Bershka catalog of jeans for men 2022

If you are looking for a pair of jeans, surely you have thought about buying it in Berskha, a store that has many types and styles. In Berskha we can find a very wide catalog of clothes, but the Berskha catalog of men’s jeans in 2022 is incredible and you can find some of these in various colors, so you can get several of them.

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Bershka catalog of men’s jeans 2022

In every man’s closet there must be a series of basics and black jean pants are one of them, this time we bring you these that are wider than traditional jeans.

And you also have to have brown jeans, like these, wide at the bottom, to be comfortable and allow you to show off your shoes.

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Although you can find the previous design in several different versions, to choose the one that best suits your style.

If you’re daring, you’re going to find designs like this one, which combine tears with graffiti.

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Or you can have them, but without that extravagant design.

Joggers are one of the most comfortable jean models you can find, they fit your ankles and have a softer fabric.

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If you like joggers, you might like these with the dragon embroidery on one bottom.

There are also some with this pattern from one of the anime that has been in fashion in recent years.

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There are also black joggers to combine in simple ways.

The good thing about black jeans is not only that they are easy to combine, but that you will be able to find them in various designs, styles and cuts.

Loose jeans are going to be the latest trend this year, like this one.

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And this design is just like the previous one, only it doesn’t have that break at the knee.

This type of pants is very good for those days when it is a little hotter.

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Other models of jeans that caused the most furor and ended up staying forever, are the super skinny, popularly known as skinny jeans. This first model is worn in color, with frayed hems and a small opening at the knees.

You can also find the same model as the previous one in white.

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There are also cigarettes that do not have any detail or brand, but are simpler.

You will also be able to find them in the most traditional color, the black that always combines with everything.

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And within the skinny jeans, the pattern and color of the most traditional jeans could not be missing.

The last of the jean models that we bring you is to be comfortable, a wide black jean that has a tear in the knees that allows you more freedom, especially when sitting down.

Do not hesitate to come to Berskha to see all the designs and colors that you can see in the men’s jeans catalog in winter 2022.

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