How men should dress well | Tips and tricks

The image has become very important in men, we must know how to choose, combine and know the tricks to be more handsome. Forget that anything goes, therefore, knowing how to dress well becomes paramount depending on each circumstance. That is why we want you to be men with a lot of style, so we will explain below. How to dress well. Men | Tips and tricks.

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How to dress well | Tips and tricks

Why not say it, men love to dress well, have a current and modern look. My friends and many women have asked me what are the most important style secrets, with the aim of seeking help from their boyfriends, brothers, children, friends and even husbands. Good looks are worth a thousand words. The better you feel in the clothes you wear, the more confidence you will have in yourself and, consequently, the more opportunities you will have both in your personal life and in your professional life. And also, it will help you when you ask yourself “how to dress well?” have it clearer without ever doubting.

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The first step that we must be clear about to dress well is to take into account our body type and secondly, our lifestyle. It is not the same to dress a tall person as a short one, a plump person as a thin one. For example, a suit will look much better on a slim, short-waisted man, or a shirt with an English collar is perfect for men with round faces.

In addition, it will be essential for you to know how to dress well that you take into account some clear ideas about what we have to do when it comes to choosing a certain type of clothing for each occasion and something important that few men value: how the outfit should be combined. clothes correctly. Sometimes it is not just a matter of wearing a good suit, but we have to know how to wear it and above all what tones and how to combine it best.

Now let’s see some “tips” that seem basic to me to start learning how to dress well. Next, we are going to teach you how to dress according to your body type. In addition, you should always take into account the colors that can suit you according to the latest trends.

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Fashion is not just about wearing the most beautiful of each season, it is about being comfortable with what you are wearing. Forget what they say that to be handsome you have to suffer, only then can you wear a suit, or a more informal “look” with style. Are you ready to learn how to dress well?

Basic tips on how to dress well each season

Footwear is basic

Why are there still few men who give the value that it really has to their footwear? Remember the statement that we can “judge or know a man by his shoes”.

If you’ve never had very good shoes before, the time has come. It is essential to know how to dress well that you have comfortable and sporty shoes, but the key for your suit to look good will always be a good matching tie, and of course, good dress shoes that you can take advantage of for years.

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You must dress according to your age

Shirts or t-shirts with jeans are basic for men of all kinds, but as you get older it is essential to know what there are things that are better to leave in the closet if you want to be able to say that you know how to dress well. If you are already over 40, put aside the shirts and if you want to be able to say that you dress well, start using shirts (some basic ones such as white or navy blue), and other types of pants, either chinos, or even dress pants, and it won’t hurt to wear shoes more often.

Ignore fashion trends

Be careful that I do not want you to misunderstand this point in regards to how to dress well. I’m not saying that you don’t have to pay attention to things like, for example, what tones are worn each season or if it’s better to wear a more or less fitted look, but don’t insist on always wearing the latest thinking that this way you dress better and more if you are young We can’t always spend all the money we want on clothes, so it’s better to play it safe than end up buying, for example, jeans with tears all over the place, when we know that next year they might not even be worn.

Take care of clothes

This is basic to know how to dress well. You shouldn’t wear clothes that look very worn, but that doesn’t mean you should throw them out from season to season. If you take good care of your suits, if you wash your clothes, iron them and store them properly, they will last you for years and you can boast of always being impeccable.

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You must have at least one good suit in your closet

And one that’s a basic color, whether it’s gray, black, or navy blue (or all three). A fitted suit that you can take advantage of for big occasions. I am not referring to any suit. You must invest your money as if you were going to buy any other “investment” for the future. You may wear it on rare occasions, but if you take care of it and maintain your weight regularly, you can always say that you hit the mark when the occasion calls for it.

Jeans, they are basic

As long as you have a good pair of jeans, it will be like the suit; that you will be right and you will be able to say that you know how to dress well. Try to have blue ones and black ones, that fit you well and that you usually wear, either with a shirt or sweater or with a blazer.

Cotton pants

Cotton pants, of the chino type or more dressy, are basic for those occasions when you want to look better than with jeans. It is better that you buy a couple of shades like navy blue or cream, and you will see how the possibilities with them are endless.

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  • Don’t be guided by trends.
  • Bet on basic fashion such as jeans or cotton pants.
  • Dress according to your age.
  • Give footwear the importance it deserves.

How to dress well according to your body type or constitution

Let’s start with the skinniest men. This type of body does not usually find any problem to find the clothes of the size that best suits them but they should take into account a few tips:

How to dress well if you are thin

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For a thin person to know how to dress well, they must have, as a general rule, a less muscular structure than the rest. The thin person’s limbs are usually long.

Volume: This is a point to take into account when choosing a coat or pants. Play with the volume in the garments: large pockets, ….

Pants: The cut of your pants, to be well dressed, must be straight so as not to exaggerate the figure. Forget skinny pants! These will make you look much slimmer. Although they are a trend, they are not the best option unless you want to see yourself as a “punk” boy and maybe you are not old enough for that either.

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Suit: If you want to choose a suit, take into account its length. The sleeves should be above the wrist and the length of the jacket should not be too long to dress correctly and not give the impression that the suit is too big for you. With the suits the volume is not necessary since you must contribute it with the shirts, ties and jackets.

Informal looks: For all informal “looks”, such as t-shirts and shorts in summer or shirts and sweaters for winter, it is better to choose clothes that look somewhat baggy or that fit you straight rather than too tight. It is not a matter of buying wide clothes or clothes that are not your size, but also do not wear very tight clothes since your body will look without shape or contour.

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Take an example from Jared Leto. His complexion is thin but he knows how to get the most out of it. This white suit is tacky but he defends it like few others. The shoulder pads give her back, the hat gives her width and the neckline focuses attention. It also helps to be one of the most handsome men in the world. However, it is one of the advantages of being thin, that you can risk more.

Shirts: You can thus opt for currently fashionable shirts, known as “oversize” and which are somewhat wider and also longer. With them you will be able to “disguise” your thin body a bit and have a slightly more “chubby” shape.


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  • Do not choose suits that are too long
  • Choose clothes with volume
  • It is better to choose loose or straight garments
  • The “oversize” shirts will fit you well

How to dress well if you are “chubby”

Fat or endoform bodies tend to gain weight. They have a wider waist than usual and are more dense. The limbs are shorter than that of other people, so in the case of having this body and not knowing how to dress well, the key is to take into account the factors that we are going to explain to you now.

Size: People who are chubby or with endoform bodies should know how to choose the correct size. Don’t even think about buying smaller clothes!, even if you intend to lose weight since it is only an idea and not a fact. In this way you can wear all kinds of styles or clothes without always having to wear black, to look thinner or fatter. Look at the picture above, the guy is very stylish despite being overweight.

Straight lines: Base your style on vertical and straight lines, be careful with the cuts and lengths of shirts, suits, … Unlike thin ones, never add more layers and volumes. The best pants are those with a high waist and that provide linearity.

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Neutral tones: On the other hand, it is good to use garments in neutral tones, such as black, brown, grey, etc… which you can make better use of if you want to hide your kilos. Now it is not recommended that you fill yourself with clothes and layers if it is not necessary (for example in winter) if you do not want to see yourselves wider yet.

Juan Magán is the clear example of what you should not do. The truth is that the singer has a “stuffed” face, although later he is very strong. But of course, if you are 40 years old and you dress like a 20-year-old, there is something that does not add up. Loud, edgy colors don’t help either. This orange can be seen from 5 km away and it’s not doing anyone with extra pounds a favor.

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In part, it is the most difficult way to dress well, but if we apply the advice that I have just given you, you will enhance the silhouette and hide the negative points.


  • Choose clothes of your size
  • Choose clothes in neutral tones
  • Bet on straight designs

How to dress if you are Muscular

When we talk about how to dress muscular bodies well, we are referring to an athletic model. Her body shape is usually a V, with broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and which is close to perfection today. Just like the body of, for example, actor Chris Hermsworth (pictured above).

Avoid tight clothing: Muscular people, although with a desired body, do not always succeed with their style of clothing since many tend to choose t-shirts, shirts and in general, clothing that is very tight, but this is a mistake since the only thing they achieve is to look too tight, without style and even (I would say) somewhat ridiculous if we take into account that a very tight shirt (for example) will also be too short since with your pectorals you will cause it not to stay in place never.

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Henry Cavill is a clear example of muscular elegance. A guy who plays Superman and yet sneaks into all the best dressed lists. His secret is to combine clothes that are neither tight nor baggy, with neutral colors and a lot of basics. The white shirt is non-negotiable in his closet and the pants with clamp, a regular in his appearances. Be careful, the accessories are very good for the muscular ones. Watches, sunglasses, necklaces…

Balance: If thanks to your constitution and the effort you make in the gym you have achieved a muscular body, all you have to do to dress well is find a balance between your waist and shoulders. This is one of the biggest problems athletic people can encounter.

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From here, another question that we can ask ourselves is: Loose garments or tight garments? neither extreme is good. It is not good to see someone with very tight clothes, nor with very loose clothes, as if it were a bag. Also, it is not okay to combine a tight jean with a loose t-shirt, for example. Avoid extremes.


  • Tight clothing does not favor you
  • Seek balance between waist and shoulders

How to dress well according to height

How to dress well if you are tall

Blazers: Tall men look great on bomber-style jackets, as well as double-breasted jackets and blazers or jackets. Play with the patterns and with the jackets that have large drawings, and you will also dress well if you bet on the “denim” style, which is the trend this 2015 and for all of 2016.

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Skinny pants: For tall people, skinny pants are the most ideal to dress well. But the problem is that not everyone likes to wear this model of pants. Straight pants also look great on you. If you have money, take the opportunity to make a suit to measure, you will immediately notice how well it can fit you and the difference with any other type of suit.

Russell Westbrook, even if it’s hard to believe, is a fashion reference in the NBA. He is not afraid of anything and his outfits are the most talked about in the world of sports. Very fond of skinny pants and impossible colors, RW33 knows how to take advantage. Short t-shirts, usual caps and rounded boots are common in her looks.

Round shoes: On the other hand, it is always better that you choose shoes that are not pointy. What I am saying may sound silly to you, but if you are very tall, I am convinced that your foot will be quite large so that you do not want to look like a duck for choosing pointed shoes. It is better to opt for sports shoes with rounded toes such as “running” type shoes or shoes such as round toe boots and ankle boots.

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  • Bet on bombers and blazers
  • Always wear skinny pants
  • Forget pointe shoes

How to dress if you are short

Short men, the size that suits them best is the one that rests on the hips. The tighter the better.

Tight pants: A short man will always look better with pants that are tight than a wider one. The reason is easy since with a “slim fit” cut pants you will see your leg more defined and with it something longer even if you are short. Also if you choose prints like the striped one you will look taller.

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Horizontal stripes: Horizontal stripes give the appearance of having a broader body and with this you can appear to be somewhat taller, while vertical stripes are the ones that will make you look taller with hardly any effort. It doesn’t really matter how long the stripes are.

Colours: Use the same color pants and jacket. One trick is that you can take advantage of the large soles to gain a few centimeters with boots or shoes or place insoles inside the shoes.

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And if we talk about colors, Bruno Mars appears on the scene. The singer is 1.65 meters tall but knows how to appear taller. High-heeled shoes, bright colors and his essential hat, make him gain a few important centimeters. No one would say Bruno Mars is that short, until they see him next to Taylor Swift.


  • Don’t wear baggy pants
  • Bet on horizontal striped prints and tones always of the same color in jacket and pants
  • Bet on the squads

How to dress well: Lifestyle

When it comes to knowing how to dress well, you have to take into account the lifestyle you have. If you execute a position with responsibility, leadership and authority, the image must reflect capacity, knowledge and experience. And you will ask yourself: Do you really get this with only clothes? emphatically YES, the long years of study and preparation will be of no use to you if in the end all that is not projected in your image. This can help you to make this path much easier and not become an obstacle.

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If you work or lead a more relaxed life, you will always be able to vary much more in terms of “looks” and colors. In summer, for example, take advantage of wearing shorts that we can find in the “denim” or “Chino” style or you can also combine styles. Basic T-shirt with printed pants for example. Always choose to risk and you will see how little by little you will succeed.

Styles of dress

Along with the fact of taking into account what your body is like, or the lifestyle you lead to know how to match the clothes you wear, we also have to talk about dress styles when it comes to knowing how to dress well and how these are also adapted to each moment and above all, it is necessary to know what trends are given for each one of them.

There are many styles of clothing for men that we find from the proposals of fashion firms, so we want to review those that are essential and with which you can dress appropriately for each occasion.

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“Casual” style

We start with the “casual”, a style of clothing that is well known and popular among men, which consists of dressing in an informal but adequate way. What do I mean by this? Well, you must have basic clothes in your closet that can be used both to go to work and to go out with friends, for example. Garments that combined, provide a current style without falling into formalism.

For example, betting on chino pants, in shades like camel, and a sweater or shirt, will be the key to a casual fall-winter look. In summer you can dress the same although with shorts or short-sleeved shirts. Sports shoes also combine very well with this type of style.

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Do you want to dress well? Follow David Beckham on social networks and copy everything, absolutely everything, what he sees. A true icon of elegance, poise and the sublimation of casual style.

“Denim” style

The “denim” is a style of clothing that is very popular, although it consists of combining denim clothing, such as jeans, shirts or jackets and at the same time introducing other garments that we can also include in said style.

In this way, together with the fact that it is essential that you combine a Texan style, it will always be good for you to introduce garments such as sweaters, printed shirts and of course, that you wear basic t-shirts such as white ones that are in fact, another benchmark in denim-style fashion.

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The ‘denim’ style is the quintessential Lenny Kravitz style. Rocker, eternally young and perfectly combinable with leather, his other weakness. A cowboy banner.

Athleisure Style

The “athleisure” style is perhaps one of the most recent dress styles, although we cannot say that it is new. Perhaps it has become a very popular trend in recent months, but the truth is that wearing sportswear combined with other garments that are not sportswear is something that many men have been doing for years.

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In this way, you can bet on jogger pants, combined with sweatshirts, and at the same time, dress shirts, or sweatshirts with jeans or chino pants. It is undoubtedly an informal style although it provides a fresher “look” when dressing in comfortable clothes.

Formal style

Of the dress styles that I have mentioned so far, all of them are quite identified with the fact of dressing in an informal way, but we also have to highlight, of course, the formal dress style that is essential on certain occasions.

Thus, you should always have a suit or several in your closet, so that you can dress formally when you have a date, a work meeting, an event or any occasion that requires formality.

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There are men who, due to their work, must wear suits every day. Thus, they must master the formal style and know what suits like black, navy blue or gray. In addition, we can add combinations such as blazers with jeans and a shirt. Also a simple dark-colored sweater with dress pants or chino pants. Both can be considered formal “looks”.

Boho style

Another of the styles of clothing for men that we want to refer to is the “boho” style that seems to have become fashionable some time ago, and although it is imposed among women, men have also noticed it .

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This style, of which we find references in celebrities such as Johnny Depp, makes “hippie” fashion his clothing base, although updated to the present, using “slim” cut jeans, dark shirts with vests, or striped t-shirts, and of course the use of accessories such as felt hats, scarves, necklaces and bracelets.

Hipster style

Along with the “boho” style, the “hipster” style also prevails among the 2018 dress styles, which also seems to have made a deep impression on many men, although it must be taken into account that it is not only characterized by a series of certain clothes, but it is also “hipster” to wear a certain type of beard and even a hairstyle.

In any case, if we have to look at the clothes that characterize the “hipster” style without mentioning the long and bushy beards or the “undercut” haircuts, you cannot miss the checked shirts, nor the jeans dark and tight, as well as the use of nappa leather jackets, jeans, suede and of course, boots and ankle boots as the key to footwear.

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Rock style

A style that, as its name indicates, will consist of the use of garments that are associated with rock culture and although it is nothing new, the truth is that it has also been updated to our days.

In this way, if you want to be able to know how to dress well with a 2018 rocker style, you cannot miss, of course, a good leather jacket, and well-fitting jeans, but you must also introduce other clothes such as printed shirts, as well as the use of accessories such as felt hats and scarves, as well as footwear that not only have to be boots, but can also be somewhat more stylized shoes.

Sporty style

We have already mentioned the “athleisure” style as one of the currently trending clothing styles, but we cannot forget the sporty style as the style that corresponds to wearing sportswear is known.

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A style that, like all others, has evolved and is now characterized by the use of breathable materials and garments that also pay attention to the latest color and pattern trends to present the latest in sweatshirts, sportswear, tracksuits, and clothes that you usually wear when you go to the gym, play sports or just want to be comfortable.

Basic Guide to always get your clothes and accessories right on every occasion

For all those of you who are stubborn about not knowing how to dress, or who find the “world” of fashion something completely alien and do not decide to change or improve themselves, we have developed a series of tips to achieve greater elegance and a ” knowing how to dress”.

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How to choose the right clothes

If you want to know how you’re dressing, you’ll see it in the clothes you choose. Every occasion calls for a different type of clothing: if you’re at a formal dinner, you’ll need formal clothing.

The ideal thing we can do is a consultation with your relatives. Finding out how formal the event you will attend is, so you can choose the right clothes.

Looking formal all day looks bad, and looking informal all day, too. Remember that extremes are never good, so an in-between style is never lacking in elegance.

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Where everything begins It is essential to be comfortable from the most intimate. This means that you should choose underwear that is comfortable. Also, that allows you to move easily and gives you confidence (before a partner, of course). It is usually left out easily and it is a mistake. It should not only be designed for intimate couple moments, but also for comfort. Something that is also linked to the image.

How to dress well with sportswear

Athletic clothing, as its name suggests, is for use in a sporting activity. If you are using this type of clothing to go out on the street, it is wrong. Sportswear is used to play sports, full stop.

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We have to, as we said before, analyze what our figure is. The secret is to highlight the positive points and camouflage what we like least about our body. If you don’t have ripped abs and have a belly, don’t wear tight shirts. But be careful, this does not mean that you wear XXL shirts. The only thing it will look like with these is that you have been abducted by a sack of potatoes. At first glance, it will seem that you have more kilos to spare. Wear a shirt that is roomy, but not oversized. Just like if you have very thick legs, don’t wear tight pants or leggings.

Another very important rule is to dress depending on the sport you are going to do. Come on, if you’re going to do Pilates or yoga, don’t go with tight shorts that you would use to spin.

Hats, caps and fashion accessories

Regarding this section, we must consider that many times the campaigns of the brands we wear tend to present the use of fashion accessories, with different styles and color combinations. Especially in winter times, the use of hats should not be out of harmony, each combination with other garments should follow a style, and even more keep a close relationship with the colors used to dress.

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More useful Tips in FashionThem to dress well

In Moda Ellos we have published a series of articles, with proposals and advice, so that you can learn to improve your appearance when dressing. Little tricks that will make the appearance better.

Every man has ever wondered how to combine his socks with his pants or has asked himself some other question of this type at some point in his life. Here are 6 important points that can clear up the confusion that can arise when combining some clothes.

    Always combine the belt with the shoes. This is a very good rule and easy to carry out. It’s best to stick with traditional colors like black, dark brown, or tan. Other colors will be difficult to match, so it’s best to avoid them. If you wear sneakers, surely wear jeans, in which case it would be better to wear a web belt or some casual belt, but it is better to avoid dress belts if you wear jeans and sneakers. If you wear suspenders, better not wear a belt.

    How to combine ties with shirts. The tie of the same color as the shirt or a lighter tone has already been seen too much. Try to mix up the colors and designs of the ties a bit more and experiment a bit. Ties are a great way to express yourself. You will never go wrong if you try diagonal stripes, modern dots, plaid patterns or subtle patterns. Try to make sure that your tie matches your shirt, sweater, jacket, or whatever you’re wearing. Ties with novelty designs are best avoided, as they tend to have a short lifespan in the fashion world. Ties can be tied in many ways. Choose your style, you can experiment. Each different knot will express something different. It is preferable that you do not use clips on the ties, they look better without them. We leave you a video on how to tie a tie correctly.

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    Pleats versus plain front on pants. In most cases, plain front pants look better than pleated pants (those that are pleated at the waist). The folds make you look less thin. Some men say they wear pants with pleats because it’s more comfortable or because flat-front pants are for athletic bodies. And the truth is that all men can wear the pants without a crease and they will look better. If you want to feel more comfortable and loose you can buy a larger size or ask the place where you buy it to enlarge your waist. In short, smooth pants on the front without pleats on the front are more fashionable.

    Socks. The official rule regarding socks is that they should match the color of the pants, not the exact same shade, unless you’re wearing black pants, in which case it’s okay for the socks to be black. Socks with some design are very good, stripes or patterns of various colors. But it is important that the colors of the socks match the shoes and pants. White socks should be reserved for the gym. Now a video on how to wear short socks or mini socks.

    Watches. Watches are the best accessory a man can wear. For this reason it is good to invest in a good watch. If you have more than one watch, wear the appropriate watch for the occasion, black mesh if the belt and shoes are black, brown if they are, or silver for other colors.

    Glasses. Glasses are one of the accessories in which you can express yourself freely. They do not have to simply fulfill their function, but can also enhance the entirety of your look. No solo busca aquellos lentes que favorezcan la forma de tu cara, sino que además expresen tu personalidad. Cuando compres gafas es bueno que te aconsejen de qué forma y estilo deben ser para que favorezcan tu cara y rasgos.

  • La ropa debe ser de tu talla: En la actualidad, son muchos los hombres que sufren del síndrome del mal vestir, es decir, de vestir con tallas que no son las que les corresponden, y que por lo general son dos o tres tallas más grandes de lo que realmente necesitan. No sabemos a ciencia cierta a qué se debe este síndrome del mal vestir, pero estoy seguro que una de las influencias de este problema es por culpa de los “raperos y reggeatoneros” que usan ropa que les queda muy grandes y por ende los hombres suelen vestir ropas anchas también.
    Olvídate de camisas anchas a la hora de vestir formalmente. Elige una camisa más entallada que te hará tener un mejor aspecto físico. Deja las ropas anchas para tu entrenamiento o para sentirte más cómodo cuando estés en tu casa. Recuerda que la imagen que proyectamos es muy importante.
    Puede parecer una tontería, pero es una realidad. La prenda de vestir que uno use, deben ser de su talla. Así, lograremos mejor efecto ante la vista de las demás personas. Además, te sentirás bien contigo mismo.

Éste es un consejo muy sencillo, que espero pongan en práctica. El objetivo es acabar con el síndrome del mal vestir que aqueja a la sociedad.

Al menos empléenlo cuando van a trabajar o en ropa más formal. Ya sabes que la presencia personal es lo más importante, sobre todo en ambientes de trabajo.

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¿Cómo saber qué tipo de ropa me queda bien de hombre?

Con todo lo que os he contado, creo que ya debes saber qué te va a quedar bien o no a la hora de saber cómo vestir bien, e incluso ya tienes algunos referentes, pero si deseas saber siempre qué tipo de ropa de hombre te va a quedar bien debes tener siempre muy en cuenta lo ya dicho: peso y altura. Siempre ten en cuenta esto y de este modo siempre acertarás.

Cómo vestir bien es cuestión también de otras cosas como las tendencias, los estilos de ropa o incluso el tipo de vida que lleves (no vas a ir a trabajar en chándal…o sí, dependiendo de lo que te dediques), pero para saber qué tipo de ropa es la que te va a quedar bien tienes que saber qué peso tienes en cada época de tu vida, y como no, valorar también la edad. Puede que suene superficial pero no te vas a vestir como un adolescente cuando ya tienes 45 o 50 años, o al menos no, si realmente deseas decir que saber cómo vestir bien y que ese tipo de ropa te queda bien, porque en realidad no será así.

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Por otro lado, puedes elegir siempre los básicos, porque generalmente suelen quedarle bien a todos los hombres. Estos son las camisetas blancas con jeans, los pantalones chinos con una camisa o el traje negro o azul con camisa blanca.

¿Qué es la vestimenta casual elegante?

Ya hemos visto diferentes estilos de moda para que sepas cómo vestir bien en cada ocasión, pero si hay uno que parece imponerse en los últimos años es el estilo casual del que ya hemos dicho que es un tipo de estilo marcado por la ropa informal o urbana pero sin que sea algo demasiado marcado con respecto a este tipo de ropa. Es decir, es el estilo que llevas cada día para ir a trabajar formado por ejemplo por una camisa y unos tejanos rectos o “slim”, pero a este estilo se le suma ahora el hecho de querer ir algo más elegante.

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De este modo parece que se impone ahora la vestimenta casual elegante y en el caso de que quieras saber cómo se lleva, debes tener en cuenta que estará caracterizada por lo básico del casual pero añadiendo alguna pieza elegante. Por ejemplo, ir con blazer y tejanos o también, elegir una bonita cazadora para poder combinar con tu camisa y chinos. También un traje sin corbata puede ser algo de estilo casual elegante.

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O por ejemplo llevar unas buenas deportivas, en el caso de que te pongas un traje. Algo que de hecho es tendencia y vemos a muchos famosos con este tipo de combinaciones.

Podéis ver a continuación otras propuestas de moda casual elegante (todas ellas sacadas de lo último de Zara).

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¿Cómo vestir elegante un hombre muy delgado?

También vimos ya cómo vestir bien dependiendo del tipo de cuerpo que tengas pero ¿y si eres muy delgado pero deseas vestir elegante? Puedes elegir todo lo que sean pantalones del tipo slim (no “skinny porque acentuarán más tu delgadez), pero combínalos siempre con una camisa básica y un blazer.

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En el caso del casual elegante antes mencionado, siempre será bueno elegir cazadoras entalladas, para combinar con pantalones o tejanos como dijimos, del tipo slim y camisas también que sean entalladas, o camisetas básicas.

Y en cuanto a trajes, nada mejor que elegir los que son a medida, pero en el caso de que no te lo puedas permitir, siempre será mejor optar por trajes entallados, o aquellos que veas que te quedan como si fueran a medida. Nada de prendas holgadas porque parecerá que te “pierdes” dentro, en lugar de hacerte parecer con más cuerpo.

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Por otro lado, las capas pueden jugar a tu favor y añadir además elegancia. Por ejemplo, un jersey con camisa debajo o una camisa combinada con chaleco y blazer o también como no, los trajes tres piezas.

Si buscas referentes nada como elegir al actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt ya que aunque no lo parezca está muy delgado si tenemos en cuenta su casi metro ochenta de altura y apenas 70 kilos de peso.

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Por último, recuerda que utilizar joyas no está nada mal. ¿Tienes algún consejo para compartir? Lo esperamos, y seguiremos dándote consejos sobre cómo vestir mejor.

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