Raf Simon’s FW16 collection paid respect to Cobain, and today, the street style capitals are loaded with stylish people donning distressed sweaters on destroyed hemming, perhaps ignorant of their unintentional greeting to Cobain.

Jackie O Sunglasses: Kurt Cobain used to love his Jackie I sunglasses designed by Christian Roths. They are considered the most popular features of the Grunge immortal style.

Jackie O shades are simple, and pale oval sunglasses naturally flagged Cobain’s grimy, natural cool. These shades were back in 2010, Silver Lining Vintage x reissued these frames during the opening ceremony.

Did Kurt Cobain wear Jewellery?

Cobain used to wear two rings on his fingers. He started wearing the rings in the early 90s before he died. One of the rings was his wedding ring, and there might be some sort of story behind the other ring? No one knows anything about it.

However, at that time, the style was considered ‘anti-fashion,’ with kids wearing the ripped jeans, hole-ridden flannels, DIY-patched denim, and torn-up sweaters, the oversize, layered, mismatched aesthetic collection came into Vogue on the runway.