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The casual style is the most used by men when it comes to forming their look. This style is the most comfortable and the easiest to combine with the scruffy style, therein lies its virtue. Informal but elegant, that is the motto of “casual”. If you don’t know how to dress casual, learn from our tips and tricks to get a scruffy look of the most current, the casual style. We will start talking are how to dress casual? Tips and tricks for men.

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What is the “casual” style

Before starting to give you the best tips and tricks so that you get it right when choosing a good “casual look” with which to rock both summer and winter, nothing like explaining to you a little better what exactly this style consists of, of which we can tell you that it represents the fashion that practically all men wear on a daily basis without many of them realizing that they are wearing it.

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The “casual” is usually an informal, comfortable style that is based on garments that are essential in any male wardrobe. Garments such as jeans, shirts, basic t-shirts and jackets, as well as shorts, chino pants, and of course, sports shoes and the odd shoe model.

The fact of pretending to be comfortable is a “golden rule” within the style to which we make special mention today, but this does not mean that you opt for clothes that have nothing to do with “casual”. For example, a tracksuit is not “casual” no matter how comfortable they are and no matter how much they wear. On the other hand, skinny pants can be perfectly “casual” even if we think that they are not the most comfortable pants model of all.

The “casual” is also distinguished by being a functional style so that you not only have to set it as something to resort to when we want to be comfortable, but it must also define us for “looks” that allow you to go to work, for a walk or to go out with your friends.

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That is why when we say that we dress in a “casual” style, it does not have to mean that we have lost all style or project the image of just getting up. On the contrary, it is a style that has been a trend season after season and whose main pillar is to combine casual clothing with elegance. If you have any trouble achieving this natural look, I am going to give you the best tips and tricks.

How to dress casual – Tips and tricks for Men

As I have already mentioned, the casual style does not mean that you wear sports clothes. You must look for traditional garments and combine them in the way that you have never done. A few examples: you can wear a shirt without a tie, casual sneakers (Converse,…) instead of formal shoes or a jacket without a scarf and with a t-shirt (like the one we see in the image below). Look for the best alternatives that make you feel comfortable with your style.

Use jackets or sweaters that are made of light fabrics, an excellent option. With them you will have an elegant look without neglecting comfort. You can use bold colors and patterns.

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You can also opt for the option of combining colors, but be careful because it is easy to make mistakes and want to innovate, when in reality what we do is ridiculous. Always bet on neutral tones, and of course, the tones that best define casual are blue, earth tones, white, beige, a little red and black.

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As for prints, give current trends a chance with various graphics and floral prints, but above all, you can never miss the two prints par excellence within the “casual” style, which would be striped and checkered, which you can even show when you go with sweater in winter.

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Speaking of sweaters, they are essential garments for the “casual” winter and, of course, among all the models that you can choose from, I recommend that you bet on the tuxedo-collar models that are going to be a hit next year and that prevail among the casual sweaters of the moment. . The model above is spectacular and belongs to the new Mango Man Fall Winter 2015/2016 collection.

If you want to know something about shoes, I will tell you that you do not have to be afraid of wearing casual shoes. But you must learn to be careful when combining colors (as I told you about clothes) since your style can be ridiculous. The shoes in an earth tone are beautiful but be careful not to wear them with tones that are not very similar.

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If by necessity or pleasure you must wear a suit, use the one with which you feel most comfortable and combine it with a simple shirt without a tie, wayfarer glasses and loafers without socks. You will have a perfect look! Like this. Also think that the blazer is another of the infallible garments to hit the “casual”. Imagine yourself with jeans, a shirt and a blazer, you’ll be perfect for all kinds of occasions.

Finally, we have to advise you to pay special attention to accessories since they are very important in casual style, but you must be careful. Choose an accessory that should match your style without standing out too much, just complement your look.

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Casual style trends autumn winter 2018

Now that you know the general features of casual fashion, we are going to see what type of garments and accessories will be the protagonists of this style in the coming months. We will do a quick review of the fall winter 2018 casual style trends.

Bomber jackets

If there’s one popular pattern for men’s casual outerwear, it’s bomber-style jackets. The most popular are those in black or military green. Although this season you can find them in practically any color, thickness and texture.

The ideal look to go casual and let the bomber be the protagonist is made up of: more formal sneakers, a zip-up hoodie and skinny pants, an irresistible look!

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The hoods

Hoods are one of those accessories that have followers and detractors in equal measure. There are those who want coats and clothing with exaggerated and flashy hoods and those who seek clothing without a hood or with a zipper that allows it to be removed.

The truth is that this season the hoods are in fashion, and more within the casual style. They are big and with hair around. The more striking the better. And if it’s cold or rainy, don’t hesitate to use them, they’re not just for decoration.

Skinny pants

In women’s fashion we are already in the process of change and we are betting on the elephant leg, palazzo pants and any other exaggerated leg cut. However, in men’s fashion, skinny pants are still a trend. Look for those that are stretch or super stretch cut and you will be up to date.

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Combine them with dress sneakers and you will have a winning look. If the pants are jeans then the footwear must be “total white”. A nod to the 90s in the middle of 2018.

Denim fabric

This fabric is not limited to pants. During the next months we will see it on shirts and even t-shirts. In the latter as an ornament in the form of a pocket, edging or similar. But also in bags and backpacks, in footwear and in all kinds of accessories.

As for pants, you may have already noticed the return of rips and tears. They are worn, torn and patched. Combined with a fat wool sweater you will look fantastic.

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Ethnic prints

Ethnic prints are usually seen more in hot months, especially on t-shirts. But this summer they have decided to stay and spend the cold with us. Ethnic prints will be seen mainly in accessories, although you should not rule out buying a sweater like this.

They will be the protagonists of scarves, watch straps, belts, wallets, etc.

Casual Shirts

This is the latest fall winter 2018 casual style trend that we are going to see. Although casual fashion means going informal, shirts also have their place within these looks.

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You can achieve the casual touch in two ways. On the one hand, thanks to the prints. They range from the ethnic style that we have mentioned to any drawing that flees from the typical shirts to wear with a suit. On the other hand, how you wear it is also decisive. Bet on the sleeves rolled up and for wearing it open wearing a T-shirt underneath.

Casual style photo gallery

Now you know the tips and tricks on how to dress casual. In this photo gallery you will find a lot of inspiration for your looks in this style:

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