60s fashion for men

The 60s were a very important milestone for the world of fashion. In a time of evolution and struggle for freedom, fashion made all the difference, often giving a voice to people who did not have the necessary freedom of expression. Between men and women, young people who wanted to take advantage of it, everything changed. And also fashion.

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This decade marks a period of transition from the conservative 1950s to the laid-back atmosphere of the 1970s. Because of this, 1960s men’s hairstyles reflected a certain 1950s conservatism and offered a preview of the freedom to come.

Clothes stopped being so rigid and bright colors and fair and more sensual garments began to emerge. The fashion of the 60s for men underwent an important change and with it the sex-symbols of the time began to emerge, such as Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash.

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Hairstyle for men | 60s

Something essential in a 60’s look are hairstyles. It is impossible to think about it without also thinking about Elvis Presley, in manicured toupees and gelled heads. Think that to get a well-done 60s hairstyle for men, you must take care of your hair with care (if you want a toupee or a flat top). They are hairstyles that take a long time to do, but the result is totally great.

Mop-top: Arguably the most iconic men’s hairstyle of the 1960s is the mop-top, a hybrid cut of the bob or bowl cut, popularized by the band The Beatles and further emulated by groups of rock like the Rolling Stones, Herman’s Hermits and The Doors. To make a hairstyle for men using this model, you should know that this is a homemade cut in which a bowl is placed on the head, something that is used as a cutting guide to leave most of the hair intact, you just have to cut or shave sideburns and back hair. The cut should be completely even.

Buzz Cut or Flat Top: The Buzz Cut is a simple and very practical cut for any man, you just have to have a razor handy and voila. You can leave it short or with sideburns, it is a hairstyle that goes well with a man with receding hairlines or with many swirls. For its part, the Flat Top is the typical cut of the American marine, with a flat top and a shaved side and back. It is a style with which you can do many versions, such as the flat top boogie, with longer sides and rear area and combed back.

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Rockabilly Look or Pompadour: Music legends like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash wore a stylized haircut known as “Rockabilly” or “toupee”. To make a hairstyle for men from the 60s in the pure rockabilly style, you must have short hair on the back, the long front combed back and very high. This is a version of the hairstyle of the ‘greasers’ of the 50s, very fond of finishing their styles with oils and gel.

Clothing for men | 60s

When it comes to 60s fashion for men we immediately think of well-fitting leather jackets and pants. Tailored clothes were also very successful at this time, tailored jackets and pants were a must-have at that time. Men’s clothing was greatly influenced by the world of music. Success was guaranteed for those who followed the Beatles’ style.

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In men’s clothing from the 60s, colors were very basic, appearing many shades of gray or colors like black and white. When something more color began to emerge it was always yellow and red primaries. Now the 60s have returned to men’s outfits and you should not neglect any detail if you want to look good.

Pants: You should wear pants that are tighter to the leg, with a low waist. Nowadays, bell bottoms are not so fashionable, so you’d better think of a narrow model for your look.

Paletó: The paletó is a coat very similar to a frock coat, a collarless jacket popularized especially with the Beatles quartet. Combine it with colored pieces or more “lively” shirts for informal or day-to-day events, or with sober colors for more formal occasions.

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The Nehru jacket is a 60s men’s clothing item widely used by musicians of the time. These jackets are ideal for a more modern look and for more formal events. They are very elegant and you can combine them with various clothes. If you choose them in colors, make sure that they combine well with the event or moment in which you use them.

Boots: Chelsea boots, what is known today as ankle boots, makes a strong comeback this decade with new and unconventional colors. If you think that wearing this style of footwear will give you a “hick” air, you are wrong, it is a great choice to compose your 60s look. Opt for black or dark brown boots, they are easier to combine and are more elegant.

T-shirt / Shirt: A printed long-sleeved shirt in warm and bright colors is a great choice and they totally fit the sixties look. The shirt follows the baseline seamlessly, especially when paired with the jeans. Also, if you buy a biker-style leather jacket and combine it with a t-shirt of this style and some black ankle boots, you will surely be a hit. It’s the total look.

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Accessories for men | 60s

Sunglasses were a general trend in the 60s, the main accessory to compose a look inspired by the moment. Round glasses are the most used model, John Lennon-style glasses, with colorful, decorated or patterned models. If you don’t like it, you can opt for more discreet and sober models. This trend marks the return of brown or yellow stained sideburns, very popular in the 1960s.

Belts with large buckles were also a great trend, an ideal complement to men’s pants. It is a “risky” accessory and you can start with discreet colors and smaller buckles.

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