Men’s Lefties Catalog – Summer Sale 2022

In some stores we only find clothes for women, in others for men, but in some, like Lefites, we see clothes for the whole family. We want to show you the best of the Lefties catalog for men in Spring Summer 2022 so you can know what you need in your closet, what clothes you like best and how you can take advantage of birthday gifts.

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Lefties catalog for men – Summer Sales 2022: t-shirts

If we look at the Lefties catalog for men in spring summer 2022, the t-shirts will not cease to amaze you. You can get this t-shirt, oversized to be more comfortable, with a graffiti-style drawing.

If you are a superhero lover, you can get this t-shirt that features logos of the best DC superheroes, such as Batman or Superman.

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But wearing a t-shirt does not have to mean wearing prints, but you can opt for plain or striped t-shirts, like this one; to go with a cleaner look.

If you like t-shirts with bright colors and that convey messages, in Lefties you can find t-shirts like these that we show you below.

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Within the Lefties catalog, you can find t-shirts with very strange or different designs, like this one that simulates a Mexican bandana, which are so fashionable.

Men’s Lefties Catalog – Summer 2022 Sales: pants

If you see the Lefties catalog for men spring summer 2022, the shorts, so used in summer, are one of their strongest bets. Like these extra short pants, which are made with a slightly lighter fabric so you don’t sweat as much.

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Now we want to show you one of the jeans that will sell the most, such as the black jean that is easy to combine with everything.

If you have the opportunity to go to work with the clothes you want, perhaps wearing chino-cut pants that are short at the same time may be what you were looking for or needing.

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Many times we think that sweatpants are to be used and thrown away or they are boring, but it is not true; we just have to see this design that they show us in Lefties.

Look at this pack of sweatpants, you can combine them as you want to choose one more colorful and another more classic; In this case we show you one in salmon and another in grey.

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Lefties catalog for men – Summer Sales 2022: accessories

Lefties accessories are suitable for all styles and tastes. Sunglasses, which are one of those accessories that we all think of when the warmth approaches. You can see them in many types, you are with a leopard print, they are our favorites.

A good belt can help you make your style look more complete, you just need to choose the one that best suits your outfit, that’s why brown and black colors tend to succeed.

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Take advantage of the fact that it is cap season to buy one and treat yourself, this one is not an extravagant cap and has a striking design; it has a mesh on the back to help you cool your head.

And underwear, that garment that we don’t usually give importance to until we run out of them. In Lefties we can find many packs, where you will have them in all styles and all colors.

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To finish with the accessories, you should think about those things that you are going to take to the beach or the pool, but that we never fall for it. For example, the towels, that’s why in Lefties you can find many patterned towels so you can lie down calmly while sunbathing.

Lefties catalog for men – Summer Sales 2022: footwear

Shoes are important, not just for looks; but for the health of our feet and at Lefties they take great care of these details. That is why we can find a collaboration with the Kelme brand, one of the most famous and that combines perfectly.

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In Kelme they are aware of the latest trends in terms of fashion and that is why in the collaboration with Lefties we can find models, popularly known as father’s shoes.

And if you need a shoe to wear daily or to train in the gym, you can find several very colorful models at Lefties.

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And there are also models, similar to converse, in many colors so you can choose the ones that best match your outfit.

And in Lefties there are shoes, with a sporty style, so you can go to work or have dinner with them.

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Lefties catalog for men Autumn Winter 2022 2023

When we use garments for the torso, we have many possibilities, such as wearing shirts or t-shirts. This time we bring you a red sweatshirt with a print, a simple model but with a touch that distinguishes it from a more basic design.

If what you are looking for is a garment to wear in events or more formal days, you can also find a sweater with a zipper, also in various shades and colors.

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And many polar linings, like this striking one, to get through the cold of this season.

But if what you are looking for is a coat, you can find this coat in various colors and sizes.

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There are also several types of vests for those days that are not too cold and made of various materials.

In Lefties they are in the latest fashion, that’s why we can see tighter pants like this super skinny jean.

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There are jeans of various colors that allow you to look different and make it look like you are wearing a more formal look, like these gray pants.

If you are more classic, don’t worry, there are also classic jeans like this one.

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You can also find pants for sports, like this jogger pack to combine them every day you train.

Do you need pants to go to work? You are sure to find a chino pants that suits your style, as well as various colors.

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In Winter there are accessories that cannot be missing such as hats and Lefties knows it, that’s why we can see various types of hats and in various colors.

Like this one, a hat that is a little longer than the previous one and without having that smooth look.

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Even though it is the cold season, sunglasses never fail and for that reason we bring you these sunglasses with a great design.

Belts are not only to make sure our pants don’t fall, they are also an element that can complete our outfit and match the shoes.

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Socks cannot be missing. At Lefties they bring us packs of 5 or 3 and of various colors, as well as warm, good-quality socks.

The boots are a good option both for the days that we are going to enjoy the mountains or the snow or to use on a daily basis when the cold hits.

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If it’s not so cold, you can always opt for one of these ankle boots that we can find in the Lefties catalogue.

And there are also shoes for sports, either in the gym or on the street. You will be able to find many designs and colors.

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But in the place where we are most comfortable in our house, that’s why within the Winter Lefties catalog we can see designs from series or movies like Rick and Morty or Star Wars.

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