Tips for men who want to dress well

Do you feel like you’re putting your all into it but you can’t dress well? In ModaEllos we are going to share with you some basic principles of good dressing, so you can see if you are going the right way.

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For those men who are stubborn about not knowing how to dress, or who find the world of fashion something completely alien and do not decide to change or improve themselves, we have developed a series of tips to achieve the greatest possible elegance .

Men’s fashion tips: Underwear

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Where it all begins. It is essential to be comfortable from the most intimate. This means that you should choose underwear that is comfortable, that allows you to move easily, while giving you confidence (with a partner, of course).

One of the big mistakes that is often made is not giving it the proper importance, but underwear is not only for the couple to see or enjoy, it is for our own comfort. If you feel emotionally confident and sexy, you will radiate that to others.

Men’s fashion tips: Garments or looks

You have to like the garment but it is essential that it be comfortable for you, that it makes you feel safe. It is useless to be dressed well but feel bad, because it will be reflected in your face and in the way you move. Result? Negative.


Athletic clothing, as its name suggests, is for use in a sporting activity. If you are using this type of garment to go out, it is wrong (unless you use it to go shopping for a second or to do something quick).

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Be clear about this from the first minute: Sportswear is used to play sports, full stop. There is NO more, there are no excuses or possible reasons.

Tight garments or loose garments?

None of the two extremes is good, neither is flattering. It is not good to see someone with very tight clothes, nor with very loose clothes, as if it were a bag. It’s something that shocks.

It is clear that fashion will always mark its own points of view and that you can find a multitude of pants and jeans strictly adjusted to your skin, but it is not always the best option, much less for all body types.

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Also, it’s not okay to combine a tight jean with a loose t-shirt, for example. Avoid extremes.

Choose the right clothes

Within your own personal style of clothing, or the clothes with which you usually find it more comfortable to go out, it is important that you take into account the type of event you are going to attend to choose the most appropriate combination: elegant, casual, informal… Not everything goes.

The ideal thing we can do is a consultation with your relatives, finding out how formal the event you will attend is, and thus be able to choose the appropriate clothes.

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Looking formal all day looks bad, and looking casual all day, too. Remember that extremes are never good, so an in-between style is never lacking in elegance.

Hats, caps and fashion accessories

How do you know if any of these garments are in style? If you want to base yourself solely on what is in fashion, there is nothing better than looking at an online catalog of the store that you like the most or virtually walking through several of them, so you can check if they have any of these accessories for sale or if they they use in their lookbooks, which will also allow you to get an idea of ​​how to combine them.

I also tell you that you always have to be faithful to your style, within certain margins but faithful to what most attracts your attention. Hats are not always going to be worn but they may look sensational on you. Are you going to stop using them for that? I don’t think so, just pick the right times to use them.

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Finally, remember that wearing jewelry is not bad at all. Do you have any tips to share? We look forward to seeing you, and we will continue to give you advice on how to dress better.

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