How to take care of the beard in summer? The best products

Beards are still a trend, so if you continue to wear a beard during the summer, you should ensure that it receives the necessary care. Not only so that it doesn’t bother you, but so that it is hydrated and always looks spectacular. For this reason we want to answer the question, how to take care of the beard in summer? The best products

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How to take care of the beard in summer

The heat arrives, the holidays arrive but, for those who wear beards, it is also the most difficult period of the year. In fact, treating beards in the summer is one of the most challenging tasks for bearded people, especially those facing their first summer with a beard. Therefore, it is important to know how to care for a beard in summer so as not to ruin your facial hair.

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Basic advice to take care of the beard in summer

The truth is that following the basic tips to take care of your beard in summer is relatively easy. Of course, it requires daily dedication and being a little attentive to situations that can damage our beard. Now, it will not take you more than 10-15 minutes a day, to keep your look healthy, strong and healthy. Write down these basic tips to take care of the beard in summer

The beard and the temperature

We think that beards in summer are hot but it is not really like that, or at least not in the same way that it happens if you wear long hair. Actually, the beard creates an air chamber that causes your skin to stay cooler and also protected from the sun, so you don’t think about trimming the beard fearing that you’re going to get hot because it won’t be like that.

Protects the beard from the sun

On the other hand, don’t forget to take care of your beard, yes, from the sun. For this, it is especially important to do it when you go to the beach, so we advise you to put shaving oil on your beard, in the same way that you protect your skin with a sun protection cream. Thanks to the oil you can create a protective layer on the hair.

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It is better that you opt for a fast-absorbing oil to avoid a shiny or too greasy effect. You will avoid experiencing the unpleasant and annoying experience of having a sandy beard!

Comb your beard when you get out of the water

Both when leaving the sea water or the pool water, you must comb the beard well. In this way you will favor not only wearing it properly, but you will also contribute to hair regeneration and in fact you will also make your beard grow at a good pace in summer without any problem.

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Protects the beard from sea salt

On the other hand, when you get out of the sea, you should wash your beard well in one of the beach showers since the action of the sea salt quickly dries the beard and creates an itch that can be very annoying.

Rinse well and dry beard lightly. Finally, comb and if you wish, you can put a little shaving oil, and in this case you can opt for a normal coconut oil. The scent is perfect for the beach and doesn’t cost too much money.

Wash the beard

It is always important to wash your beard well, but much more so in summer. With sweat and pollution, it is easier for you to end up with a beard that will look dull and dehydrated. You should wash it both in the morning and at night, when you get home, with water and a specific soap. Then you can let it air dry.

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Protects the beard from air conditioning and heat

Both the air conditioning and not turning it on will dry out your beard, so you should apply a good beard balm that is made with natural products. In this way you can show off a hydrated and cared for beard and if it includes shea butter or tea tree oil among its ingredients, you will keep mosquitoes away.

Conditions the beard

In the mornings, after washing your beard, it will be a good thing to condition it with a conditioner. Thus, you will prevent your beard from itching during the day and you will achieve a feeling of freshness that you will undoubtedly appreciate.

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The best beard care products

After having offered you some basic tips to take care of your beard, it will be good for us to see essential products for the mentioned remedies. These are the best beard care products.

L’Oréal Men Expert Barberclub Beard + Hair + Face Shampoo

We start with one of the best products, from a well-known brand like L’Oréal so that you can wash both your beard, hair and face. Its aroma is soft and hydrates a lot. The price is just 5.95 euros for 200 ml of product

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Nivea for Men Beard Oil

We have told you about beard oil before leaving home, or for when you go to the beach, and this one that we show you from Nivea for Men is one of the best since, in addition to protecting, it prevents itching and hydrates thanks to its formula enriched with natural ingredients and burdock extract. It is priced at €9.25 for 75 ml of product.

House 99 Sharp Cut Shaving Stick

Also among the essential products to take care of your beard this summer we have to talk about this “stick” from House 99, David Beckham’s men’s beauty brand, so you can shave or trim your beard when necessary. The price is €15 for 50 g of product.

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Ultra Gliding Shave Oil by American Crew

We can also recommend Ultra Gliding Shave oil from American Crew, one of the best brands in men’s facial care. With this oil you will achieve a more precise shave of the beard and you will also relieve itching. It is priced at €24 for 50 ml of product.

Jack Black Beard Cream

Jack Black offers us this beard care cream, which also has a formula of natural ingredients including macadamia, soybean oil and walnuts. It is priced at €29 for 85g of product

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Guardenza Moisturizing Beard Butter

That long and well-groomed beards are here to stay, it becomes clear with the arrival of products such as moisturizing beard butter. In this case, we recommend Guardenza brand butter.

Beard butter is halfway between oil and balm. In fact, the butter has an oil base but much more dense. This texture makes combing the beard easier, while hydration is more complete, leaving the hair follicles nourished.

Moisturizing beard butter is recommended for longer-than-average beards, as they spread beautifully. The result is a strong, shiny and conditioned beard, with just one product. In the case of the Guardenza house, you can find a 60 ml jar for 25 euros.

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Atkinsons Cream Balm

For both beards and mustaches, Atkinsons Cream Balm has a highly effective formula for softening and conditioning. This pleasantly textured cream balm is easily absorbed and is completely non-greasy. Minimize itchiness and tame even the most unruly beard and mustache (and even hair) in a sleek, delicately scented package. It is priced at €35 for 50 ml of product.

Gillette Fusion 5 Proshield Blade

To shave the beard this summer, nothing like Gillette and its Fusion 5 blades with a tight precision and also indicated for the longest beards. It is priced at €25 and is sold in a pack with support and four refills.

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Philips QP6520/30 OneBlade Pro

Among your beard care tools, you cannot miss a quality trimmer. In this case, we recommend one of the best-selling multifunction shavers on the market: Philips QP6520/30 OneBlade Pro. Interestingly, despite being electric, it uses disposable blades, which guarantees a perfect sharpness every time.

With a flexible head that adapts to the area to be shaved, the Philips QP6520/30 OneBlade Pro moves 200 times per second, for a perfect closeness and a clean cut. Plus, it comes with a precision guide comb that adjusts to up to 14 positions (0.4-10mm), allowing you to trim your beard with just one tool and not swap around.

Water resistant, 90 minutes of autonomy and only 60 minutes of charging. In addition, you have more than 5,000 comments on Amazon to know if it is what you are looking for or not. If it is, know that it will cost you 79.99 euros and each replacement of two blades, 19.99 euros. By the way, each blade lasts up to four months

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