Costume of the protagonist of The Purge for Halloween 2022

Recur to scary movies to seek inspiration for Carnival 2022 always It is a good idea. One of the most popular movies is “The Purge”, do you know it? If so, you are surely interested in knowing how to make the costume of the protagonist of The Purge for Halloween 2022.

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This film focuses on a fictitious scenario in which, one day a year, in the United States it is allowed to carry out any type of crime with impunity. You can imagine the type of people who go out into the streets to carry out their plans. Among all this group of people there are a lot of interesting looks and outfits that can serve as striking costumes for this Halloween 2022.

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We are going to see in this article which The Purge skins can be interesting, how to put on makeup and even how to get complete costumes. Don’t miss it!.

The Purge Masks

In the film there are some masked men who spend the day of the purge killing a series of targets. Therefore, it is clear that to disguise yourself as one of the terrifying members of the band, we must find the right mask. The masks are key in this film and there are several models. Choose the one that most appeals to you, but it will surely be difficult, there are many models! Most of the masks have a white base with drawings on top in different colors. Many of them have tribal-type drawings in black or red. And a large part of the masks have terrifying black shadows around the eyes.

In some movies also, the paint used for the drawings is luminous, in the dark. A fantastic trick for late night parties where there is little light. You will be the sensation of the party.

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These masks are the ones that have marked us the most since this saga came out, but in reality they are not the only ones. In the first The Purge movie, the masks weren’t like that. They were like a normal face, but with rather devilish grimaces. And in The Puge 3 they use masks with American motifs although deformed and demonized. You can go for any of these options and your costume will be fantastic too.

Make up like The Purge

As we mentioned in other articles in which the mask is key within the costume, such as Michael Myers Costume from the Movie ‘Halloween’: Halloween 2022, makeup is still a very important part of the costume. Makeup is the tool through which we achieve greater realism and a much more terrifying costume.

In addition, the mask can be substituted for makeup. It may be more difficult in other costumes, but in the case of The Purge costumes that you can wear for Carnival 2022, this change is very easy. You just need to paint your face white and make the drawings in black or red paint.

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In this type of makeup you can also play with the trick of the paint that lights up in the dark. It will be something new and very surprising. Of course, always try to use quality paint, which will not spoil your skin. This type of makeup is very aggressive and if you don’t bother looking for a good paint your skin may pay for it.

The Purge 2 Costumes

As we have said, each film has different masks as its protagonist. However, the first ones that come to mind when we think of The Purge, and therefore the most iconic, are the ones that appeared in the second film and the ones we’ve talked about more in this article.

Next, we show you the skins from the second movie. Perhaps you will find in this section what you are looking for. Good luck!

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The Purge 3 Costumes

As we mentioned in the previous section, there are several movies about The Purge. If you still haven’t found the perfect mask for you, don’t despair! Surely in this section you will find what you are looking for. With any of these masks you can dress up as the protagonist of The Purge for Halloween 2022.

In this third installment of the saga you can see a multitude of masks with American motifs led to demonization. There are masks of Uncle Sam, of the Statue of Liberty, or with the American flag. It’s an absolute critique of the freedom that this film shows in the United States, and how you can lose your way too easily.

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This movie has been one of the least popular, but even so its masks are also terrifying. Do not doubt that you can take it and cause a sensation in any Halloween party 2022.

Any of the masks that you can wear, inspired by The Purge horror movie saga, is a costume itself. Especially if we refer to films 1 and 2. In them the characters are dressed with a certain normality. In 1 they wear a suit, or preppy type clothes. In the second movie, they’re wearing casual clothes, with hoodies, jeans, and the like.

In the third film, the characters are already disguised by themselves. They wear clothing to match their masks. Costumes set in that American style, each taken to the extreme in their own way.

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Depending on the time you have to dedicate to the costumes, and the budget and skill you have sewing, you should choose one movie or another.

Wearing The Purge 2 costumes is the simplest. With normal clothes and good makeup you already have it done. You’ll just have to invest in the paint.

If you decide to go for The Purge 1, things are a bit more complicated for the clothes, since I suppose you don’t want to waste a good costume at a Halloween party, although with preppy fashion you will be fantastic. But for The Purge 3 it is much more complicated, although you will also have a more complete costume. You have the last word!.

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Infinite Purge Costumes

The Infinite Purge is to date the last of the films in The Purge saga, in this case, all the costumes and masks seen to date go into the background. If you’ve seen the movie you know what we mean because in this film the one who gets all the attention is Kirk’s character. A terrifying cowboy who could be one of the most popular costumes on Halloween 2022. He is not the protagonist himself, in fact we can even say that he is a minor antagonist, but his cowboy look completely dressed in black will surely be the perfect costume for Halloween if we also take into account the blood and the fact that he wears a very particular mask.

In this way, if you want to make the costume of this cowboy who works on Caleb Tucker’s ranch you have to choose completely black clothes. The character wears a black cowboy hat, shirt, and pants, with some small hints of color from makeup around his eyes, his holster, and a slight amount of blood splattered all over his person.

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You can buy a mask like the one he’s wearing, but since we see him without it too, we can recreate his makeup. We have already told you that one of the keys is to put some blood on your face, but also do not forget the eyes. To do this, you have to take a black shadow or makeup and apply makeup around the eyes as if you were wearing a mask, then blend slightly and finally, you have to apply makeup around a light red. You add a little blood, letting it run down your neck and that’s it. You’ll already have a nice Halloween makeup and costume based on the latest The Purge movie.

If you are looking for The Purge Infinity masks you can also get one that is like the one you see in the image, a rabbit, or you can also create it. It will be enough to have a base mask and then add a cloth or fabric that is made of wool or some lining from an old coat on top so that you can give it relief. Add some covered ears and the eyes should be painted so that they look like those of an animal but torn out.

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