How can you dress to go to the opera

As usual, the really important thing is to go clean to the opera. In the opera houses they let everyone in, regardless of how you are dressed, you do not have to meet any requirements that you do not have to meet to attend the cinema, the theater or a good restaurant, however, it is not a question of going in tracksuit or flip-flops or even a swimsuit.

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Here are some clothes and tips that will help you in your choice of how to go to the opera and not “give the note”.

If we are lucky enough to one day be able to attend the Liceo de Barcelona, ​​or the Teatro Real in Madrid or even the mythical Scala in Milan, we should not doubt it, we will enjoy one of the most beautiful and complete shows in history. But the question is, what do you have to wear to get it right?

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In the theaters they let everyone in, regardless of how you are dressed, you do not have to meet any requirements that you do not have to meet to attend the cinema, the theater or a restaurant, but try not to go in a tracksuit, or in flip-flops or a bathing suit.

The first thing to find out is whether it is a premiere or one of the usual performances, because this will change our choice quite a bit. The main social event takes place on the day of the premiere, and here the famous motto “less is more” is infallible.

If you go to a premiere

If you are going to a premiere, the most logical thing is that you opt for a slightly more formal look. Composed of a suit and tie. Something that will give you a touch of class, and show the world that you do not take this event lightly. You can opt for the bow tie, which is a complement that is beginning to be used a lot.

If you go to a regular performance

If you go to a regular performance, we suggest loafers, jeans and a shirt, they can be a perfect informal look. If you don’t feel disguised and you feel comfortable mixing with all kinds of people, surely you are well dressed.

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General recommendations to get it right when going to the opera

As we have already indicated, regardless of what you are wearing, you will not be banned from entering. But, if you are not dressed appropriately, you will surely receive more than one indignant look and you will end up feeling like you are out of place. However, since there are a wide variety of possibilities between going for a morning suit and presenting yourself in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, we want to end by giving you some general advice that may help you solve some of your doubts.

–Go to the information points linked to the opera you are going to. Generally, as we have already made clear, modern operas no longer have a “dress code” whose breach can veto your entry. However, some of them do have some recommendations for their attendees in terms of dress, especially if you plan to attend a premiere or some type of prominent performance. These recommendations, if they exist, can be very useful if you have any questions, so take a look at their website before you start dressing in case they can offer you some information in this regard.

–If you have doubts, go to the basics. If you are not sure what clothes to wear, a smart shirt, combined with black trousers, a matching jacket and classic shoes, will always be a winning choice. If that seems too conservative for what you usually wear, a classic black, white or blue jean paired with just the shirt and shoes also often makes the right impression, especially if you’re going to the opera in a day that is not premiere. In any case, the aforementioned shirt, elegant pants and shoes is all you need to go unnoticed at the opera.

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–The jacket, bow tie and necktie are not necessary items. The opera has long since ceased to be an area in which you have to dress as if you were going to a wedding. Therefore, it is not necessary to wear a jacket, tie or bow tie if you are not comfortable with this type of attire, especially if you are going to a regular performance. While it won’t be an environment where these pieces are out of place, don’t worry about them. You will still be well dressed for the occasion even if you prefer a more basic outfit, following the guidelines that we have described in the previous section.

-Never go in sports. Regarding footwear, if possible, never go to the opera in sneakers and, even less, with another type of more informal footwear such as flip-flops, for example. It is best to always opt for shoes, boots or ankle boots with a classic and serious cut. Avoid any type of footwear that is too modern or unusual, as it will undoubtedly attract attention in this environment. Also, remember to choose the right socks. Colorful sneakers will attract as much attention as wearing classic shoes with socks in very loud tones. Therefore, if you want to play it safe, classic shoes with matching socks will be your best option.

–Be careful with accessories. On many occasions, you can be dressed appropriately, but it is your accessories that attract the surprised looks of the people around you. Remember that the opera is an environment, by definition, very classic, so try to avoid those accessories that have very bright colors or that, by their nature, are not very discreet. Also, if you usually wear caps, hats or sunglasses, remember to leave them in the luggage room when you are inside the building, as it is considered rude to wear sunglasses or with your head covered inside. Remember this detail!

-Make yourself comfortable! Always remember that operatic performances are usually long. You will have to be seated, without moving, for several hours or, if you have bought a ticket in which you must stand, you will have to do the same during that time. It is not very well seen that a person is constantly moving in his place because his shoes hurt him or he does not feel comfortable with his clothes. Therefore, try to avoid this situation as much as possible and go to the opera in clothes that you know are comfortable for you.

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