Adidas pants

Adidas is perhaps one of the most famous sports brands in the entire world, but over the years it has known how to convince everyone with collections that go beyond a simple tracksuit and in which we can find a variety of styles when it comes to their pants.

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We cannot say that among the pants that Adidas regularly launches, we will find those that are useful for a suit or to go to a wedding, for example, but the truth is that we will find several models that we can wear to play sports, to give a walk and even with one of their models we can go to work without problems.

Styles in Adidas pants:

  • Sweatsuit: The truth is that Adidas has a wide variety of pants collections from its different lines such as “Originals” and where the most traditional model of the firm, the black tracksuit with white stripes on the sides is an essential for those of you who are fans of Adidas.

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  • “Chinese” pants: Although it may not seem like it, Adidas has a series of pants that they have called “Blue Rekord” belonging to the “Originals” line and which is actually a model of dress pants in a bluish or cream tone with a pocket back and with a straight cut.
  • Cotton pants: Designed by Kazuki Kuraishi, Adidas cotton pants are comfortable and in shades like grey, ideal for a Sunday or for sports. They are also ideal to be at home.
  • Pants that combine styles: Without a doubt, one of the successes that Adidas has had in recent years was to sign the revolutionary Jeremy Scott to design some of its most original creations. In a matter of pants, Scott recently created a type of sweatpants that also blended with a tuxedo coat. Another of the models is inspired by the pants to go on a motorcycle and that to be able to wear them also have some small “wings” that is already a brand within everything that Scott designs.
  • Shorts: Adidas also has a wide variety of shorts, among which those from the collections of previous designers stand out, and where we can also find both tracksuits and Bermuda shorts, ideal for dressing.
  • Jeans: Also in Adidas you will find some models of jean pants. They are straight cut, although somewhat bulkier on the sides and narrower at the bottom. They have five pockets. Other models, on the other hand, are wider or narrower and there are even some in different shades of denim blue.

I leave you a photo gallery of the Adidas pants:

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