6 basic tips for a good masculine dress

All of you have ever wondered how to combine men’s socks with pants, for example, or questions that have to do with style and good masculine dress. At Modaellos we want to explain to you what are the 6 important points that can clear up the confusion a bit when it comes to combining clothes and that will help you to get how to dress well.

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1. Always combine the belt with the shoes

This is a very good rule and easy to carry out. It’s best to stick with traditional colors like black, dark brown, or tan. Other colors will be difficult to match, so it’s best to avoid them. If you wear sneakers, surely wear jeans, in which case it would be better to wear a web belt or some casual belt, but it is better to avoid dress belts if you wear jeans and sneakers. If you wear suspenders, better not wear a belt.

As for the combination with the shoes, it is in the aforementioned color where the key is, are you wearing a white belt, for example? Choose sneakers or shoes that are the same color.

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2. How to combine ties with shirts

The tie of the same color as the shirt or a lighter tone has already been seen too much. Try to mix up the colors and designs of the ties a bit more and experiment a bit. But always combine the tie and the shirt well.

Ties are a great way to express yourself. You will never go wrong if you try diagonal stripes, modern dots, plaid patterns or subtle patterns. Try to make sure that your tie matches your shirt, sweater, jacket, or whatever you’re wearing.

Ties with novelty designs are best avoided, as they tend to have a short lifespan in the fashion world. There are also different tie knots and each of them will express something different. It is preferable that you do not use clips on your ties, they look better without them, although for a very formal celebration they never hurt.

Video of how to tie a simple tie knot

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3. Pleats vs. Plain Front on Pants

In most cases pants with a straight cut look better than pleated ones (the ones that are pleated at the waist). The folds make you look less thin. Some men say they wear pants with pleats because it’s more comfortable or because straight-cut pants are for athletic bodies. And the truth is that all men can wear the pants without a crease and they will look better.

If you want to feel more comfortable and loose you can buy a larger size or ask the place where you buy it to enlarge your waist. In short, plain pants are not only more fashionable, but they allow better combinations both with formal shirts and with other garments, t-shirts, that are more informal.

4. socks

The official rule regarding socks is that they should match the color of the pants, not the exact same shade, unless you’re wearing black pants, in which case it’s okay for the socks to be black.

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Socks with a striking pattern are currently very fashionable, so if you wear dark-colored pants or even jeans, you can allow yourself to follow this trend, although be careful with the colors you choose for your socks.

We can find stripes or patterns of various colors, and it is important that the colors of the socks also match the shoes and pants. White socks should be reserved for the gym.

5. Watches

Watches are the best accessory a man can wear. For this reason it is good to invest in a good watch. If you have more than one watch, wear the appropriate watch for the occasion, with a black strap if the belt and shoes are black, brown if they are, or silver for other colors.

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In fact, we can find ideal watch models for the day we wear a suit, those that are more “casual” or “sport” style.

6. Glasses

Glasses are one of the accessories where you can express yourself freely. They don’t just have to fulfill their function, but can also flatter your entire look.

Nowadays, the choice of this element has also become something to take into account depending on our style when it comes to dressing, so do not choose only those models of glasses that favor the shape of your face, but also express your personality and why not, you can let yourself be carried away by the latest trends. When you buy glasses it is good that they advise you what shape and style they should be so that they flatter your face and features.

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Men’s Looks 2018 | How to dress well

After these super tips to learn the art of dressing well, we will propose a couple of looks with which to learn, in addition, to combine the different elements. In this way you will have an overview and you will see how the different garments, textures and colors feel when we combine them well.

We must always keep in mind that the key to the success of a super outfit is that the details provide the note of color, or combine the garments according to these details. But the most important thing of all is that, in order to know that you have achieved the right look, when you see the set you should pay attention to whether, when combining the different elements, they feed on themselves so that they stand out more. In other words, the perfect complement is the one that makes what it complements look much better, prettier, more attractive, shinier, etc.

Let’s go there then with these looks that we have prepared for you, with them we will be able to exemplify what I am telling you about in a much clearer way. As always, more visual and, therefore, more effective. Let’s go with the first!

Men’s Looks 2018 | Semi formal sexy

We have defined the first men’s look for this 2018 as sexy semi-formal, and honestly, it is the one we like the most, because it has the main elements for a spot on look following a few small guidelines that we will now discuss .

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First of all, these super red pants combine great without being excessive because the rest of the clothes follow a neutral color, a very soft silver gray that greatly favors these simple pants. It is a slim fit without being skinny, which allows for that degree of formality.

Wear a basic white shirt, ideal for outfits like this, when what we want is to highlight certain details. In this way, neither the shirt diminishes importance nor the rest of the garments cancel out the print or design of the shirt.

Over this, a cardigan in the same tone as the blazer (also ideal), but with some fine maroon lines, which creates that harmony with the pants, in this way they combine. And finally, the detail that makes the outfit stand out and unify is what gives it that extra degree of formality, the pocket square. Just perfect.

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Men’s Looks 2018 | Urban Casual

We have called this other look for men urban casual, as it is a comfortable, practical and chic outfit to wear any day of the week.

The jeans relax the look, giving it an urban touch, as well as the boots that “fight” with the hem, giving the feeling of greater ease. On the other hand, we have a lumberjack-type plaid shirt, also fashionable, and a bottle green cardigan, a trend color of 2018.

The scarf unifies the combination of colors that, together, make the look super successful; However, from our point of view, although wool hats are in fashion, this one in particular seems to us to be unnecessary.

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6 Tips to know how to dress with style

For those of you who, in addition to all of the above, want to be the most stylish boys among all your friends, nothing like following a series of fairly basic tips that we explain below and with which you will undoubtedly see a lot better.

1. Objective: Maturity

Many men believe that dressing with style is letting themselves be carried away by trends and with this they end up wearing t-shirts or shirts that no longer correspond to them due to their age. The youthful style is ideal but we have to assume that from a certain age it is better to put it aside, and the younger ones should also take into account that sometimes a more mature “look” will make you “earn points”.

Because maturity is an attractive quality in men. Maturity, after all, is what separates the men from the boys. Maturity shows masculinity and demands respect, and it’s a quality you want people to see in you.

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That doesn’t mean I have to dress like your dad. It just means that you have to avoid dressing like a teenager… Unless you are actually a teenager.

2. Give up the “Graphic Tees”

The first thing you should do to stop dressing boyish is to completely remove the graphic prints on your T-shirts.

Despite popular belief, they don’t make you look fun, hip, or original. Also, people associate certain patterns with individuals who refuse to grow up.

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You can wear your Star Wars t-shirt once in a while, but it won’t be the best choice when it comes to looking for a style option.

Instead, try wearing basic or striped t-shirts. Not only do they look sharper, but they are also easier to combine. Alternative options are shirts or polo shirts.

3. You have to hit your jeans

Jeans are essential for any man, even those who claim to have style, but of course you must hit the right size, cut and model.

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To know how to hit your jeans, you should put aside all those that look too baggy, or those that fall every two by three, revealing your underpants, do not wear tight jeans if they are not your size, and avoid those that have a “washed” effect since they are very old-fashioned.

4. Bet on another type of pants

Jeans are the best pants option for men, but they can’t be the only one. Perhaps it is better that you look for other options such as cotton pants.

Add some variety to your wardrobe by investing in a pair of cotton pants in shades like camel, black, navy or even grey.

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5. Choose a good shoe

It is true that sneakers are a trend in the most current men’s good dress, but think that your dirty and perhaps broken sneakers are the worst choice when it comes to choosing a stylish look.

There is nothing wrong with putting aside the shoes for certain outfits and with that you will be right. You can start looking at boots, such as the “chelsea” style or the “desert” style that are trending, boots, lace-up shoes and even a good pair of loafers.

6. Learn to form Layers

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Do you want to know an easy way to take a look to a high degree? Add a layer.

Many men are a little intimidated by layering, since they don’t quite know how to match clothes quite well. But you don’t have to be an expert, and in fact, use your head and you will come up with good outfits based on layers and formed, for example, from a gray sweater and a baseball-type jacket or a leatherette one.

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