Green pants, the latest fashion trend

It seems that the spring and summer of 2016 will leave behind a trend that we will see if it continues for next year, such as It has happened with other shades, but the truth is that this season you cannot miss green pants.

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Each and every one of the fashion firms wants to have trouser designs in this color, and in fact, many of the campaigns launched have models that wear them, both in men’s and women’s fashion.

Green pants, the latest fashion trend:

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  • In White you can find jeans of this color, as well as others that are actually also trending, such as the mustard-colored or the lilac-colored (which already swept a couple of seasons ago). In this case we see some jeans that are quite intense green, nothing to hide, and also tight. The truth is that although many of you may think that they are too flashy, in summer with brown skin and a white shirt or t-shirt, for example, they can look great on you.

  • Zara is another firm that has joined the “green fashion” that we can find in stores today. Although it does not have jeans that are too strong or flashy green, we can find among its proposals pants like these that also combine with a jacket and shirt to give it an elegant touch, although seen in the store it must be said that we can wear it in an informal way and in fact they will fit us better. It is a model of pants with darts and a zipper on the back.

  • From the same firm, Zara, we can find a model of pants that has made a strong comeback, such as the “chinos” and that are presented in different colors. Green is one of them, so it should be added that you will find them in a rather muted tone but that you can combine perfectly with other colors that are lighter and that will make them stand out much more.

  • And being already in the spring-summer season of 2012, since I was not going to mention the models or designs of green pants but also in a pastel tone; and that in fact they are the most fashionable shades at the moment. In Zara, again, we can find this model in cotton and with a somewhat tight cut. Ideal to be up to date.

  • Although for many of you this type of color suits you more for summer, the truth is that now in spring they are already in all stores and in fact you can even combine it with warm clothes, as is the case of United Colors Of Benetton that in the last of its campaigns it proposes a “look” of this style between green pants and a striped sweater that allows you not only to be up to date but also sure that you escape from that boring trend of always dressing in dark colors.

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  • And since we are about to enter the summer, we can not miss green pants but Bermuda style. These that you see here are from H&M, which has launched several models, with this tone even with different intensities. The one in the photo is a bermuda in soft sweatshirt fabric with a brushed interior. Side pockets, elastic waist and thick drawstring. In fact, they are ideal for a day at the beach, so you can now take the fashionable color anywhere.

Tricks to combine your green pants

Green, as we have already said, is one of the fashionable colors. However, it is not a color that combines well with everything, such as black or white. You can have green pants that look great on you and are great, but if you combine them with the wrong shirt, sweater or shoes, your look can end up being horrible. Therefore, you must be very careful with the way you combine your green pants. You must take into account both the shade of green they have and their fabric, since we must also keep in mind if our pants are very shiny or have a more matte appearance. Therefore, since combining the color green can be difficult at times, we want to give you some tips that will help you to properly combine your green pants.

-If you have doubts, bet on insurance. If you don’t know what color is the most suitable for your green pants, then combine it with a white top. White always goes well with all kinds of greens, so it is a totally safe option if you have doubts about what to wear with your green pants. Also, it is a good possibility if you have a conservative style and green pants are already a risk for you without the need to combine them with more garish tones. Therefore, always remember white; it can get you out of more than one jam.

–A black leather jacket will set you apart from the crowd. If you want to stand out from the rest and have a bold, sophisticated and sexy look, then we recommend that you combine your green pants with a black leather jacket and a white shirt or t-shirt. This look is especially effective if the green pants you are going to wear are light in color and not excessively bright. We assure you that this stylish tough guy look will be a big hit!

–Blue and yellow will be your favorite colors if you like risk. If you like to take risks in the realm of fashion, then yellow and blue will help you create a good impression while still being stylish. Blue will liven up the impression your green pants give if they are a matte or light color, while yellow will rival a deeper shade, making you stand out from the crowd. Be sure to consider these options if you want to succeed!

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–When combining colors, avoid red and very intense colors as much as possible, such as electric blue or shiny silver. As we have already said, when combining your green pants, you need to take into account the shade of green they have in order to combine them with one color or another. However, unless you are really sure that it is a suitable option for the type of pants you have chosen, then avoid, as much as possible, the color red and very bright shades, such as electric blue or navy. silver color. They are excessively risky options, so if you are not absolutely sure, it is better to go to other colors.

–Take into account the accessories. On many occasions, it is not the combinations between your pants, your shoes and the top of your clothing that cause problems, but rather the accessories that clash with your look. Therefore, keep them in mind. This is especially important in the case of ties, since they can create a very bad impression if they have a design or color that totally clashes with your green pants. In case you do not wear it, but if you wear other accessories such as cufflinks, a watch, a bracelet or a wedding ring, you should also take into account whether or not they clash with your green pants. If you can choose between several options, gold or black accessories will always be a safer option than silver accessories.

I leave you a photo gallery of green pants:

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Video of colors for this summer of 2016 :

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