How to apply a beard shampoo step by step

Washing the beard is essential so that it is always clean and hydrated, but just any soap is not enough. A good shampoo is necessary and follow a series of steps for proper washing, such as wetting the beard well, applying the shampoo correctly, massaging, allowing a little time to pass before removing and then rinsing. In this article we explain all this step by step on how to apply the beard shampoo in detail below.

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  • Wet your beard
  • Apply the shampoo
  • Massage your beard
  • Let it act
  • Time to rinse
  • Care after washing

Wet your beard

Like any washing task, the first step in washing your beard is to wet your hair and use plenty of water. While it is important to use the correct amount of liquid, you should also pay special attention to controlling the temperature. You may want to take showers with the water scalding hot, but that’s not the optimal setting, as it will dry out the hair follicles in your beard. When caring for your beard, use warm water as it will open up the pores, increase blood flow, and effectively remove built-up dirt and oil.

Apply the shampoo

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Once you’ve properly moistened your face, it’s time to lather up like you would a face wash. Before applying any product to your hair, it is important to know the different types of beard shampoos. While there are many different brands on the market, they generally fall into two categories: liquid shampoos or solid bars.

If you are working with a liquid beard shampoo, place a small amount in the palm of your hand and gently work it into the hair. Start with a 50-cent piece sized touch and increase if you have a thicker or longer beard. There’s no point in using too much shampoo, as you’ll only be wasting a relatively expensive hair care product.

The solid bars look a lot like regular body washes and the application process is basically the same. Start by wetting the bar and rubbing it into your beard for 15 seconds, increasing the time if you have heavier facial hair. Once you’ve applied the wash, work into a thick lather.

Massage your beard

Now that you have a decent lather, it’s time to help it do its job by giving your beard a vigorous massage. Dirt and oil can find their way all over your facial hair, and massaging helps distribute shampoo evenly for a deep clean. Use your fingertips and really go deep in a circular motion all over the beard. By doing this, you will also help cleanse your skin and prevent dryness, acne, and other unpleasant conditions.

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Let it act

With the shampoo applied and rubbed into a decent lather, it’s time to let it relax and do its work for a few minutes. If you’re in a hurry, you can rinse everything out right away, but you won’t get the most benefit from your shampoo’s ingredients. Your patience will be rewarded as the essential ingredients and other moisturizers will have time to penetrate each strand.

Time to rinse

As your shower comes to an end, it’s time to rinse the shampoo out of your beard, and you’ll want to be thorough. If you adjusted the water temperature while showering, turn it back to warm to maintain consistency and open pores. Use the same massaging motion you used while lathering to remove the lather from your hair. Once you think you’ve got it all off, give it another round of massage, as you don’t want any beard wash residue left behind.

Care after washing

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Once you’re out of the shower, it’s time to finish your beard grooming regimen, which starts with towel drying your beard. Don’t be too vigorous while blow-drying, as this could affect your hair’s natural growth pattern. You want to make sure everything is completely dry before proceeding, as any product you apply may not have the desired effect on wet hair. A blow dryer can speed up the process, but it will also damage your hair, so avoid it whenever possible. With everything dry, you can apply beard oil and let it absorb before finishing with a leave-in conditioner and combing the beard straight.

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