How to take care of the fabric of the jeans to prevent them from wearing out

When it is time to wash the jeans (or jeans), it is possible to maintain their appearance, which allows not only to keep them in good condition, but by taking proper care of them we can make them last longer. This is even more important if possible if, above all, we have invested some money in jeans of a certain quality, so it is clear that the last thing we want, especially if we use them regularly, is for them to break down just after a few months. . In fact, you probably have a favorite pair of jeans that you really hope and want to last a long time. But the truth is that with so many myths surrounding the care of jeans, what is really the best way to keep them in good condition, and take care of them so that they last as long as possible?

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Wash them less

When it comes to keeping them in shape and avoiding too much of what is known as the “rebound” effect, the best thing to do is try to wash them once in 10 maximum, or even leave them a little longer. That is, wash them once every ten times you wear them.

You can use a damp cloth or an old toothbrush with a little mild soap, which is useful for removing small stains (instead of washing the entire jean).

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If you notice some lines and wrinkles in your jeans, designed specifically and personally for you, it is a unique appearance, which comes from wearing the jeans for long periods without having washed them. It’s a unique and great option, as long as, of course, the jeans don’t smell a bit funny or look too dirty.

Before washing them, turn them over

Regardless of whether our jeans are new or old, it is best to turn them inside out before putting them in the washing machine.

This is extremely helpful in minimizing abrasion that ultimately causes the dreaded fading, as well as wear and tear, which often occurs along the hems, edges, waistbands, and pockets.

On the other hand, it is very important to close the zippers and fasten both the buttons and the snaps. This will help in keeping the jeans in shape. And, above all, it will prevent them from getting caught with any other clothes that we have put in the washing machine.

What about ripped jeans with frayed hems or holes? In this case it is best to fasten the openings or edges with the help of a specially designed clip to keep the socks together during the washing process, they can also help prevent the jeans from fraying more than you want.

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We couldn’t forget about the detergent either. The best? Use one that has been designed to preserve colors in clothes, as they contain a number of useful ingredients to help fabrics retain dye, deactivating the effect of chlorine in water (which can, in fact, end up fading the colors).

Avoid dryers

You may think that dryers are the best option when it comes to drying clothes quickly. But believe it or not, dryers are the natural enemy of jeans.

The best thing, therefore, is to always try to hang them in the sun so that they dry naturally. This will help to avoid possible contractions or deformations that can end up affecting the fabric in a tremendously negative way.

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And if you hang them in a shady space, turning them inside out will help prevent discoloration, and the pockets getting seriously sodden.

Always wash them cold

If you love your jeans for their color, cold water is the best ally, since it helps to maintain that color that you like so much. Washing with cold water, in fact, protects them not only from fading, but from uncomfortable shrinkage.

Also, even when you wash them cold, a better option is to turn them inside out and hang them in a shady space. As we have already mentioned, it will prevent both discoloration and pockets from ending up uncomfortably soaked.

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