How many utilities does a jacket have?

The occasions in which we can wear sport clothes go “in crescendo”. The jackets we have today have nothing to do with those of yesteryear and we can find youthful and attractive jackets. Depending on the use that we are going to give to the jacket, we can opt for one type of jacket or another, so I am going to explain how and when to wear a jacket or blazer.

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Sports and informal clothing begins to take over many workplaces and many situations that, until recently, formality was mandatory.

Personally I think that “relaxation” in the way of dressing is positive, as long as it is not neglected. But it doesn’t hurt either, that on some occasion, you take your precious tie or bow tie out for a spin.

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As our readers enjoy a modern attitude, I want to bring to this article a garment that, like few others, can elegantly save many occasions in which the tie or bow tie is not welcome: The American.

The Americans or blazers that we have today have little to do with those of several years ago and today you can find very youthful and attractive models. Depending on the use to which it will be intended, we can opt for a jacket that is close in construction and cut to the suit jacket or for another that does not have shoulder pads or interlinings.

How to wear the jacket

For me, the most popular blazer that translates into versatility is the blue single breasted blazer. A blazer that has thousands of uses and, depending on the accompanying garments, will bring an informal or formal touch to the look.

The jacket accompanied by the tie

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The jacket with the tie, of the four options that I am going to give you, is the one that gives us the most formal air to the tonality of the clothes that we can wear. A blue blazer, better if double-breasted, is perfect to give a touch of seriousness.

The American without a tie but with a shirt, elegance as well as informal

One of the options that is most used by many of us with the American. Tip: with chino pants or one with a more modern cut, with even bright colors, together with the jacket we will add elegance and informality to our look.

For this occasion, since you do not have a tie, it is better to wear the shirt with buttons on the neck, with a simple cuff that has buttons.

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The American with jeans and a shirt

Some jeans with a shirt are fine, but if we also add a double-breasted blazer, the result will be magnificent. If you want to give a touch of formality to this sport outfit, you can make it rest on a pocket square that goes with the shirt.

The American with a T-shirt

The most casual look of all, the jacket with a t-shirt, with which you will get a modern and very stylish look. If you want to add a pinch of formality, you should take into account the accessories to choose. These will give the degree of formality you are looking for in the set.

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And how do you like to dress with a jacket?

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