All Chris Evans hairstyles

If there is an actor who in recent years has blown up the film scene and whose films are a real success, that is Chris Evans, the actor who plays “Captain America” within the Marvel universe in the cinema.

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But despite the fact that this is his best-known role and the one that has given him the most opportunities to continue working in the cinema, Chris Evans had already been working in Hollywood for a few years, which is why he has given us different looks, styles and different hairstyles.

All Chris Evans hairstyles: very short

Although it is a style that has not been seen for a long time, at the beginning of his career, Chris Evans almost always wore his hair very short, almost military style. In the movie we saw him like this it was in “The Fantastic 4”, another Marvel movie where he played the Human Torch. Here it was still starting, but already promising.

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All Chris Evans hairstyles: short and beard

A few years later, he has been seen again with very short hair, but with more facial hair. On this occasion, Chris Evans opted for a sparse beard, which took up his entire face, mustache and goatees included. Also, to complete his look, he wears glasses that give him a more serious and formal face.

All Chris Evans hairstyles: shaved head

To interpret some of the roles of his career, Evans has needed to cut his hair even more, to the point of having to keep his hair shaved. Although we are all used to seeing him with a good amount of hair, the reality is that Chris’s face does not feel bad at all to be shaved.

All Chris Evans hairstyles: bushy beard

In his last performance as Captain America, “Infinity War”, we can see an Evans, who after spending a few years in hiding, returns to the scene, not only with longer hair and worn back, but also stops aside his short beard to appear with a very bushy beard, one that will undoubtedly need a lot of care.

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All Chris Evans hairstyles: short hair

In almost all his performances, especially those in which he plays the best-known and most important captain of Marvel, we have been able to see Chris Evans with short hair, but with enough quantity to be able to comb it a bit and give it different shapes . In the next photo, we can see how her bangs are slightly blunt upwards.

In this photo, from the third part of the Captain America trilogy, we see how his hair is slightly longer, but this time he has it combed back, looking more mature, according to the position that corresponds to him in said movie.

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All Chris Evans hairstyles: long hair

In the first Captain America movie, at the beginning of it he plays a simple soldier. That is why his appearance is different from the current one, as we can see in his hair. She has long hair, with bangs that go to the sides, occupying part of her face. In this way, he looks innocent and showing more naivety, less serious than facing his Captain America charge.

All Chris Evans Hairstyles: Goatee

Yes, Chris Evans also has a less fortunate past. Here we can see him sporting a goatee, accompanied by a thin mustache. The truth is, the goatee may not suit him very well, but you learn from everything and he has learned to get the most out of his face.

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All Chris Evans Hairstyles: Mustache

No beard, no goatee, a mustache. In this way, Chris Evans surprised the world by appearing with a lush mustache, like those of yesteryear, which actually suits him quite well. The actor took advantage of the movement known as “Movember” to show off his mustache. This movement, for men, is based on growing a mustache during the month of November, hence the name, with the aim of raising awareness of diseases that affect men, such as prostate cancer. So we can see that in addition to playing Captain America, Chris Evans is also aware of society.

Chris Evans is one of the most fashionable actors and his career has only just begun, so stay tuned to to see his upcoming changes of look and that of other artists.

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