15 Photos with the Mutton Beard Models

You may think it’s outdated, love it or hate it, but the mutton beard style is becoming more and more popular. seen on the street and is increasingly requested in barbershops.

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Perhaps the best thing about this style is that it looks equally amazing when paired with different beard styles, with a statement mustache or maybe some goatee style. Either way, it’s always great, elegant, and fun when men’s looks are different from what we’re used to seeing, and especially when sporting a look as striking as the mutton beard.

Show an elegant and clean Mutton Beard

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To wear this first Mutton beard style you have to grow your sideburns completely to integrate into the beard as we have already mentioned in the paragraph like this. To wear it, you need to shave your goatee and keep the sides moderately thick. Make sure there is precision and symmetry to achieve a masculine look.

You can have a Mutton Beard with a mustache

For this other Mutton beard style you have to let your hair grow from the sideburns to the chin and make sure that the hair in the chin region is clean shaven, but also that the beard integrates well with the mustache which is long.

Mutton beard combed and clean

This mutton beard style will need the sideburns along with the trimmed short mustache to look stylish just above the lip. A type of beard that was popular in the 70s and a very “biker” style that is making a comeback.

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Thin Mutton Beard

This sophisticated mutton beard style is achieved by trimming most of the hair on the sideburns and cheeks to leave a chin line and a thin mustache.

Mutton Beard with Curly Hair

In this Mutton beard style, the hair is grown and left natural as it is a curly beard although the mustache is trimmed to be shorter than the other facial hairs so that the beard does not fade. see nonsense.

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Mister T Style Mutton Beard

This beard style is what the famous Mister T wore in the 80’s and still does. A beard where the sides are left thick and short. The mustache is closely shaved and the hair on the chin is kept long. It might look a bit messy, but many celebrities have flaunted this beard style and it looks like it’s another one that’s going to be a big hit.

Thick and unruly Mutton beard

This type of mutton beard looks unruly but matches many types of face shapes. Thick curly hair makes for a bushy beard style that is well complemented by a bushy mustache. It is perhaps the scruffiest type of Mutton of all but if you like bushy beards and want to try something different, this might be the beard for you.

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Mutton Boomerang Beard

This beard style gives you a sharp and elegant look. The goatee is shaved and the sides are groomed in such a way that it begins to taper from the side of the cheeks and thickens as it goes up to join the sideburns. The final shape is similar to that of a boomerang, hence its name.

Flattering Mutton Beard

In this other Mutton beard style, the beard is worn short and separated from the thin, long mustache. This facial hairstyle gives you a classy look so it is perhaps one of the best mutton beard types for those who want to try this style but without looking too scruffy.

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Wolverine Mutton Beard

This version of the Mutton beard style is a scruffy one seen mostly in the Wolverine and X-Men movies. The mustache is shaved along with some of the chin hair so that the hairstyle appears to frame the mouth and chin, thus making Hugh Jackman’s character more like a wolf of sorts.

Mutton beard with long sides

This style is perhaps very risky, but it is another of the types of Mutton beards that we currently find. It is characterized in that the beard has been grown from the edge of the face with the sides slightly trimmed to form a round shape.

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Country Style Mutton Beard

In this Mutton beard style, the beard is grown a bit from the sides, while the mustache is fine and neatly trimmed. This style also complements very well with the hairstyle which, on the other hand, is slightly disheveled

Mutton Elvis Beard or Mutton The King Beard

None less than the King of Rock, Elvis Presley flaunted the Mutton beard style that we are now showing you. Sideburns thicken as they join the beard and most of the face is shaved clean. A small portion of the facial hair is kept just below the chin. A style that in its day revolutionized Elvis fans and that is still widely recreated today among those who bet on the Mutton beard.

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Mutton Beard with Shaved Head

This beard style has the part on the sides complementing the shaved head very well. The style of this beard is characterized by the fact that it grows from the edge of both sides of the lip and as it goes back it thickens until it grows quite a bit.

Classic and long Mutton beard

Finally, a Mutton beard style that is characterized by being quite thick, covering the entire face, although we must also say that despite its length, the key is knowing how to comb it well.

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