10 Tips for frizzy hair in men

Do you have unruly hair? Is it difficult for you to comb your hair and make your hair look the way you want? Do not worry, you are not the first or the last that will happen to him. Of course, thanks to these tips for frizzy hair in men, you can find a quick and simple solution.

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Tips for frizzy hair in men

It is common for those who have curly hair to complain about it because of how complicated it is, on many occasions to comb it. The reality is that if you have wavy or curly hair, you just have to know the ways that exist to tame it. And if you don’t know them, with these tips for frizzy hair in men you will learn to control your hair.

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Fashion, cultural patterns, beauty canons and society itself impose a culture of appearance that few people reach 100%. Hair has a lot to say in those beauty canons. Or he had, because in recent times, looks as unusual as permanents, afros or long curly hair are becoming universal among men. And it is that, knowing some tips for frizzy hair in men, your hair, whatever it is, can be a great ally.

And we are not talking about hairstyles or looks that require fixing products that end up being harmful or treatments that include chemical products, but betting on naturalness and letting your hair flow naturally but taking it where you want. For this reason, take note of these tips for frizzy hair in men and do what you want with your hair.

Tips for frizzy hair in men | Hydration

We begin the tips for frizzy hair in men with the key to mastering your hair: hydration.

The reason why curly hair is drier is because this type of hair prevents the natural oils from the scalp from being distributed to the ends. For this reason, it is essential that those of you with curly hair hydrate the ends on a weekly basis. To do so, simply apply a mask that fits the characteristics of your hair. There are countless products on the market and you may have to try more than one to find the one that works best for you.

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On the other hand, you also have the option of going to a hairdresser or beauty salon to get a professional hydration treatment. If you are going to take this routine, it does not hurt to do it once a month. In addition, there they will give you advice on the best way to care for and get the most out of your hair. Are you embarrassed to go to a hairdresser for a hydration treatment? That will happen to you the first time. As soon as you see the results, the embarrassment will be over.

Tips for frizzy hair in men | Shower care

Obviously, the advice for frizzy hair in men goes through the moment of washing hair in the shower. Thus, while you are washing your hair, it is important to massage the scalp with your fingers, to help the sebaceous glands in the production of natural oils.

Once you have applied the shampoo and massaged the scalp, you must apply the conditioner, the great ally against frizzy hair. Of course, make sure to rinse your hair well and remove all the conditioner from it, once you have finished. The remains that remain will hinder the creation and distribution of natural oils from your scalp.

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Tips for frizzy hair in men | Empty scissors for frizzy hair

Emptying scissors, also known as thinning or biting scissors, can be great allies for your hair. We are talking about these scissors that, on the one hand, have a blade and on the other a comb. Thus, depending on the type of scissors to empty, you can reduce the hair from 30 to 50%.

Obviously, the most advisable thing is that these emptying scissors are used by a professional who makes the cut and shapes it. But of course, you have to know where to go and how to order it. Hence, these thinning scissors are among the tips for frizzy hair in men, as they will reduce the volume of your hair and allow you to shape it more easily.

Tips for frizzy hair in men | Masks and keratin

Obviously, the tips for frizzy hair in men are aimed at greater, continuous and quality care. In this regard, we must mention two key products so that your hair is always shiny, cared for and clean.

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  • Mask – Simply apply a mask once a week to make your hair less frizzy, shinier and have a volume that seemed impossible. On the market you have specific masks for men in which the big difference with those for women is the perfume.
  • Keratin – It is one of the most effective formulas against frizz. Obviously, the keratin must be applied to you by a professional at the hairdresser’s. The result will be more than three months of soft, silky and shiny hair. Of course, count on the fact that you will have a good time at the hairdresser and that it is not a cheap treatment but by applying it 2-3 times a year, you will notice the results.

Tips for frizzy hair in men | Wooden combs

Wooden combs or brushes are in the category of tips for frizzy hair for men that are so simple they seem like a joke. They are not. The reason is as simple as that plastic or metal combs generate static electricity that only makes your hair more frizzy. Just like that.

This static electricity in your hair, known as frizz, is one of the great enemies of frizzy hair. We are talking about minimal electrical charges, but enough to make the hair stand on end and give it a burnt appearance, especially at the ends.

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When you have a wooden comb in your possession, don’t be in a hurry to comb your hair. Do it slowly, smoothly and without sudden movements. It seems like a joke but you will notice the difference in the first hairstyle.

Tips for frizzy hair in men | cold water

Among the tips for frizzy hair in men, there is also one for the brave and that is to finish washing your hair with cold water. The reason for doing this is because the cold water closes the cuticles of your hair, giving me definition and keeping it hydrated.

Be careful, we are not talking about a complete shower with cold water, but a final jet of cold water that, in addition to avoiding frizz, will give your hair more shine. But of course, not everyone can reach this point. If this is your case, do not worry and do it with warm water. It’s not the same but it does something.

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Tips for frizzy hair in men | Take care of your diet

Another obvious among the tips for frizzy hair in men, which many men do not even consider, is to think that your diet does not directly affect your hair. Big mistake.

It not only influences, but conditions it at all levels. In fact, having a healthy diet is key so that your hair is not frizzy and looks hydrated and clean. Thus, everything will be easier if you change saturated fats for healthy fats (meat, avocado, eggs…) and, above all, drink a lot of water (more than 2.5 liters a day).

Tips for frizzy hair in men | Do not rub the hair when drying it

If you have frizzy hair, one way to help fix it is by not rubbing your hair when drying it. By doing so, you transmit static electricity to your hair, much like rubbing a balloon against a wall. That electrical charge causes the hair to frizz, even ending up burning the ends. As if that were not enough, wet hair has the most sensitive fibers and rubbing it can break them more easily.

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As an alternative to traditional hair drying, you have several options that we give you as tips for frizzy hair in men:

  • Air dry – If the weather is good, don’t hesitate, let it air dry
  • Remove moisture – If it’s a little cold to let it air dry, just press the towel lightly on your head to remove some moisture and let it air dry when it’s not as wet as when you get out of the shower.
  • Microfiber turban – As easy as putting the turban on your head and letting it dry, while you fix the rest of your body.
  • Hair dryer – In this case, the dryer should always be a foot from the head, at a medium temperature and finishing the drying with a blow of cold air. This way you will be able to close the scales of your hair and avoid frizz.

Tips for frizzy hair in men | Don’t wash your hair every day

The last of the tips for frizzy hair in men is that you do not wash your hair daily. Water on the hair every day dries out the scalp very much. If you play sports or your hair gets dirty quickly, you can use dry shampoo for fallow days. However, the recommendation is to wash it every two or three days.

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If, for whatever reason, you must wash your hair every day, try giving yourself soap only once. This way you won’t take away the natural hydration of your hair and cuticles.

Tips for frizzy hair in men | Products for frizzy hair

Curly-haired men often choose to buy a styling cream for their hair. Having the right product at the right time is the key to good hair care. Therefore, look for products for your hair type (curly, dry, normal, curly…) or aimed exclusively at moisturizing the ends.

Argan oil works great on men’s hair, just like silicone and other blow-dry products.

New Mercadona Frizzy Hair Serum

The first of the products for frizzy hair that we are going to recommend is the new Mercadona frizzy hair serum. A natural product that does not contain silicone and whose formulation is based on the content provided by four main vegetable oils: avocado, argan, soybean and macadamia seed oil. In combination with coco-caprylate (emollient derived from coconut), this new serum will keep your hair hydrated for longer, avoiding the usual oily feeling of your hair.

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Its application is simple and 2-3 drops are enough to reach all the hair. Also, you will notice that it is not greasy, even when you put it in your hand.

The price of the new Mercadona frizzy hair serum is 4 euros per 100 ml bottle.

Liss Frizz Control by Mercadona for frizzy hair

Another of the products for frizzy hair that you will find in the supermarket chain is Liss Frizz Control from Mercadona for frizzy hair. We are talking about a Deliplus Serum that, in addition to illuminating and shining your hair, will give it thermal protection that will prevent its deterioration and repel external aggressions.

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One of the great advantages of Mercadona’s Liss Frizz Control for frizzy hair is that it has a fluid texture that prevents hair from weighing down. To achieve this, it has ingredients such as camellia oil and vitamin E, which prevent hair from drying out, break easily, and even stop hair loss.

To apply it, you must do it with damp hair and do it from the middle of the hair to the ends. No need to rinse, just dry, style and shine.

The price of Mercadona’s Liss Frizz Control for frizzy hair is 4.35 euros for a 200 ml bottle.

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