More than 50 photos of original costumes for men Halloween 2022

Halloween 2022 has a great tradition in countries like the United States United but also in Spain when the month of February arrives, we all begin to think about that horror costume, or not, that we are going to wear this Halloween 2022, so we want to show you now the best costumes for Halloween 2022, those that are more original as for example the costumes in motion. Do you dare with them?

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We will also see others that will undoubtedly surprise you and of course, those inspired by characters or movies or series of the moment and that are very scary. These are the Original Costumes for Men Halloween 2022 below.

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You may want to start thinking about what an original costume can be for Halloween 2022, the most “special and terrifying” night of the year, surely you can choose a costume that really impresses.

In this way, in addition to having the most fun, you will be able to surprise your friends a bit with an original and terrifying costume, or simply with a costume that made your classmates smile and of course, you can choose proposals that I show you below and that are inspired by some of the characters of the moment.

One from Game of Thrones will be nice but maybe they are too elaborate or hard to find, so how about one like Rick from The Walking Dead series?

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You might find it easier to wear an army green shirt and skinny jeans.

Of course, do not forget that you also have to add a gun, and of course your clothes are dirty, for having fought against the zombies and that you leave a little beard to appear tougher.

A very original costume and at the same time very easy to get and very suitable for Halloween 2022.

Stranger Things Demogorgon Costume for Halloween 2022

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If in this 2022 there is a series that has stood out again, that is Stranger Things. In this case we bring you a costume of one of the best known monsters, the Demogorgon. This costume is one of the best options if you are looking for something different and novel, you will attract attention and at the same time you will be quite scary.

Wolverine costume for Halloween 2022

Rubies 880803STD – Wolverine Costume…

  • Official Marvel Wolverine Adult Costume, look for trademark on label and packaging to help ensure you’ve received authentic, safety-tested item
  • Printed jumpsuit with padded chest; molded plastic face mask included
  • Note: Costumes are sized differently than clothing and vary between brands, use the Rubie’s adult male size chart when choosing a size
  • Combine with friends in other X-costumes Men and Avengers available at Rubies, including the Incredible Hulk, Captain America and more
  • X-Men, Avengers, Spiderman and more: Rubies brings you all your favorite costumes and accessories from the Marvel universe



Wolverine’s can be another original costume to wear this Halloween 2022. This character is perfect if you want to be original without too much effort because in reality, all you need is a good tank top, and some jeans with a great matching belt and boots.

The only thing you would need to buy is the wolf cub claws, and a wig or if you have enough hair you can crease it and comb it up.

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Before continuing to see what other original costumes we have for this Halloween 2022, we also want to show you the idea of ​​being able to wear a costume in motion. The latest novelty in costumes and that will surely sweep this 2022.

“Breaking Bad” costume

Smiffy’s 20498M Heisenberg Licensed…

  • Includes Breaking Bad Costume, Yellow, with protective overalls, mask, gloves and pe
  • Chest 38″-40″ / waist 32″-34″ / crotch 3275″
  • Our internal security team ensures that all our Products are manufactured and rigorously tested to meet European and American safety standards and regulations
  • Smiffys is a leading costume supplier and family business with a 123-year heritage of costumes, wigs, makeup and accessories
  • Please Note that all of our Smiffys products always come in full Smiffys

branded packaging



The “Breaking Bad” costume is not only original but also a trend. The series has become a fan phenomenon, so there is nothing like choosing a yellow jumpsuit to imitate the style of the main character, Walter White, who manufactures methamphetamine in order to leave money for his family after being diagnosed. cancer.

It is easy to get a costume like this and if you do not have the yellow jumpsuit, do not worry, also dressed as you see above you can tell everyone that you are Walter White this Halloween 2022.

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“The Walking Dead” costume

Zombie hunter sheriff costume,…

  • Zombie hunter costume for men, for halloween.
  • Includes: beige sheriff jacket with insignia and motifs, sheriff hat with deluxe brown insignia, brown pants + blood tube and plastic axe.
  • In 4 sizes: small: 86 cm – 91 cm chest, 81 cm waist; Medium: 36″ – 40″ Chest, 36″ Waist; Large: 40″ – 44″ Chest, 38″ Waist; X-Large: 44″ – 48″ chest, 42″ waist.
  • Ideal for TV character costumes.


Apart from costumes as original as those of the moving t-shirts that we have just seen, we can also be inspired by popular culture to find the perfect costume this Halloween 2022.

If we have to look for a costume that comes to us inspired by a fashion series, this will be the costume taken from “The Walking Dead”; series that is currently sweeping and that we can wear with a Rick Grimes character costume.

Before we already saw a very simple one based on a shirt and jeans but our hero “zombie killer” was a marshall in the first season, so starting with a camel-colored shirt, brown pants and that’s it. Then you can buy a “sheriff” badge; a matching hat and the machete in a multi-price store and surely on Halloween night 2022 no one will come close to you.

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Zombie Costume

Atosa 14904 Adult bloody military costume…

  • Adult model. Exclusive Atosa creations available in various sizes.
  • 100% polyester material, machine washable (maximum temperature 30º).
  • Content: Pants, shirt and cap.
  • Includes cover with hanger for greater protection and easy storage.



And if you like being able to scare even more, being a Halloween 2022 costume, you can wear the costume of “The Walking Dead” but “customized” as if the protagonist had been bitten by zombies.

The costume is the same as we have seen before, although with makeup for the hands and face, or buying the mask for it.

Another option for the zombie costume is to put on a torn shirt, stain it with a little artificial blood (which you can do at home with a little water, honey and food coloring that we can find in any supermarket), put on makeup like a living dead and also buy you a fake brain. You’ll scare all your friends!

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Suicide Squad Joker Costume


Rubies- Joker Suicide Deluxe Costume…

  • Composed of a long violet tortoiseshell effect jacket with a printed T-shirt, velcro closure on the back
  • 100% polyester material
  • Size XL (chest size 126.5 cm, waist size 106 to 116 cm)
  • Dry clean
  • Supplied in a hanger bag



If you want to be one of the characters that have given us the most “scary” in 2022, you can become the Joker from the movie “Suicide Squad”.

Jared Leto has been in charge of giving life to the character in the film, and if you want to imitate his style, the first thing you will need is a long jacket, like the one the actor wears in the film.

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Another option is to take a red shirt and black pants, since the Joker also wears these clothes in the movie.

The “completion” will come with the hair, which must be green (although if you don’t want to dye it, they sell color sprays that wash off with water) and of course the makeup.

Joker Makeup

In this post we explain how to put on makeup, step by step, like the Joker from Suicide Squad:


Day of the Dead costume

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The Day of the Dead is like the celebration of All Saints’ Day in Spain and can also be associated with Halloween 2022.

In this way, we can choose to dress up as if we were one of the typical skulls that occur on this day.

For the costume you can wear, for example, a suit, or dark pants and also wear a shirt that has a skull print.

Day of the Dead Makeup

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As with the Joker costume for Halloween 2022, the Day of the Dead costume will be a costume characterized by elaborate makeup.

In order to achieve this makeup you will need a white base, and paint the eyes in black, as well as make detailed drawings, as you see in the image above.

Mad Men Costume

It is not too terrifying for a night like Halloween 2022 but it is original if we take into account that its broadcast recently ended, becoming more fashionable than ever again.

I mean of course, Mad Men, a series that marked everyone precisely because of its costumes, so that you can recreate it with a costume of Don Draper and company.

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For this, nothing like a classic suit, thick tie and of course, comb your hair to the side, plus a glass of liquor in one hand and a cigar in the other and everyone will recognize you.

Deadpool Costume

Superhero comics costume…

  • All-in-one costume that covers the body from head to toe
  • Suitable for Halloween parties or theme parties
  • Double zippers and reinforced seams at stress points
  • Must be hand washed in cold water



Deadpool’s is another of the original costumes that we can advise you for this Halloween 2022.

This is a good costume for this year since his movie was released so we think he’s going to catch on and since he’s a character who has a lot of fans, you might want to buy it, or maybe you can try. at home with a red jumpsuit, that has elements in black and of course, a good mask.

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Evil Clown Costume

Devil Clown costume for men



You can also choose a “diabolical” or demonic clown costume like this one that we see in the photo, of the character of Red Carver, and that we can make with a red and black striped shirt, a black vest, and then we can imitate this face with makeup or a mask that is similar.

If you prefer, you can paint your entire face white and then with red paint or lipstick marks the makeup of the mouth and of course the eyes that are very exaggerated. This is a great costume for both Halloween 2022.

Sonny Crocket Costume

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It seems that in recent years the “retro” style has become very fashionable so that we can choose a costume that comes to us inspired by the 80s, and by one of the series that marked it.

I am referring of course to Miami Vice, a series that you surely know if you are over 30 and that had a protagonist Sonny Crocket (played by Don Johnson), who dressed as we see in the image above.

A simple white blazer, matching pants and a pastel blue or pink shirt and you will look perfect. Of course, you will need the hair to be combed back and with some hairspray, or better yet, with some gel.

Astronaut Costume


My Other Me Me-202625 Astronaut Costume…

  • Exclusive design made with high quality materials (dry washable)
  • Includes: jumpsuit with harness
  • Size: S
  • Material: polyester



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The astronaut costume is always one of the most original. You can also buy it already made, or if you want to save money, surely you can choose to get a white jumpsuit, and place stickers or transfers yourself that include the logos and other drawings that the astronauts wear on their suit.

You will also need some military-style boots, and you can include an astronaut helmet that you can “customize” from any motorcycle helmet.

Comic Costume

Sometimes the question of being able to find a good original costume is the fact of basing ourselves mainly on makeup.

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This is what happens, for example, with a comic book character costume. We can get a suit and mark its lines, in black and white, so that it seems that we have drawn it, but the face will be what is really important.

To do this, you can paint the entire face white, and then paint red dots all over the face. With some black paint, we can draw the lines as if the face was drawn as well.

Alien Costume

Don’t tell me this other costume isn’t original. It is an octopus costume or indeed an alien, which is how the person who created it defines it, from cardboard toilet paper as well as boxes. The tentacles are joined on the inside by a kind of wire that makes it easier for them to bend as it does. It is somewhat laborious or complicated to achieve but it is not at all, something impossible.

Doll costume

This is another original costume, although somewhat expensive to obtain. It consists of gathering all the dolls that you have or that you find lying around and stick them to your clothes. One on top of another and on top of another and so on.

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Costume from “Adventure Time”

What is “Adventure Time”? Well, perhaps it is the children’s series (and for young people) that currently has the largest number of fans, so it can also be a great option for Halloween 2022.

The costume you see above has the two main characters, Jake and Finn, since the dog is attached to the costume. In this case, I recommend that you buy it at a costume store.

Ninja Turtle Costume

Rubies- Raphael TMNT Costume for Men…

  • Composed of a jumpsuit with a shell, a pair of knee pads, a pair of elbow pads and a mask
  • 100% polyester material
  • Size L (bust 116cm, waist 91 to 101cm)
  • Dry cleaning
  • Supplied in a coat rack cover



The Ninja Turtles, other characters that have become fashionable again thanks to the movies and that can be a great option for this Halloween 2022.

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In this way, you can choose to dress as you see above, with a costume that you buy in a specialized store or if you prefer, you can make your own Halloween 2022 costume.

To do this, you can take a white shirt and pants. And then you paint the chest part in yellow, or you can even sew another piece of this color yourself.

You will also need red wristbands and kneepads, and if you don’t have them you can take scarves of that color, or remnants of a red garment that you no longer wear.

Angry Birds Costume

Television series serve as inspiration for our Halloween 2022 costumes, but so do video games. In this case, we show you that the Angry Birds costume has become a fashionable game, which is why there are many companies that are going to market this type of costume for Halloween. If you want to do it yourself, you’ll need a tight black t-shirt and pants and make the costume with a foam or cloth body to shape the Angry Birds character you like best.

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Spartacus Costume

Spartacus is one of the characters that many men are going to look at for the next Halloween 2022; It is still in fashion after the TV series “Spartacus”.

You can disguise yourself with a cloth as a tunic, although you can also, and if you have the body for it, bare your chest and the cloth as if it were a skirt.

With a simple sheet we can get this costume without problem, and we can also add a bulky belt. For footwear, we can directly choose Roman sandals or try to make them ourselves or with any flip-flops and some straps that we will tie up to the knee.

Superhero Costume

Another original costume style for the next Halloween 2022 will be that of a superhero, but that of one that is currently in fashion such as Thor, or in fact any of the members of “The Avengers” and that has been one of the highest grossing films of the year.

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Hippie costume

A costume that never goes out of style and that is also very original, is that of a hippie. It is also very easy to achieve it; A pair of flared jeans, a flashy shirt, and a vest will suffice. Also a headband, round sunglasses and a wig if you don’t have long hair.

Spider-man costume

The Spider-man costume is also recurring every Halloween 2022, but the truth is that it never goes out of style, although movies of this wonderful character continue to be released in the cinema.

As with the rest of the proposals that we have given you, you can choose to have it made in a store, or try to do it yourself.

For this you will need some blue leggings, and make the chest in red. You will also need to line some boots with red cloth, and in the same way make a mask to cover yourself with.

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Ninja Costume

If you want to dress in an original way and that you can also achieve with a little ingenuity; The ninja costume is easy to achieve and you can also “play” to cover your whole face and leave only your eyes uncovered, so that you can mislead your friends.

Original costumes for Halloween 2022 | Costumes in Motion

As you can see in the photos above, it seems that this 2022, the fact of wearing a Halloween 2022 costume that has a drawing or element that is in motion is imposed (they are also perfect for Halloween night ).

This is the case of those created by Mark Rober and that work from our iPhone, iPhone Touch and other smartphones.

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How are costumes in motion

Through an application that is available in the APP Store, we can place our smartphone inside the shirts that you see above and that creates the animated effect of being in motion.

Halloween horror makeup with mask

Obviously, with the current circumstances at the pandemic level, this Halloween, and possibly some more, it will be time to wear a mask. A problem? Not much less. On the contrary, we just have to take advantage of the mask to add it to the catalog of accessories for our costume. To get an idea, we show you horror makeup for Halloween with a mask

And we start with a renewed classic that would combine a mask and horror makeup for Halloween. This steampunk clown is wonderful, as a concept and as an execution. Lots of white makeup, blue contact lenses and black and red touches on the face. All complemented by a Hayao Miyazaki Anime-style outfit.

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Where does the mask come in? Well, just when you have finished putting on your makeup, you would put it over your mouth. If it’s white, you can even draw a creepy mouth on it, but always knowing that there’s makeup underneath it too.

If you want something more classic, you have the option of horror makeup for Halloween with a mime mask. In this case, you will only need black and white makeup and the mask can be any of the two colors.

If what you are looking for is a fun, recognizable costume that winks at your generation, the solution is called Wally. One of the iconic characters of the 90’s always finds some nostalgic to revive him on Halloween, since his costume is easy to get

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When you have the hat and the red and white striped shirt and the jeans, it will be time to make the horror makeup for Halloween with a mask. In this case, as simple as painting the mask also with red and white stripes and matching your look. Simple and effective.

And if what you want is to have fun, the funniest option is the dinosaur tamer. In his case, the horror makeup for Halloween with a mask would be applied to try to look like Chris Pratt, while the mask could be a camouflage one.

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If you want to get the best costume for Halloween 2022, we recommend you take a look at Amazon’s costume offers because you can find very original ideas and, above all, at a very good price. From 2 to 5 days you can have it at home comfortably.

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