Dalire Nutritive Cream: I use it for a month and this is what happens

It’s been four weeks since I started using the Dalire Nourishing Cream and I am ready to tell you about the (surprising) results I have obtained. Dalire Nourishing Cream: I use it for a month and this is what happens.

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What is Dalire Nourishing Cream?

Discovering the Dalire sulfate-free shampoo meant, in my specific case, realizing that I had been mistreating my hair throughout my life. Leaving conventional shampoos behind has been the best decision I could have made. Until now. And it is that adding the Dalire Nourishing Cream to my hair routine has meant an unexpected leap in quality. But what is Dalire Nourishing Cream?

Dalire Nourishing Cream, following the brand’s maxim, is a 100% natural product and the perfect complement to Dalire sulfate-free shampoo.

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Basically, Dalire Nourishing Cream provides your hair with natural hydration and nutrition that will make you wonder if this is the same hair you’ve always had. In addition, it helps to remove the remains of shampoo that may have remained in a hair follicle

Dalire Nourishing Cream Ingredients

Comparing the ingredients of Dalire Nourishing Cream with any other cream on the market can be revealing.

Shiny, voluminous, strong and moldable, far from being a miracle, the Dalire Nourishing Cream is only limited to removing harmful ingredients for the hair such as sulfates or silicones.

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It is not something minor, since 99% of current cosmetic products contain chemical elements that are harmful to the health of our hair, but much cheaper in their production.

In its place, the Dalire Nourishing Cream provides other completely organic ingredients such as:

  • Coconut – Coconut proteins and fatty acids protect and repair hair down to the deepest layers
  • Tussilago – Keeps hair moist and reduces inflammation of the scalp before attacks by external agents (pollution, smoke, dirt…)
  • Ponytail – It will give an unknown elasticity to your hair
  • Rosemary – Has a revitalizing effect on the hair
  • Nettle – Excellent natural conditioner
  • Birch – A natural scalp stimulator
  • Yarrow – Reduces itching caused by sulfates and parabens until they disappear
  • Thyme – Tremendous antioxidant for your hair

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Obviously, with this base of ingredients, you can already assume that the smell of Dalire Nourishing Cream is wonderful.

Does the Dalire Nourishing Cream work?

The big question: does the Dalire Nourishing Cream work? Curiously, I have short hair and I thought that because I was like that I didn’t need this type of product. In fact, when I read how to use Dalire Nourishing Cream I thought it was absurd. Until I tried it.

After washing my hair with the Dalire sulfate-free shampoo, I followed the manufacturer’s instructions to apply the Dalire Nourishing Cream for the first time:

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  • I put the cream on my damp hair, after drying it a little with the towel
  • I let it act for 10 minutes and rinsed off with a lot of water to avoid leaving residues (I had never left anything to act for 10 minutes on my head)

I have no words to define the state of my hair when I finished drying it. In fact, despite having it short, I’ve always had very dry hair and this time, I noticed it not only more hydrated and clean than ever, but also with tremendous shine.

By the way, this Dalire Nourishing Cream is also recommended for curly hair, as it prevents frizz. How do I know? Because seeing the results it had with me, my partner started using it after a few days.

Of course, what I have told you about was my first wash, but now a month has passed and the results have improved. I have tried leaving my hair unwashed for almost three days and it has held up as if it had just been washed, something unthinkable for someone like me who showers daily.

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I’ve been waking up for weeks without seeing a single hair on the pillow, and the same thing happens with the comb, which I finish using and doesn’t have half a hair between its teeth. In fact, there are several people who, upon seeing me during these weeks, have asked me what I have done to my hair.

Does the Dalire Nourishing Cream work? The answer is a resounding yes

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