How to define and tone arms | Biceps and Triceps

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There is little left for 2014 to arrive and promises are once again the order of the day. After hard Christmas lunches and dinners, whether with the company, friends and family, it is time to get going and begin to lose those kilos that we have been able to gain with the intake of high-calorie foods and today I bring you some tips to define and tone that muscle group that men like to work on along with the pectoral, biceps and triceps.

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Have you seen the video? Decathlon and Domyos have perfected this complement to the gym called Push Up Gain. Perfect for the days when your training place is closed and with which you will work 2 muscle groups, the biceps and the triceps, toning and defining them.

This type of accessory is perfect for your arms but you must remember that this is only a complement to your daily training.

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Before starting the training, you should warm up the muscles and joints well, preparing the body for the physical exercise.

Remember to do the movements correctly to get more work and therefore a greater reward.

Once the exercises are finished, you should stretch your muscles well to avoid any kind of injury.

If you have any doubts with the movements or have any kind of problem, go to a professional to advise you.

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