Fashion of yesterday: The fashion of the 80s

If we look at a time that has set trends in terms of designs, colors and even styles of life, the 80s have been a boom in what is now known as Retro Fashion or vintage look, for having designs that are as current as ever, and that continue to pass from generation to generation. At Modaellos we are now talking about yesterday’s fashion: The fashion of the 80s.

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It is very important to know how to choose the clothes we wear according to the occasion or event we have.

Fashion in the 80s

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The 1980s was a decade reminiscent of the 1920s. New clothes, new music and new dances took over the scene of those times. Women wore pumps and men wore skinny ties. It was the time when the Berlin Wall divided Germany, the world and the wall was coming down.

In the same way that in the 50s rockers or “mods” emerged, in the 70s “punk”, in the 80s is when other movements began to emerge that led to fashion being something more than just clothes and in fact many use it as a symbol of expression.

In Spain we have to talk about the “movida madrileña” that emerged as a countercultural movement during the first years of the Transition of post-Franco Spain and that is characterized by giving an image of a “modern” Spain, so fashion is transforms and they begin to dress well with combed and colored hair, ripped clothes, bomber jackets, leopard prints, leather pants, everything to be noticed and to be noticed.

Miami Vice Fashion

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Surely many of you have heard of this television series, where the emblematic Don Johnson was shown in a style that is still current, modern and comfortable at the same time as being curiously elegant (although somewhat transgressive for the time).

In this way, he imposed the style of wearing an elegant suit, but which did not consist of the classic, but consisted of not wearing a dress shirt, but rather a T-shirt as part of a suit.

Michael Jackson and Thriller

The ””80s would not have been too influential if they had not marked the rise and absolute stardom of the late and eternally considered King of Pop, who with his peculiar and moving way of dancing captivated the same eyes that also focused on the way they dress.

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In this way, Michael Jackson, author of Thriller, was responsible for many people dressing like him in the 80s. Someone was always seen somewhere with the classic hat, tight pants, white socks and even red and black leather jackets.

On the other hand, break dancing also had a great influence on fashion, as everyone dressed comfortably enough to practice that dance.

Sport Suits and Jeans

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The sports suit was almost an obligation in those years and it was seen anywhere, wherever you go, since it was one of the most used and resorted trends to look elegant without resigning comfort.

Another of the things that could not be missing in a man’s wardrobe were ripped and unstitched jeans, fashion that still exists until now, thanks to some who maintain it, and other companies that directly market them as a pattern, no need to wait for them to wear out or make destructive cuts into the fabric.

The latter, because it is something previously planned by the manufacturer, makes them last much longer and are more resistant to twisting and washing due to the intense use that this extremely comfortable garment is given.

The golden years ””80, that we always remember with a smile… How do you remember them? We look forward to your feedback!

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Back to the ’80s

In fashion, as in life, everything comes back. And one of the main trends this year is the recovery of the eighties style. With a certain air of nostalgia, we see many of the characteristic elements of this era in the vast majority of the proposals in the different fashion catalogues. Few are the firms, with a preference for the classic and not the transgressive, those that have not been fooled by that turn of the head and attentive look at the past.

We will see even more striking pieces, or more shameless, depending on how you look at it, in women’s fashion, since the flared will be done with many of the garments, mainly. But since in menswear, when it comes to jeans, what is in fashion is the skinny that is increasingly tight and narrow, we will look at other influences, such as the oversize or the general look of nostalgic inspiration.

The shirts tied at the waist is also typical of the time, the width and military boots with buckles and platforms. The torn pants are, among all the signs of that eighties inspiration, which is not only maintained, but also enhanced, leaving more and more openings in the knees much more evident.

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Although we are talking about skinny jeans that are so fashionable as I was saying, the wildest torn ones are also present.

But other 80s cues will give you that air of nostalgia we’re talking about, like skinny high-necked T-shirts and certain 80s-influenced hairstyles. These united pieces that Zara proposes to us in this case, provide the breath of the past that we have been commenting on.

However, the key piece, the star element that suggests that the different brands are reshaping the eighties style and rescuing its influence to shape their proposals, is the bomber. If you look closely, now all brands don’t have a bomber jacket to highlight, but rather all their jackets, or if not all, the vast majority, have this characteristic bomber jacket shape. Even the sweatshirts.

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We will find them in an infinity of colors and materials. This one that Zara suggests, for example, is a flowy one with a zipper whose material is suede (another sign of the hippy-folk influence that mixes with the most transgressive of the eighties). But we will see many others in leather and fabric, with different designs and colors, all of them as fashionable as they were at the time.

This final look that we can observe, has that aspect of coming back from the past to recover our affection for other times, times and influences that always come back, sometimes even stronger.

Undoubtedly, oversize arrived at the time about four years ago and is still there, hand in hand with all kinds of garments, especially sweaters, coats and t-shirts (as well as dresses, for girls), with more and more followers of the most comfortable and loose fashion of recent years.

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