Beevoz, the new means of communication in Spain

Beevoz is a new community of collaborative communication, entirely in Spanish, and that is postulated to be a benchmark in the online scene. With Beevoz you can publish, participate and win. Its virtual magazine contains a wide range of topics and with a clear mission, to turn those anonymous people who want to be heard into recognized communicators.

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Beevoz Themes

In Beevoz everything has a place. From what happens in your town to what happens miles away: latest movie releases, restaurants, literary reviews. tourist destinations, incredible and impressive photos, reports or political concerns (with respect). Beevoz is a space that transmits what each person wants. Read your opinions and comments and spread them.

Each user has their own URL where all their content is gathered, creating their own diary or virtual page. Beevoz has all the communication and information tools you want without mediation of any kind. You can create, comment, share and gain experiences.

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Beevoz users

Beevoz is the first global collaborative communication platform in Spanish. But the most important thing is that Beevoz is a fun and interactive space with other users from the moment the user registers and starts publishing their content, to achieve their own achievements.

Users will start as a drone and, depending on their actions, until they become queen bees, going through another 3 ranks before. There is only one way to move up the ladder: Proliferation, success, and greater dedication to communicating what matters to you.

Fun, Contests and Prizes

Beevoz will periodically hold contests in which you can win trips, consoles, press passes and even cash.

Enter Beevoz, register, create and share to win. Beevoz is the new means of communication in Spain. Welcome!

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