How to dress for a big party: style tips

Have you recently received an invitation to attend a party, where it also says that the Should men wear a cocktail suit for the occasion? Are you going to attend a big party soon, and have doubts about what to wear? Relax, it’s normal. We don’t go to a party or an event of these characteristics every day, so it’s most likely (at least in common mortal men) that you don’t have the remotest idea of ​​what to wear. Luckily, knowing how to dress for a big party is easy and simple, especially if you have a style guide handy like the one we propose below.

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What to do if you are asked for a cocktail outfit

If in the invitation you have received they explicitly ask you to wear a cocktail outfit, it is quite likely that you have wondered what it is or what it consists of, especially if it is the first time you hear it. Basically, cocktail-type dress is characterized by a popular dress code for corporate and social events.

According to fashion experts, it becomes a kind of halfway point between casual and formal, also offering some freedom when choosing what to wear. In other words, far from it seeming boring or serious, quite the opposite: it offers you many possibilities, many more than you might think at first. Therefore, it is a semi-formal outfit that is characterized by being festive.

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In this way, as it is a rather festive activity or event, creativity, why not, can perfectly be part of your outfit. Obviously, taking some aspects into account, such as: place, time and type of event. And it is that a wedding is not the same as a formal birthday, or a business event.

For a more or less formal birthday, for example, when it is celebrated at night, they recommend a whole suit in a color that could be considered “untraditional”, such as dark green or navy blue. While, if it is celebrated for the day, it is recommended some patterned blazers and accessories that can attract attention, useful to project your own personality (and style).

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What other style tips could we take into account?

When it comes to dressing appropriately for a party that we might consider to be somewhat serious, especially if it is a business occasion (whether it be a cocktail party or a party), or even just a fun meeting at the office, it is essential to take into account two basic aspects: first impressions are always extremely important, and it is not “just” about a party.

You might think you’ll meet everyone who attends it, but you might not. For example, at any such event you could be introduced to people you don’t know, or even potential clients, so appearance is vitally important. The key is to make sure that we are always dressed to make the first impression, which should be perfect, no matter the occasion.

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You can’t dress like it’s a party you’d arrive with friends: it’s a bit more formal occasion, regardless of whether it’s business or not, and therefore you should treat it as such. Undisguised.

The shirt you choose is almost as important as the jacket. Therefore, you must make sure that it is always well ironed and adjusted. The jacket, on the other hand, can consist of a casual blazer, a jacket over a button-down shirt, or a sports coat. Of course, it is advisable to avoid formal jackets.

Regarding the use of ties, they don’t really have to be strictly necessary either. And you can replace them with a colorful pocket square. Of course, when choosing it, you must follow some basic rules: choose a color that combines well with the colors of your shirt.

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When it comes to pants, you can replace your jeans with chinos or casual linen pants. And the shoes? It may be interesting to opt for a leather shoe with matching socks.

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