How to combine gray pants: some useful tips

When it comes to opting for pants that are truly versatile for men, there is no doubt that the gray pants stand out above many others for being the winners. Although, it is true, you may think that black tends to be better associated with most looks, the reality is that gray, mainly due to its wide range of shades and tones, can adapt much more. So if you’re already planning on putting on a casual outfit for the weekend, or something more formal (for, say, going to work), you should consider this wardrobe staple.

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The gray pants are ideal to offer a somewhat more elegant and sophisticated aesthetic, but without being boring. In fact, gray pants can look tremendously stylish. But, as with just about any fashion item, these pants are only as good as the rest of the outfit. Hopefully, this guide will help you figure out what to wear with your favorite gray pants, for a look so dazzling that you’re sure to love it.

What colors and tones combine best with grey?

The gray color is tremendously popular because it stands out for its enormous versatility. In this way, it can be associated easily, and with great success, with many, many colors. However, when selecting the most flattering combination, it is essential to consider both the shade and the tone.

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And, as you probably know, gray can vary greatly among a wide variety of garments, so not all fashion items with this color would end up looking good with the same tones.

In any case, there are a series of general guidelines that we can follow when it comes to facilitating the selection of a combination that, at least, is compatible.

And what are they? For example, if the gray pants have a tone that tends to be rather cold, a great option is to try to associate them with other equally cold tones, such as blue. But if it is a rather warm shade of gray, it is best to consider using them with other equally warm colors, such as brown.

In the same way, you can try combining light gray tones with other equally light color tones. In this sense, for example, white always combines very well, as does black (when you prefer to combine dark grays with much darker tones).

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Some useful looks with gray pants (as an example)

When we talk about fashion there is nothing better than examples, useful when it comes to getting an idea of ​​how the combination of clothes that we are discussing in writing would look like. In these cases, as in many others, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

In this sense, gray pants can be perfectly adapted to a wide variety of formal or casual occasions, which will depend directly on your own style (and on the one you ultimately want to wear at any given time).

For casual occasions, it is best to try to select somewhat more relaxed styles of gray pants, such as jeans. While, for somewhat more formal events, tailored pants and suit pants become a less logical option.

On the other hand, chino pants are another excellent pant option that tends to look elegant when you choose the color gray. So, to use them informally, an ideal option is to combine them only with a t-shirt. And if you want an even smarter aesthetic, you can alternatively substitute this t-shirt for a collared shirt.

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In this sense, chino pants are ideal to be combined with other equally informal garments, such as a round neck t-shirt and sneakers.

Grey jeans, in fact, can be an incredible alternative, going beyond the typical blue jeans or jeans. Not only will it be just as stylish, but they are also extremely versatile, so for a simple yet stylish look, you can pair gray jeans with neutral colors like navy, black, or white.

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