Follow these 5 steps to have perfect skin during the summer

Pollution, stress, wind, work, … are factors that alter the health of our skin. Also in the summer, the sun hits our epidermis more, damaging our skin. Therefore, we are going to spend a few minutes worrying about the largest organ in our body and we are going to give you 5 steps to have perfect skin, look the best of your smiles this summer with these tips.

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The sunny season of the year is approaching, summer, which together with pollution, work stress, wind,… will spoil our skin a lot. That is why I want to give you the steps you need to take care of your skin this summer. Find out what steps to follow.

1. Skin cleansing

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You must clean your face with fresh water so that it is much more awake, and for this you have two options:

  1. Use facial cleansers.
  2. Make your own homemade cleaners.

2. Exfoliate your face

Exfoliation is one of the most important steps to show off glowing, flawless skin. You must remember that this exfoliation will help you eliminate all the dead cells that are on your skin, to make it much smoother.

3. Use the toner

The toner helps us to keep our skin free of impurities, clean and firm. It will keep your face fresh throughout the day. It fulfills a very important function, which is to prepare the skin for hydration, which is the next step.

4. Skin hydration, our daily bread

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Don’t leave your house without your moisturizer. You must use a light one that is absorbed when you apply it to the entire surface of the skin. Always emphasize the eye contour, which are the first areas where skin aging is noticeable. The moisturizing cream is not applied in any way, you have to follow a pattern and that is why I have left you a video that explains it.

How to apply a moisturizer?

5. Use sun protection

As the heat approaches and the rays affect our skin, the use of sun protection is more than advisable, although we should use it throughout the year. The vast majority of moisturizers have sun protection, but if you don’t, look for one that contains at least 15 SPF protection.

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More useful tricks to maintain perfect skin

In the previous lines, we have described the basic steps that you have to take yes or yes to keep your skin in pristine condition on a regular basis. But there are many other things you can do in your day to day to keep your skin looking its best and staying healthy. Therefore, we want to present you some useful tricks that will help you have enviable skin at all times and situations.

–Take into account the environment that surrounds you in the place where you live. Changes in weather conditions, an increase in environmental pollution, or even phenomena such as a large amount of sun, rain, snow, or hail, can make your skin very dry and even crack and damage it. Therefore, we recommend that when this happens, you pay extra attention to your skin. Moisturize it and take care of it more regularly to counteract these negative environmental effects and, in the event that these conditions damage your skin a lot, buy a specialized cream to treat that damage. In any case, always keep in mind how much environmental conditions can damage your skin and act accordingly when any negative variation occurs.

-Don’t forget the lips! The lips are among the great forgotten when it comes to talking about men’s skin care. Many do not think about them when they invest time and effort in caring for their skin and it is very easy for them to be forgotten. However, they are an essential part of your outer appearance and you should also give them the attention they deserve. Lips, like your skin, are damaged by the passage of time and by inclement weather, so they also require your attention. In addition, the lips lack the protective film that the rest of the skin has, so they suffer much more and it is very easy for them to become irritated or start to show wrinkles that impair your appearance. So, get a good cocoa or Vaseline specialized for masculine lips and that gives you extra protection against the sun’s rays. Apply it at least before you leave the house and, if you can, always take it with you to hydrate your lips whenever you need it. Don’t forget about them! You’ll appreciate it!

–Pay special attention to the area around your eyes. The eyes are surrounded by a very thin layer of skin, so it is a place that usually shows signs of aging very quickly. In addition, it is also an area susceptible to burning more easily or drying out very quickly, being able to exhibit small pimples or even uncomfortable eczema that will greatly harm your appearance. Therefore, keep this in mind when you think about the care your face needs. We recommend that you invest some money in a good cream dedicated specifically to skin care around the eyes that is as suitable as possible for your age and skin type. We assure you that you will not regret it.

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–Invest in a good after shave. The shaving process is usually very traumatic for the skin, as it irritates it and sometimes also hurts it. To try to minimize the negative effect that shaving has on the skin of your face, we recommend that you use a good after shave after the process. There are many options to choose from, but we especially recommend that you choose one that is appropriate for your age and skin type, that does not contain alcohol (because, if it does, it can irritate the cuts that you may have made during the process) and pay special attention to the nutrition and hydration of your skin. We assure you that it will be an investment that will give you many returns.

Also take care of the skin on your hands. When it comes to skin care, usually all the advice focuses on the skin of the face. It’s natural. The skin of the face is the one that is most exposed to all kinds of damage and is also the part of our body that most influences our physical appearance. To this we must add that the skin on other parts of our body is stronger and is usually protected by clothing. However, there is another type of skin that is highly exposed and is not only damaged by inclement weather and its inevitable passage, but also by its daily use. It is the skin of the hands, which also deserves all your attention. Therefore, protect your hands as much as possible. Moisturize your skin as much as possible with the help of specialized creams or natural oils, such as coconut oil. Wash them often to get rid of all the residues that can harm it over time and, if you can, exfoliate it to make dead cells disappear. In any case, be sure to give the skin on your hands the attention it deserves. Your body will thank you.

And do you follow these steps to take care of your skin? Or are you a bit careless?

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