How to choose the correct belt

The belt is an accessory that plays a very important role when dressing. Choosing the ideal one can be a difficult task, so you have to do it carefully. In this article we show you some tips on one of the essential accessories in a good men’s dress and how to choose the right belt for each occasion.

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How to choose the right belt

Knowing how to choose the right belt is easier than it seems. The belt is one of the most common accessories in men’s attire and, despite this, there are still many people who do not pay the necessary attention to it.

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The belt may not be as visible or as bright as the shoes, the shirt or a good suit. However, it is an essential complement to guarantee comfort and give us that extra touch of excellence. Thus, it is worth considering these tips on how to choose the right belt.

How to choose the right belt: size

The first thing we want to say is that the key to wearing the right belt is to choose one that is the correct size, that is, that it is the one that corresponds to your waist and if you do not know what your waist measures, think about that your belt size should be 2-4 cm longer than your pants waist size. So if you have a 40″ pant, you’ll want a 42″ to 47″ belt.

Alternatively, you can calculate your new belt size from your old belt. Measure from where you always clip it to the opposite end of the strap and get the size closest to that.

If you have a belt that isn’t the right size (or if your size has changed since you bought the belt) DO NOT be tempted to poke a hole in it with your utility knife or kitchen shears. It will be obvious and the belt will eventually break. Take it to your local shoemaker to have the hole punched properly, or buy a pair of pliers specifically for belt hole punching.

The dress belts must also have a surplus that is short once we have fastened it. It only takes a few extra inches to the left of the buckle when fastened, long enough to go through the first belt loop or belt loop if you have one.

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Casual belts can have a bit more slack, though too long will still look uncomfortable. Military-style canvas belts with brass buckles traditionally snap all the way to the buckle.

How to choose the right belt: Materials

Secondly, it is very important to bet on good materials, as long as our pocket allows it. The quality between plastic and leather belts is not only reflected aesthetically, but they will also have a much longer useful life.

How to choose the right belt: Sewing

The stitching is the other important factor that affects the price of a belt. Look for small, tight seams with no loose ends where the leather was sewn. Clasp-attached buckles at the back of the belt can be changed, while a sewn-in-place buckle is the only one that can be worn with the belt. Belts can be cut to size at some leather goods stores.

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How to choose the right belt: Leather + leather

If you wear a leather belt, the shoes have to be made of leather. Although there is some flexibility between the fabrics used between the belt and other garments, it is best that if you resort to the classic leather belt, choose shoes made of the same material.

How to choose the right belt: Shoes and belt

Black belt? So black shoes! The same with brown, or other tones. Remember that shoes and belts always go hand in hand. Continuing with the example above, this indicates that if you are going to wear a brown leather belt, the shoes should go the same way.

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Does this mean that the colors of the belt and the shoes have to be exactly the same? No, they do not have to be the same color. Rather, the tonalities do not have to be. You can use a light brown belt and slightly darker shoes, and it won’t be a problem.

Changing the tonality a bit helps us get out of the aesthetic “routine” and opt for a more colorful and varied image, without losing the elegance we are looking for.

How to choose the right belt: Texture

The texture of belt and shoes don’t have to be the same either. If you wear an alligator belt, the shoes don’t have to be the same. What matters most is that they don’t clash in color.

How to choose the right belt: Benefits

The color of the shoes and the belt should stand out from the clothing.

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How to choose the right belt: Black + brown = mistake

Don’t try to contrast black with brown. With black, use primary colors like red or yellow, and with brown colors like green, orange, among others.

How to choose the right belt: Discretion and elegance

Beware of excessively flashy belts. You will know what you like. If in your urban tribe they wear the big gold buckles as if you were a WWF champion, go ahead, they are your tastes and we do not get into them. But in general, if you’re going for a dressier look, belts shouldn’t stand out from the rest of your outfit, but complement it.

How to choose the right belt: Five holes

It is also important to know how to put the belt. As some of you may have already observed, most belts, at least those of quality brands, incorporate five holes, and this figure is not a coincidence.

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There are five of them and neither more nor less because they are designed to hook the belt in the hole in the middle, leaving two on each side.

How to choose the right belt: Fitted

Of course, remember that the belt must be perfectly adjusted to your waist. You should never strangle the area or leave your pants too loose. If it doesn’t meet your fundamental requirements, that is, guaranteeing pants support and maximum comfort, a belt will be useless.

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And now that you know how to choose the right belt, it’s time to recommend some trending belts that should be staples in your closet.

The best belts

Now that you know how to get your belt right, we’ll tell you where to find the best belts.

The best belts: Zara

We begin the review of the best belts with Zara, where they always have the latest trends. In this case, the trend is a classic like the brown split leather belt with texture and metal buckle. A basic for every wardrobe that never fails and that you get for 22.95 euros. You have it available in 8 colors

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Another alternative proposed by Zara is the reversible two-tone leather belt. It’s like having two belts in one and with a metallic buckle finish that goes with everything. You find it for 25.95 euros and you can choose between 8 different colors. Among the best Zara belts

If you like even more classic bets, the alternative is this braided brown leather belt with an 80s flavor. Ideal to wear with jeans, its price is 22.95 euros.

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The last of the best belts that we propose from Zara is a leather belt with a plate and a vintage finish, only suitable for the coolest. With Texan inspiration, it is perfect for a casual and casual look. Its price is 22.95 euros.

Best Belts: Jack & Jones

Now let’s take a look at the best Jack & Jones belts. A more daring and current brand, whose designs are high voltage.

For example, this 100% cowhide leather belt with rivets. It is available in brown and black colors and it smells like the 90’s that throws back. Perfect for Levi’s and a white t-shirt as the model in the photo is wearing. Its price is 29.99 euros.

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But beware, Jack & Jones also has elegant accessories like this leather belt with square metal buckle. If you have a more informal suit, it is the perfect belt to finish it off. Its price is 24.99 euros

And if you are looking for a belt to combine with your chinos, the option is this classic belt that in Jack & Jones you have up to three colors. Its price is 19.99 euros.

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Best Belts: Pull & Bear

And from a current brand, to an even more current one. Pull & Bear, the renowned Inditex firm, continues to successfully alternate between the elegant and the most groundbreaking. Now, the best thing is when you combine both philosophies.

Thus, for example, we found this classic elastic belt with a leather effect. It is not what it seems but it seems what it is not. Ideal for an afterwork look or for the office itself. In addition, you have it for only 9.99 euros among the best Pull & Bear belts.

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The second Pull & Bear belt that we propose is also a belt with an aged leather effect and a square silver buckle. Its price is 7.99 euros, about five times less than a real leather belt

And to finish, a new leather effect with this black belt with an asymmetrical effect that will cause a sensation in everyone who notices that you are wearing it. With a curved buckle and an unbeatable price, it is one of the best sellers of the season: 5.99 euros.

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The best belts: El Corte Inglés

We finished the review of the best belts with El Corte Inglés, one of the most important accessories distributors in the whole country. In this case, with quality belts and the best brands. Without going any further, this two-tone braided belt from Studio Classics that you have for 20.99 euros.

Although few belts are as original as this beautiful model from Olimpo, whose red is achieved with waxes smeared and brushed by hand. Leather belt, with metal buckle and made in Spain. You can find it for 60 euros.

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If you like two-tone braids, this Emidio Tucci belt is sweeping sales. Its price is 35.95 euros and you can find it in two more colors.

The last of the best belts from El Corte Inglés that we present to you is this striking leather belt with a buckle from Versace Jeans Couture. Flashy, daring and absolutely mainstream. Of course, it is the most expensive of those that we have shown you: 91.99 euros.

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Now, to finish, we leave you with a video and some links that you might find interesting to complement the information in the article.

Video with tips for choosing a belt

In the following video you can see some more tips to choose the most suitable belt:

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