How can you dress for a job interview

Little and work, the two words we hear every day in the media and on the street. The situation is complicated but there are many people who do not throw in the towel to find the perfect opportunity. After kicking the streets leaving resumes and burning the computer looking at job offers. You finally have an interview, but the question arises, how do I dress for the job interview? Today I want to help you and that is why we are going to look for the keys with which your styling can “help” you in a certain way, so that the interview turns out better for you.

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When we have a job interview we consider many things, such as: colors, whether or not to wear a beard, the right clothes,… Today we want to help you solve all the questions you have. We begin.

What do you have the job interview about?

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We must keep one thing in mind. It is not the same to interview for a position in the accounts department than to work in a position in an advertising agency. Depending on one case or another, they will allow us to have more or less freedom when choosing our perfect style, as well as later in our day after day at the office.

To start I will make a list of everything you should not do under any circumstances:

-Never, and when I say never is never, wear a t-shirt.

-It is also not good to wear sports shoes or one that looks very dirty or worn.

-Forget about wearing clothes that are very tight or those that make you feel uncomfortable. The key in any job interview, regardless of the resume, is to make a good impression and thus make us appear relaxed. If you are wearing a suit that is too small for you or “slim” pants that make you move every two by three in the chair, it is better that you forget about it.

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-The same can be said of clothes that are too baggy or wide, it is better that you always ALWAYS wear clothes in your size.

–Get bright colors out of your head. As much as they tell you that bright orange is in fashion, for this occasion we discard it.

-Avoid trends such as: seasonal prints (whether military, ethnic, …) or studs.

–Try not to abuse plugins. A watch, a briefcase to carry the papers, will be more than enough. Put down the rucksacks and worn-out bracelets from when you were in high school.

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The choice: Suit yes or suit no?

I have always said that the jacket suit is one of the most complicated clothes or garments that men have. We must choose a suit well: correctly measure the length of the jacket, the length of the sleeves, the bottom of the pants, … That everything is perfect or at least almost, is not an easy thing.

If you think that at work you are going to be required to wear a suit every day, you have no choice, which is why choosing the best suit will be your main concern.

If, on the other hand, you can opt for something formal but without having to be a complete suit, you can choose to present yourself without a tie, or perhaps the combination of dress pants and a shirt or sweater will be a great choice.

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Now if you have opted for the suit option, it remains to decide if it is better one that is dark and sober or one that is a trend color.

What color do we choose for our suit?

The truth is that in matters of color, for an interview it is better not to go beyond the classic colors: black, navy blue or black. We must also be careful with the choice of fabric and texture. You won’t make a very good impression if you show up to an interview in one of those shiny suits.

Grey will also be a good option since it is a fashionable color and it usually looks great in suits, although be careful since some jobs already require the use of black or navy blue suits that are always seen more elegant. When in doubt, these two shades are the safe bet.

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What shirt and tie should I choose?

Regarding the tie and the shirt for our suit, it is always best to choose a shirt in white or pastel tones that contrasts with the color of the tie, which can be an intense solid tone or even a pattern. Our article on the 5 rules for combining a tie, shirt and suit can help you.

If we choose not to wear a suit or tie because we think the job we aspire to doesn’t suit you, take care of your style in another way. You can go with a more casual style but follow the advice that I have given you before, using basics, no patterns, …). One of the options that I do not see as bad at all is to use the knitted sweater, it will bring seriousness, especially in muted and neutral, classic colors. And for the shoes, use the ones that are wild cards that go with almost everything when we try to dress in a casual style. Ankle boots or brogues can save you this time.

If, on the other hand, you opt for the tie and we have already told you about the color, you will have to know what to do with the knot. A thick one as is currently worn or perhaps a smaller one? In this video he shows us how to tie the best tie knot for a job interview.

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“Casual” looks for a job interview

We have already said that dress pants and a sweater can be a good option that is somewhat more “casual” in the event that you do not want to appear in a suit at your job interview.

Let’s be real unless the interview is for an office position, or one of the “head of department” or director of something type, we can “relax” a bit and choose “looks” like the one you see above. Perhaps your job interview is as a shop assistant, or even a company dedicated to things like logistics. You can go to the interview with jeans (especially your size), a shirt, or a sweater. I’m sure you’re perfect.

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In this other “look” we see the good option that is also jeans with a shirt. In this case, the choice of a bluish tone is perfect and the truth is that it is the most appropriate style if what we want is to transmit comfort and confidence in ourselves.

With a beard or shaved for the interview?

For this I want to give you an example. Some time ago I worked in a store for a well-known brand and we always had to be clean shaven. After arriving from vacation, one day, I arrived with a beard because I always wear it and my boss loved it, but because I always like to wear it groomed. The conclusion: if you take care of your beard and it favors you, it really won’t be a problem. Use the cropped and properly bounded option.

Nowadays, “hipster” type beards are popular because you know they are quite long. Unless they want to interview you because they have already told you that you are the candidate they are looking for, I would not risk it and would choose to cut it down a bit and above all what I tell you, keep it well cared for.

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Perfume can be your great asset

Perfume or cologne can be a great weapon in your favor, but not just anyone. In a job interview there is verbal and non-verbal communication. Perfume is part of the second type, so we have to choose the middle ground, do not add 2 liters of perfume because if the smell is very intense it will not be good. I advise you to use a fruity, fresh and soft perfume for that day.

I have already told you everything I knew about how to dress for a job interview, now you only need the most important thing: Good luck! And that if you don’t get the job, I don’t know why you haven’t put in the effort. Cheer up!

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