Homemade Game of Thrones Costume for Men Halloween 2022

In Modaellos we continue to see some of the most original costumes for men, for these Halloween 2022. That is why We want to focus now on one of the most appropriate costumes, if you want to say that you are going to the latest fashion when it comes to costumes. We show you how to make a homemade Game of Thrones costume for Men Halloween 2022 and thus be the envy of all next October.

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Ready? Well, we give you several options depending on the character you like the most from this famous series.

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Homemade Game of Thrones Costume for Men Halloween 2022

Game of Thrones is the series of the moment and surely this Halloween 2022 you want to be able to become one of its characters.

Getting a Game of Thrones costume

In the case of men, surely many of you want to be Jon Snow, although the truth is that there are many other male characters within the series so we can imitate their style.

In this way, if you have capes on hand, some old-fashioned clothes, and of course, some ingenuity and also a little makeup, we can become practically any character from Game of Thrones.

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Are you ready? Well, choose your favorite character, because now you can know how to make your Game of Thrones costume for Halloween 2022.

Halloween horror makeup with mask

If we want a horror makeup for Halloween with a mask, there is no doubt that the character to choose is the King of the Night. The problem is that since Game of Thrones ended before the pandemic, it is difficult to find masks from the series. Therefore, we have two options.

The first, take a full face mask that will be more uncomfortable, but it will protect us more and it will save us the horror makeup for Halloween with a mask.

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However, the second option is to take that mask, turn it into a mask and complete the rest of the face with scary Halloween makeup with a mask. It is more laborious but the result can be fascinating and terrifying. How to get it? Better take a look at this tutorial and keep the areas that remain to be covered when you cut the mask.

On the other hand, if you want to go for the basics, you can wear a Drogon face mask and use scary Halloween makeup with face mask to turn your face into a dragon. It is a complicated option but also very successful.

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The most premium alternative of all would be to cover the entire face with an almost professional prosthesis but made at home. In this case, with the tutorial in the previous video, you can achieve it, although it is difficult to make it look as good, at least it will be scary, even when deformed.

Homemade Game of Thrones Costume for Men Halloween 2022 | Khal Drogo

Khal Drogo is a very simple idea if you want to wear a homemade Game of Thrones costume. This type of costume to the Conan the Barbarian costume. Khal Drogo is also a sexy mens Halloween 2022 costume as half of the costume allows you to go bare chested.

We know that this character had a lot of prominence at the beginning of Game of Thrones, which is why many fans still bet on dressing like him, when the next Halloween 2022 arrives.

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How to make the Khal Drogo costume

As the ruler of the Dothraki people, Khal Drogo, is a strong and confident man. He is brave, tough and very good with weapons, an excellent horseman and is very much in love with his wife, Daenerys Targaryen Khaleesi.

Drogo is a very tall man, he wears his long dark hair in a braid, as is the Kothraki custom (to wear this hairstyle you must wear a wig, and if you have long hair I have already told you the appropriate hairstyle).

To make your own Drogo suit you will need leather. Leather pants, a huge leather belt, a waist chain made up of huge medallions.

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Also keep in mind that Drogo has large bear claw marks on his shoulders so you will need to dip into some paint in a bluish tone. Although it is a shirtless suit, you can add a leather vest as well.

Khol Drogo’s beard

To wear this costume, don’t forget your beard (either you leave it on or you wear it fake) and paint your eyes black. Do the eye makeup using black eyeshadow and then you should take a black eyeliner too, with which to outline underneath.

Video to make Khal Drogo eyes:

Homemade Game of Thrones Costume for Men Halloween 2022 | Eddard “Ned” Stark

To make a Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark costume you have it even easier. If you plan a Game of Thrones costume for this Halloween 2022, Ned Stark is a good example so you can make a simple and homemade costume.

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Ned’s character is married to Catelyn Stark and they have 5 children (Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon and the illegitimate Jon Snow), all of them are easy to do at home, but we recommend you do the patriarch’s one to look like no one else.

How to make the Ned Stark costume

To make a Ned Stark costume, opt for dark colors, a tunic or shirt that covers your pants, a leather cape, and of course, a sword with your belt. This is not complicated at all since with a coat and little else, you will be ready in no time.

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The character in the series wears a kind of animal cloak that is spectacular, but you can opt for a cape with some kind of motif such as “animal print” and it will be enough.

Another idea that I give you is to put on a black cape, like the one you see in the image above, and then place a small fur or a stole around the neck area.

In sewing workshops or patchwork stores, you can perhaps find some fabric that can be used to make your own Game of Thrones cape and even pieces of skin that you can sew.

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Homemade Game of Thrones Costume for Men Halloween 2022 | Jamie Lannister

Jaime Lannister is the favorite character of many of the women who watch Game of Thrones, but the truth is that he not only stands out for his beauty, but his style of costumes is exquisite and we can imitate him, a lot, this Halloween 2022.
Sometimes we have seen him with some kind of armor but for our costume we are going to opt for something similar to what you see above.

How to make the Jamie Lannister costume

What does that coat that the character in the photo wears remind you? Well, it reminds me of a trench coat, so I advise you to make your own Jaime Lannister costume from one you have at home, or that you can buy in second-hand stores.

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You will have to, yes, dirty it a little, put a dark belt on it and if you can bend the neck down. Don’t forget some boots and, of course, some gloves and the perfect accessory for the character, a sword.

It is clear that the ideal is to get a jacket or coat like the character’s, which in fact you can find on the internet, but isn’t it better to do it yourself?

It may not be the same, but it is similar and that’s enough for us. Do you see this image of a Game of Thrones fan? He’s managed to make his Jaime Lannister costume, and it’s most original.

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Or this other boy, who has made his Jaime Lannister costume from a raincoat to which he has sewn details in red, don’t you think it’s original?

Homemade Game of Thrones Costume for Men Halloween 2022 | Jon Snow

Finally we chose a Jon Snow costume and here it seems that it is clear to all of us that first, we have to opt for thick clothes, dark gray or black and that we need that kind of cape that this character wears, without a doubt the fan favorite.

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How to make the Jon Snow costume

The young guardian of the wall wears a cape made from skin and that imitates a kind of plumage (or at least that’s what it seems), so we can opt for something similar.

Before seeing how to achieve that layer, let me tell you that for the rest of the clothes you will need, for example, a thick sweater and thick pants (imagine that you have black ski pants; it would be ideal). .

Here you have a detail of this outstanding layer. You can opt for a black cape or even a coat and then you place a small knitted or fur stole over it.

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We give you another idea, with this other layer, which also includes that part of hair on the neck, which you can add by buying some fur in a furrier.

Homemade Game of Thrones Costume for Men Halloween 2022 | Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister is one of those characters that you hate and love equally in Game of Thrones. He has a lot of fans so you can bet on his costume for this Halloween 2022.

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How to make a Tyrion Lannister costume

You may think that making this Tyrion costume is somewhat complicated, and although he has his job, the truth is that it may be easier than it seems.

Actually, you can start with a sweater and pants in a greyish tone, which will be the base of your costume. Then you’ll need the vest.

For the vest, which Tyrion wears in leather, you have the option to buy it, although being a homemade costume, I recommend that you do it with a tunic or any dark vest you have at home.

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Let’s see this other vest, don’t you have anything similar? It sure is, since the key itself is to combine the two clothes in the same way that the character does.

On the other hand, Tyrion is played by actor Peter Dinklage who suffers from achondroplasia, the most common cause of dwarfism, which is why many people include this aspect in his costume.

If you want to do it, put on some small boots tied on the knees as we saw in the previous photo, and in this way you can simulate the same height.

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