Fashion of the 50s in men: the key styles and garments

If you like vintage fashion or feel Inspired by the fashions he wore in other eras, you will surely be drawn to the fashion of the 50s, characterized by exquisite elegance and a “cool” style that even today seems to be seen from time to time. Let’s find out a little more about the 50’s fashion style for men and what their key styles and clothes were.

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Men’s 50s fashion: the key styles and garments

Dressing up means mimicking mid-century style, though perhaps for people at the time, precisely because men wore suits everywhere, it was the norm.
Hat and full suits were then the outfit that everyone wore. It is enough to watch movies of the time to realize that the model to follow in terms of style was the actor Cary Grant.

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This attention to good taste and elegance spread throughout the world. Along with the hat, the trench coat was also a “must” in men’s fashion in the 50s. As for details in the suits, the handkerchiefs or even a small bouquet of flowers in the buttonhole, they added the extra touch to the suit. men for special occasions. On the other hand, the man also bet on the vests, which used to match the rest of the suit.

The style of the suits

These suits were more spacious and comfortable. The prevailing design inspiration was being able to take virtually any type of male body and make it look good through proper tailoring. In addition, the suit was the work “uniform” of those men from the 50s, so it had to be as comfortable as possible. This style trend would last until the 2000s, when bodycon suits would gain popularity.

When it came to color, men didn’t have much of a choice in the workplace. Dark blue, dark brown and charcoal. Even the ties, traditionally the extravagant touch of men, were uniform and dark. It would take some time before the men began to recapture the splendor of colors that had historically been theirs.

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Getting dressed to go to your office job in the ’50s meant you wore conservative clothing. so that a “look” was established that could easily identify the men of the time.

As a general rule, the bigger your job was, the more expensive your clothing style should be. You had to look and act like the executive your company expected.

Men followed the rules when it came to seasonal attire, too, but less so than women. In this way, the winter suits used to be made of wool, while the summer ones were made of cooler fabrics and also, somewhat softer colors such as gray.

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The white t-shirt and the jean

In this era of classic style fashion, however, there were exceptions, specifically those who, breaking the rule, invented a new look, more transgressive but equally charismatic. And once again it was the actors who launched the fashion. We are referring to young stars of the time such as Marlon Brando who was able to make the white T-shirt and jeans another symbol of the 50s.

The “casual” style

It is in the 50s when the so-called “casual” style was also born, which would be popularized by another Hollywood star of the time: James Dean. This is a style that was more akin to young people who did not want to wear the suits with hats that older men used to wear, that is: their fathers.

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In this way, and although Brando’s influence with his tight shirts was unquestionable, youth also grew up admiring Dean who used to combine formal attire with a more comfortable style. In this way, the option of wearing a suit without a tie or also wearing long coats and a turtleneck sweater or, as in his movies, the combination of a T-shirt + jean outfit adding a striking red jacket would be born.

Even a simple striped T-shirt, which women tended to wear more in those days, was a sign that a change was coming. James Dean was quite the style icon of the 50’s despite his sudden death in 1955 at the age of 24.

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The “preppy” style

It is indisputable that Brando and Dean marked an era in the 50s, but it is also during this decade when the so-called “preppy” style is imposed among young people, associated with high school and university students and their way of dressing using jeans or also in a suit, combined with cardigans and cardigans to which letters are added that represent the school or university they attended.

A way of dressing associated with adolescence and youth that would precisely leave the cardigan as one of its most representative elements.

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The “rocker” style

Apart from “preppy”, the fashion of the 50s takes a radical turn with the arrival of rock music and icons like Elvis Presley. At first he always wore a suit for his performances, but little by little his style changed and also that of the youth that followed him.

Since the mid and especially the late 50s, rock fashion was imposed with garments indisputably associated with this style, such as the leather jacket, which was also a garment that represented the biker style of the time.

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It is clear to us how the fashion of the 50s began as a style inherited from the fashion of the 30s and 40s but little by little it evolved towards an increasingly informal style, thus giving way to the fashion of the The 60s in which color was the protagonist and, above all, the fact that suits were increasingly relegated to special occasions or certain jobs, in favor of the increasingly widespread use of shirts without a tie, jeans, more fitted pants and also as no, the more limited use of hats.

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