Fashion trends for men in 2021

There is no doubt: the year 2021 is practically right around the corner. And knowing what will be a fashion trend, especially during the first months of the year, will be extremely useful when it comes to starting to get your clothes closet ready. From patchwork prints to oversized suits, as 2019 men’s fashion weeks come to a close, we’re already starting to see what’s trending next year on the streets.

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In any case, either because you need to update your wardrobe, or if you are simply looking for some inspiration for your next summer style, this time we want to talk to you about what will be a trend in men’s fashion next year 2021. Do you dare to discover them with us?

Cuban collar shirts

Believe it or not, it seems that elegant Cuban collar shirts will begin to be used next spring-summer. They are shirts that have a highly characteristic distinctive collar, attached to their short sleeves.

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Ultimately, they become a useful option to liven up our outfit, while making a real statement.

For example, you can choose between a shirt with solid colors or a bold print. In any case, these shirts certainly look great in bright colors (such as green, blue, or yellow). If, in addition, you complement it with sunglasses and chino pants, success will be assured.

Crossbody bags

I have used a shoulder bag for almost 10 years. From the moment they began to become fashionable. And, since then, I have not been able to separate myself from it: it is the best item to store everything I need to take with me on the street, from my wallet to my mobile phone, including car keys, a pack of tissues…

And, apparently, crossbody bags and shoulder bags will be back in trend next year. They are ideal, in fact, when it comes to keeping our belongings safe and sound. And crossbody bags can also look super elegant.

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If, for example, the leash is too long for your liking, you can choose to tie a small knot on it. It will also become an excellent way to animate our outfit. And, besides, it will be a practical and unique way to do it.

Over the knee shorts

Going back to the spring and summer months, in addition to Cuban-collar shirts, it seems that we are facing another item of clothing that will tend to become very fashionable: over-the-knee shorts.

They will help you in achieving a casual feel, being useful in keeping cool during the summer months, but dressing elegantly well.

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Also, they can go perfectly with a bright color, completing the look with an open shirt and slightly cooler shoes.

Oversized Blazers

Believe it or not, it seems that the 80s will return again thanks to the oversized blazers. Slightly larger, you can give your suit jacket a shout by taking it a bit further up and choosing sizes slightly larger.

It’s a great way to add a retro touch to a slightly more modern outfit, but without looking too formal.

And how to dress following this trend? Choose a fit that tends to be a bit larger than your normal fit, or try your best to make everything you wear slightly larger. Finally, combine it with the help of a basic or button-down shirt and jeans.

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Opt for a relaxed suit

Suits will obviously continue to be in fashion. But not just any suit. And it is that not all tailoring has to be adjusted. The best? Opt for a relaxed suit. And what does this mean? It can be something subtle, or extraordinarily exaggerated. In any case, wearing formal attire in a casual setting has never looked so good.

For example, you can combine the outfit with a white t-shirt and sneakers, which will give you a relaxed feeling. In this case it can also be useful to keep your blazer buttoned up.

On the other hand, you should avoid typical office shirts, as it could end up looking like you’re wearing your father’s clothes.

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