A look for every occasion With a beard or shaved?

A simple question that affects all men. Beard or shaved? At present, men who wear a little beard are in fashion, since they give a more scruffy and modern touch to our look. However, the shaved face gives you a touch of seriousness as it gives you a slightly more classic look.

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Here we explain the advantages of growing a beard and shaving.

A simple question affects many of us. Beard or shaved?

Today men who wear a little beard are in fashion, as they add a much more scruffy and modern touch to their look, as we can see in men like George Clooney, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Beckham, Hugo Silva, among others.

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Beard look

Shaved look

However, the shaved look is not far behind in the world of “celebrity”, with whom we can count for example: Mario Casas, Taylor Lautner, Farrell, among others.

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Beard or shaved? a look for each

I am one of those who think that you have to take a job very seriously, especially in the times in which we live. Let’s show that seriousness by coming to work clean-shaven.

However, when it’s time for fun, whether it’s a party, going out for a drink with your friends, or for any weekend event, take advantage and give your look a scruffy touch. Let your beard grow, but take care of it, that is, trim it if you have it too long or shape your beard, I know that some beauty always appears that makes our beard not have the perfect drawing.

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To do this, you can use specific machines that are sold in the market to trim and shape your beard, or use a haircut machine.

Ideas of Looks with beard

It seems that the world is divided between men who wear beards and those who don’t, right? However, if you are undecided, you should know that there are many middle terms between one option or another that you can choose from. Some of them have a lot of potential, so we want to present them to you so that you can have the best possible look.

Stubble: The English word “stubble” is used to refer to recent hair, that is, hair that grows on a man’s face, but is still too short to be considered a true beard. It is usually an ideal option for those men looking for a slightly careless, rebellious look with a sexy touch. However, keep in mind that, as with beards, this look requires special care. Facial hair usually doesn’t grow the same length and speed on all parts of the face, so you’ll need to balance, cut, and care for it to keep it looking even. In any case, this look is ideal for those men who want to introduce a daring touch to their usual appearance. However, do not resort to it if you move mainly in business or very elegant environments, since it will not be very well seen in these types of environments.

–The mustache: Individual mustaches, that is, independent of the beard, seem to have fallen into oblivion. In an environment where it seems like you’re either a fan of beards or have to go completely shaven, mustaches seem like relics from another time. However, this is not true and if you want to sport a mustache, we assure you that you have many options to choose from that will not make you look anything like your father or grandfather. Depending on your type of face and the intention you have when it comes to growing it, a good mustache can help you appear more mature, have a perfect retro look and will give you a sexy touch that you would not easily achieve otherwise. Try different combinations to find the best mustache for you before settling on one. But, in any case, don’t let the fact that mustaches aren’t currently in style stop you. Remember Tom Selleck would be nothing without his!

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–Sideburns: As has happened a bit to the mustache, sideburns are now considered somewhat old-fashioned if they are not attached to a beard. However, there are many possibilities for them. Forget the typical hairy sideburns of the seventies and embrace all the options available to you. For example, neat tapered sideburns are a great option for men who have a very round face and want to lengthen their features. Therefore, do not dismiss this option before trying it out. Sideburns can give you a lot of satisfaction!

–The Goatee: Attached to a mustache or presented independently, goatees are an even riskier option than the ones we’ve listed above. Currently, it is difficult to see men wearing a goatee on the street, but that does not mean that this look is not for you. Goatees can really flatter the face and if yours is well cared for, it will add a chic and modern touch to your look. Actors like Johnny Deep or Brad Pitt, to cite two well-known examples, have shown that goatees can be sexy.

–The “patterned” beards: Finally, we want to refer to a trend that has more and more followers. On many occasions, you will have seen how some famous people, especially soccer players, wear a beard that is trimmed in a very particular way to create certain patterns or drawings. This very original and unusual way of wearing a beard is gaining many followers and can give you endless options. You can, for example, trim your beard to create a linear pattern with different colored parts, create spirals or present tribal images, among many other possibilities. Therefore, if you are looking for a truly groundbreaking look, forget about the traditional beard and wear your own design on your face. You won’t go unnoticed!

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