13 photos of men with ducktail beards

Don’t let the name get so weird I cheated. The duck beard style is often seen on movie villains and one of the main facial hairstyles associated with the Viking style, which can be either a long beard style or a shorter beard style. Popular with many celebrities, duck mustaches have become popular in recent years.

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This is a versatile beard style that allows you to explore different types of looks. You can incorporate a few different looks, wear it short or long, and it even has a few goatee variations if you’re feeling fancy. In the end it is finding a balance between your beard, your hair style and your look.

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But do you really know what a ducktail beard is? As the name suggests, dovetail beards are shaped and trimmed like a dovetail, where the chin hair is the key point of this beard style, while the rest of the face is trimmed and clean with a shave.

Short duck tail beard

The simplest and easiest version of this beard style to achieve is the short dovetail beard. This can be achieved by trimming the beard hair growth a bit to create a gradient in length from the outer edges of the cheeks to the gradually tapering chin.

In fact, the transition in length is essential to generate this short dovetail beard style.

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This type of short beard style is best for those with rounder facial features who want to balance out a more angular, spiky illusion to the chin.

Medium Ducktail Beard

The medium length dovetail beard is the most classic and common option for the dovetail beard look, it is no coincidence that many celebrities, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, have sported it on the most varied occasions.

As a beard model, it is long enough to provide a full transition from short side lengths to a longer center.

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It’s also the ideal length to show off the true fullness and shine of your facial hair, without being too hard to maintain or too long to ruffle.

The most recommended type of product to maintain this length is beard oil, as its nourishing and healing properties can be helpful in keeping a ducktail beard healthy, but don’t overdo it with this length of facial hair or it will it will transform into a long beard.

Long Duck Tail Beard

For those looking to go beyond the ideal of an even long beard, they can opt for the more flowing versions of duck tail beards.

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In any case, it is recommended to leave the hair of the beard within 30 cm in length, to prevent it from permanently deviating from its elongated and sharp shape.

Denser, thicker and more textured facial hair, such as curly or afro structured, can be reconciled with greater length, having a better optimized structure.

To keep your facial hair long, it is advisable to apply a beard balm regularly, so it does not tangle or create knots .

Spiky Ducktail Beard

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While a classic ducktail beard, in theory, features a rounded tip at the chin, a pointed dovetail beard makes the tip almost arrow-like, elongating facial features.

This beard style can be obtained thanks to a specific cut of the facial hair in the form of a pointed beard, where the chin is located and using a beard balm or a beard oil, in order to further refine the shape .

Beard oil is best used to condition or control frizzy, unkempt facial hair so that it stays within the shape of the trimmed beard.

Beard balm is the ideal solution to bring the hair more towards the center of the chin and therefore to really refine the shape of the beard.

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Those with wider and rounder facial features can opt for this style to add length to the face and further emphasize the chin so that the jawline appears more angular and prominent.

Full Ducktail Beard

This classic full dovetail beard style allows facial hair from the cheeks to the chin, to be worn in the form of a beard style that increases in length as it reaches the chin.

To get a fuller dovetail beard, not only is it necessary to achieve proper beard growth, but constant trimming is also required to keep the hair at a tight length (model in photo shows uniformity in the style, slightly tapered at the tip).

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Thick Ducktail Beard

One of the more relaxed versions of the full dovetail beard style is bushy.

This is the best type of dovetail beard for those who have thick facial hair and are looking for a decidedly masculine and robust lumberjack or Viking beard style.

It is the beard with one of the lowest maintenance rates, as it will give you a breather while the beard finds all the energy to grow to the nth degree, as in the case of the photo above!

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However, to maintain an even consistency to your beard, it is helpful to regularly clean the hair every day with a quality shaving comb or shaving brush.

Ducktail Beard with Stretched Goatee

A thinner beard style than the standard dovetail beard style is the extended goatee style.

It is essentially a goatee extending from chin to mustache with the sides reaching to the outer corners of the jaw, with only a few sideburns and cheeks uncovered, away from the full beard found in the area center.

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The trick for this beard model to continue to qualify as a dovetail beard is to keep more chin length than the rest of your facial hair.

This is the best type of dovetail beard for those who are characterized by round or oval face shapes and want to create a more pronounced jawline look while giving it more definition.

Ducktail beard with mustache

Although duck tail beards tend to focus on the chin, the accent can also be brought to mustaches by growing them longer, mixing the two styles. This can be left loose, uncombed, or styled with a beard balm.

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One of the most common styles is the handlebar mustache, which involves taking the mustache hair from the center to the sides and shaping it into a curly, upturned shape on each side similar to a door handle.

Mustache wax or shaving balm containing beeswax is highly recommended to keep it in place for this facial hair style, as wax has the greatest holding power of other beeswax styling products. the beard.

Ducktail beard with sideburns

Another area of ​​facial hair that can be emphasized with a dovetail beard is sideburns. You can make this model of the beard by carefully trimming and trimming the sideburns to give them more shape and definition.

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Shaping them makes them more distinguishable and draws more attention to the sides of the face, which can balance the attention given to the chin with the tip of the ducktail beard.

This can also help them blend in more with your hairstyle, which should be a bit shorter than the dovetail beard underneath.

Horseshoe duck tail beard

Men who want to style a very long beard can surely choose a horseshoe style like the one we see above and to the side.

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Having a long beard that is not well trimmed can look like a big “dump”, especially when seen from the outside, so to look neat and tidy, you need to cut it in a precise beard style, as is precisely the duck tail beard.

Marked and short duck tail beard

We have already seen some other style of duck tail beard with a cropped design, but wearing it very marked as we see in the photo above is also a trend. To achieve this type of beard, it will be necessary to trim and review the beard practically daily or weekly. To keep it in place, a little oil will suffice.

Fade Dovetail Beard

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As with hair, faded beards are becoming a trend. The dovetail style also lends itself to this with sides of the beard in two different lengths.

Duck tail beard with volume and white

Finally the most stylish dovetail beard of all. A beard with gray hair does not always have to be a trimmed beard. Today they are worn long and with a large amount of facial hair, so if you like it, don’t hesitate and bet on it.

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