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Buy custom shirts online, is it possible? Blackpier offers us this and other possibilities when it comes to personalizing our clothes. We have already bought in your store and we will tell you how to do it.

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We have already tried the experience of buying online on numerous occasions, but buying clothes and customizing them to our liking and to our exact measurement is something that seems more complicated and that until now it seems could only be done with a traditional tailor, but we have discovered Blackpier, a online store that makes us have our own tailor but only and exclusively through the computer.

How to buy a custom shirt online?

In my case, I decided to buy a couple of shirts since I needed them and it was an opportunity to test the magnificent service. The first thing we must do is access their website and go to the “3D Designer” tab and then click on the “shirts” option.

In this tab we are offered the possibility of customizing our shirt 100%. From the fabric to the thread of the buttons without forgetting the type of collar that we like best or best fits us as well as the cuffs, adding a pocket, choosing the cut of it, if we want it with long or short sleeves and even customizing it with our initials.

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I bought a red shirt with a fine white line and another plaid shirt, these very small white and navy blue ones, ideal to wear with jeans.

How to order and pay?

With our already selected and the preferred options we must click on the “add to cart” button. Once this is done, we can customize the measurements in two different ways, the first, by uploading each of the measurements that they ask us one by one so that the shirt fits us perfectly or with the standard measurements that they provide us, which are perfect. since I made it based on these and the shirts fit me perfectly.

You can pay for the shirt by Paypal or by credit card, either of the two methods is accepted but the best thing is that within 15 days you will be wearing a new shirt, just like me! Well, I have to tell you that it really only took nine days to send it, very fast!

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