How to combine a navy blue suit

Wearing a colored suit implies not only elegance but also style. Black suits or those that are gray in color are usually the protagonists when it comes to choosing a suit to go to work or for events, but we cannot forget the eternal blue suit. A perfect mix of color and design that requires knowing how to wear it. Let’s discover then some of the keys on how to dress well for men and also, how to combine a navy blue suit.

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Wearing a suit does not only mean “having a hanger” as they say. It also has to do with knowing how to wear it properly no matter how much we are taller or shorter, fatter or thinner. To wear a specific navy blue suit, we will have to take several factors into account. Not just our body.

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We can also see how fashion trends influence suits: narrower or straighter pants, prints, shorter or long-waisted pants, double-breasted blazers, shorter or longer vests, with or without lapels… A long list of possibilities.

Another fundamental fact that you can imagine is that the suit must be perfectly ironed, without wrinkles or folds where it does not correspond; The same happens with the accessories that you want to add, everything has to be perfect. If ironing is not your thing, do not hesitate to look for a reliable and quality dry cleaner for your suits. The result will be worth it.

How can we combine the navy blue suit

Why navy blue? Although black always looks good, it has always been more associated with a neutral color that is used for black-tie events, much more formal.

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With the navy blue suit, you can not only go to a more formal event, but also maintain elegance, especially if you combine it with accessories like the ones that we are going to point out throughout the article, which will make the suit look differently.

Navy blue suit combinations – Informal

If you are looking for an informal look but with style and elegance, try combining dark blue jeans with a jacket. This is a look that has been a trend for years, so you will be able to easily find blazers with a more casual style, both in terms of fabric and design.

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It is a combination that is very sexy and appropriate for those moments in which you want to be dressed up but without going too far, setting the style but fitting in casually. Of course, the accessories can be the strong point for you to get closer to an informal or more arranged look: shoes, shirt or t-shirt, belt… It’s up to you.


The classic never dies and you can always use it for more formal meetings and events, where strict etiquette is not required.

Yes, you can use the navy blue suit to go more informal but let’s not forget that if it has a classic design; if you respect it and combine it with a navy blue tie and a simple shirt, you will always look elegant everywhere.

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You can wear it without a tie too, so suddenly your suit becomes the perfect outfit for a more relaxed meeting.

Dark color

Just because it’s navy blue doesn’t mean we have to focus on the original color. We can always play with the different ranges of colors that exist and, just as there are more striking navy blue suits, sometimes we fancy a much darker one.

The navy blue in a darker and more neutral tone will help to give the suit sobriety. If combined with other accessories, like the ones we will see throughout the article, you can achieve an even more elegant effect.

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How to choose the shirt

How to combine a dark blue suit and a shirt is not a very complicated matter, but sometimes the simplest thing becomes a difficult task that we want to solve with you. In this section of the article we are going to propose some wardrobe ideas that you may find useful.

White shirt

The white shirt is a classic in both formal and informal suits. White is the perfect tone to combine all kinds of colors, a neutral tone with which you will never fail and to which you can later add shades of color through accessories.

If in doubt, a simple and beautiful white shirt is a great option. Accessories can be a great way to finish giving it a little push towards formal or informal, like having a tie or undoing a few buttons on your shirt.

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Sky blue shirt

The shirts in light blue tones will also be a delicious opportunity to create a good combination with a blue suit, both for formal and informal looks.

In the image above we can see an example of how you can combine both types of blue and get a good result. Notice that the pants are somewhat tighter than usual, with the jacket type double-breasted and tight, along with a blue and white shirt with geometric figures. For this set we have opted for a patterned tie with a salmon-colored background.

Grey shirt

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On this occasion the combination of the navy blue suit has been made with a fine striped gray shirt, the contrast is provided by the tie with a strong and intense turquoise color that coordinates perfectly with the gray of the shirt and the blue navy suit.

Black Shirt

A way to get out of the norm is this navy blue striped suit like the one we see in the photograph. An elegant suit made up of three pieces: vest, jacket and pants. The black shirt adds depth to the whole look, accentuated by the two-tone blue striped tie.

Red shirt

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Everyone knows the good relationship between red and navy blue. Combining a 3-piece suit with a fine striped wine red shirt is a success if what you want is to wear a classic look. A very conservative combination that will never go out of style.

Pink Shirt

Another combination that is also very flattering, especially if you have some color on your skin, is to combine blue with pink.

The pink color in a light tone in combination with a deep blue, create harmony. An ideal combination for an important meeting in which we have to instill confidence.

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The complements that are essential

Throughout the article we have been pointing out how accessories can be the definitive piece to turn a simple look into something sublime, how they can serve to emphasize a certain style -casual or formal-, or give it a little more color and style to a navy blue suit.

In this section we will delve a little deeper into your possibilities so that you can choose which accessories are suitable for your suit and the style you want to give it.


The tie is a much better known and more frequently used accessory than the handkerchief. Both tend to be associated with more elegant and formal styles, both for black-tie events and jobs where a suit is required.

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An important aspect to keep in mind is that these two elements, the handkerchief and tie, can be that touch of color that highlights your navy blue suit and makes it more striking. You only have to take into account everything mentioned above, such as the type of shirt you choose so that it combines perfectly with the rest of the details.

I leave you an essential article for the tie to look perfect “How to tie a tie knot: 18 ways” and in the stores you will be able to find all kinds of different tones, patterns and fabrics to choose the ideal tie.


Handkerchiefs are usually more associated with etiquette events and it is not so frequent to see them at work. That said, the handkerchief is usually an element of distinction and is usually combined both in color and fabric with the tie.

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If you need it for a special event, you will see that in stores they usually have ties and handkerchiefs of the same color and fabric, perfectly matching. This is important because it is essential that they look perfectly combined and not that there are different shades of colors.

Interesting shades that give a lot of color to this type of suit are silver, red, mustard yellow, pistachio green or dark purple.


Finally, if you want to give it a most elegant and striking touch, do not hesitate to have a matching vest inside your suit. It raises the elegance of the suit to its maximum power and best of all, with this vest, whether you have the jacket open or closed, with or without a tie, with the jacket on or not, the suit changes and can be adapted to many events and events. meetings.

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Important, very important. Either you buy a three-piece suit, or if later the idea of ​​buying a vest occurred to you but you already have your suit, it is essential that it be the exact same color and fabric (which is usually not easy if you have not bought it). at the same time and in the same store) or you choose a vest that can combine well but that is of different shades to the suit, do not try to be the same, look for something different.

For this, it is ideal that you have the advice that the store professional can offer you, since they will know how to guide you both in the colors and in the fabrics and in the most current trends.

Navy blue suit from El Corte Inglés

The English cut has always stood out for the sobriety and simplicity of its suits. If what you want is a simple navy blue suit, it is always a good recommendation to say that you go through their centers and see the different brands they have for sale. The result and quality are usually good, plus the professionals usually have experience in the sector and the money-back guarantee is interesting.

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If you want something more striking, you can also find navy blue suits with different combinations, fabrics, satin accessories and ties, which will leave simplicity behind and you can stand out just by appearing in the room.

Navy blue suit from Zara

If you want to stop eating your mind about what to wear with the navy blue suit, it means that you have to go to a firm like Zara. Not only because it is a famous firm, but also, the navy blue suits they own have an elegant and most masculine cut, but without losing an iota of style.

The interesting thing about this store is that you can find the latest fashion trends and the prices are usually not very high.

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Navy blue Hugo Boss suit

If you want to wear a suit that looks like it was designed just for you, then your signature is Hugo Boss. Not only does it raise the level of the navy blue suit because of the style and elegance it can have, but also because this firm has always been very daring.

You will be able to find stripes, vests, different cuts and combinations that make the navy blue suit a very versatile garment and Hugo Boss knows very well how to do it. Although you can always be faithful to the classic cut, which will never go out of style.

If you are one of those who likes to wear a navy blue suit, tell us how you combine it and share your ideas with us.

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